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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc

December 3, 2012

Nancy asks…

Cheap Places to hang out / eat around 1st Avenue/75th St in NYC?

I just rented an apartment in 1st Av corner 75th St in NYc (zip code 10021) and i heard the borough is quite posh …do you have any suggestion about nieces but not too expensive places to hang out locally or to eat…also any other tip about the area or NYC is very well welcomed!

Administrator answers:

Best hot dogs in NYC at 86th and Third, Papaya King. Great pizza on second ave and 82d street, Tottonos. Fairway Supermarket is coming to 86th and second. That’s a year away. Meanwhikle the crosstown bus will take you to their store on Broadway.

Joseph asks…

Can you help me with the setting of my story?

I wanted my story to take place in America. Recently I was thinking about changing it to Japan. Are there any places where it is common to have a motorcycle or apartments that are very cheap or older building you can live in? In America or Japan? What state or city. I’m not very good at writing about imaginary places. That just doesn’t make sense to me. I was thinking about NYC.Although, I’m not sure.
More like a ground floor apartment or house type place. Of course some place to put her motorcycle because she loves it so much! :D

Administrator answers:

If your looking for a city/town where to take place the story then select some of Europe’s historical cities – Vienna, Budapest, Rome, Stockholm, Bratislava, Edinburgh.

Thomas asks…

Should i dorm or get an apartment with a cousin and a friend ?

Going to college sep. 2009 in florida. currently living in nyc with parents. We noticed Florida rents are super cheap compared to the nyc rent our parents pay.

Administrator answers:

I vote for dorm. This is your chance to learn to live with someone new, find out out how you do, and how to give and take in all situations. You can learn a lot and it will help when you get out on your own with your own money! Good luck!

Betty asks…

I want an apartment in NYC! Need some help please!?

Ive lived in Queens with my parents my whole life and Im going off to college so now, my best friend and I want an apartment or anything at all (we’re desperate ha) The only thing is the rent should be cheap, or, like I guess under $1000…and either in Manhattan, or in the parts of Brooklyn near Manhattan…It doesnt have to be an ideally “good” neighborhood, just not infested with tonsof gangs and stuff…Anyone know of anything or any other areas in which I can look??? Or am I being very unrealistic? :)

Administrator answers:

Naeh thats easy- check craigslist-
i got my apt in decent area of midwood brooklyn for $875 its a 1 1/2 bedroom, rent stabilized- old prewar building. Its off the F train.
Just punch in your price and brooklyn in the search criteria, be ready to hoof it and ready to leave a deposit.

Try not to do the brokers fee- its usually 1 1/2 months rent on top of the first and security deposit

happy hunting- give ourself a good month to search- you’ll find something!!

Donald asks…

Any good advice on moving to New York? Where are the safest and cheapest places to live? Read Below?

Hi My name is Leo and I am really considering moving to NYC after school I will be working in the Journalism field(which starting out I won’t make that much money) and I just needed some advice on what part of NYC to look for apartments. I have some questions below and I hope you can answer them the best way possible.

1. How much money do I need to save and can you offer any honest advice you New Yorkers can give me because I know how honest you guys are and I love that about you.

2. How is the nightlife different in New York than in any Cities?

3. Could you tell me what neighborhoods should I stay away from when looking for apartments?

4. Can find a good apartment under 1500 dollars in the city?

5. Why do or did you continue to live in New York City?
Thanks Leo

Administrator answers:

I grew up in NYC. Here it goes:

You’re going to need a lot of money to be comfortable in NYC. Yes – you will NOT need a car but that doesn’t mean life will be cheap. Rents are high here and a decent cup of coffee will cost you almost $3. Most people need a salary of about $70k to live comfortably – (comfortable means nice neighborhood, no roomates).

Winter is very cold here and it can be dark and lonely if you are new in town this time of year. Meeting people may be difficult at first. New Yorkers are a skeptical bunch and not as outgoing as people in other places (I don’t know where you are from). It may be hard to meet people at first but you will make loyal, life long friends here (unless you are a complete jerk). Dating in NYC is rough as well. Women are very tough and guarded and the men are just out for sex. Can’t give an opinion in nightlife since I don’t really club.

When looking for apartments avoid:
Staten Island (too far of a commute)
The Bronx (it’s the Bronx – need I say more)
In Manhattan – parts of Washington Heights and Harlem are still rough.
In Brooklyn – avoid Brownsville, Crowne Heights, Bedford-Stuyvansant, Bushwick, East New York, Coney Island.
In Queens – avoid Corona, Jamaica, Far Rockaway

Good areas to look in are:
Manhattan – (most of it is fine)
Queens – try Astoria, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, Flushing, Bayside
Brooklyn – try Williamsburg, Downtown Brooklyn, Midwood Sheepshead Bay, Park Slope, Brighton Beach

To get an idea of apartments, try this site:

All that being said, if you are prepared and take the city for what it is, you will have a very positive experience. The culture here is rich and there will always be activities for you to do if you want to do them. Give it a try and see what happens. If you hate it here, you can always leave. You’re never stuck anywhere you don’t want to be.

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