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December 17, 2012

Sandy asks…

How much money would I need to move to New York City?

I want to go to NYU in 2 years and I just wanted to know how much money I should save. Also is it cheaper to rent or buy an apartment if I plan on settling down there? And what is the cost of living in NYC?

Administrator answers:

Nikita, my advice, better start saving money right now. You will need at least $2000 to $3000 in order to move to New York City.

If you going to be renting an apartment in New York City, which is cheaper that buying one, my advice rent one outside of Manhattan. You will find cheaper accodmation in the outer boroughs. You will still commute into and out of Manhattan.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Daniel asks…

“Nice” areas of Jersey City-Newport/Pavonia?

We need an apartment near Secaucus, walking distance to a train to NYC, and cheap – so Jersey City sounds perfect. I know it’s got a very bad reputation, though, with one or two nicer areas.

One apartment is on Pavonia between Baldwin Ave and Chestnut Ave. near the PATH. Does anyone know that area? What about the Journal Square area? How safe are they? Is it hard to find street parking? (Will your car be there in the morning…?)

Administrator answers:

I’m from the Journal Square area and know Baldwin Ave very well. I lived off of Baldwin on Wayne St. Just 2 blocks from the old medical center. I wouldn’t rent anything on Baldwin Ave. Because except for a very small stretch, it is not safe at all. Stay out of the Greenville (everything on the southern side of Montgomery St from West Side to Grand Street as it’s east & west borders and spans to city-line which is the Bayonne-Jersey City border), Lafayette (down by the 14C turnpike entrance on Montgomery St. Downtown), Marion (west of Journal Square around Broadway), Bergen & the Journal Square areas because they are not safe. Paulus Hook (East of Grove between Columbus Drive & the Morris canal), & Hamilton Park are safe as well as most of what is between them. The Newport section is partly safe. There’s a few side roads down there that are not exactly safe but still safer than uptown. Parts of the heights are safe as well and once again, still safer than the sections listed as not safe. The safest area in the heights is the Western Slope which starts around Manhattan Ave and is between Tonnele Ave (rte 9) and Kennedy Blvd. The Western Slope is not close to the PATH though.

Street parking is hard to find but not impossible thanks to the resident parking pass system they’ve put in place over the past 12 or so years. As for your other car question, it depends on your car and ultimately, you. Of course, if you own a Porsche, I wouldn’t recommend parking it on any of the streets in JC but I have seen quite a few BMWs and Lexuses parked around. (I must warn though I know someone whose tires were taken off her BMW overnight in the Grove St area downtown off of Newark Ave.) Regardless of what kind of car you have though, part of it has to do with your own attitude and how you treat your neighbors. If you move in on top of the locals (and by no means I’m not saying this is the type of person you are but you and I know these people are out there.) and treat them like they’re common criminals or somehow “beneath” you, be prepared to have damage done to your car. The true locals–those “born and raised” in JC–are not happy to have pretentious out-of-towners moving in. But most are more than hospitable if you’re moving in because you like the place and not just because it is near work and cheaper than NYC. Good Luck with your home search and I’m sure you’ll love JC as much as I do.

Email me if you have any questions regarding any of the areas or ads you’ve found. I’ll be glad to help.

Ruth asks…

How should I move all my stuff in, anything cheaper than a Uhaul?

Needa move my stuff into new apartment, I live in NYC and my new apartment is in Albany, NY. About 3 hours away, 150 miles. I dont have that much stuff but I need at least a van. Are theyre any companys whom offer good prices for one days use?

Administrator answers:

Why don’t you utilize the postal service and mail some of your stuff up there? Make sure you put delivery confirmation to track your packages and they will only take 1 day and be alot cheaper than Uhaul.

Donna asks…

Any advice for moving to NYC?

Any general advice or tips on moving to NYC would help. As far as apartment hunting when first moving into the city, what is the cheapest and easiest way to access temporary housing while job searching & apartment hunting? (Sub-leasing, hostels, hotels, etc.) I will be attending graduate school in NY by the time I move, do you know if financial aid helps with housing? You can only work a maximum of 20 hours a week your first year of law school. If not, what are other ways to help support yourself while in law school.
What are the best and safest areas to look out for when it comes to apartment hunting? What areas generally cut deals on housing?
If you’ve recently moved to NY how was your transition? Did you choose to live with a roommate? How was your roommate experience?
Also, what is the most affordable way to travel into the city when movin into the city? (Greyhound, 1 way flights, etc.)
What is the best bank to transfer to in NY?

I know this is a lot, but I’ve been trying to get a grip on NY life by doing research and asking questions. (A little about my plan) I am now a sophomore in undergrad school (I am on break for the summer) and I just recently found a summer job. I’m starting to save for NY this summer and putting away money every time I get paid. I plan to work through out the school year as well through the next 3 years (and crucially saving). My senior year of undergrad will be the time when I take my LSAT (Oh, by the way, what is generally the best time to take the LSAT?). Throughout senior will also be filling out applications for scholarships and grants. I will also be looking for an intern for the summer after my senior year to get a feel of NYC and transition by the time I start graduate school in the fall. I’m aiming to get accepted into NYU, but I will be applying to all the top colleges in NY.

In your opinion, what are the best graduate schools to attend in NY?
What is the best way to budget in NY as a college student?

Sorry for this being so long, And thanks for all the help, tips, and advice in advance!! I greatly appreciate it.

OH and p.s. when learning the subway system, what exactly are the best ways to learn the subway system and get used to it? Anything else I should know as far as transportation?

Administrator answers:

Just so you know: I grew up on Long Island, and worked in New York for many years. I left New York for good when I enlisted in the Navy in 1983. I still have family and many friends there. I know New York about as well as I know anyplace. So here’s my advice:

Find another city and another graduate school.

As much as I love the place, I couldn’t recommend it to anyone who’s about to do what you’re planning. First of all, there is no “cheap and easy” temporary housing in NYC. Unless you have a friend you can crash with, hotel rooms START at $150 per night, and that’s for a closet. If you plan to go there, take the work “cheap” out of your vocabulary, because nothing in New York City is cheap. No one in New York “cuts deals” for anything. Everyone who lives there knows how expensive the place is and takes advantage. When the average visitor has to pay $25 to park their car in a garage for an hour, you’re not dealing with a place to get bargains.

The colleges in New York are some of the most expensive in the world. Go take a look at the tuition for the Law School at NYU. I can pretty much guarantee you that *just tuition* is a minimum of $25-30,000 per year…before housing and expenses. Since NYU is in one of the “nicer” neighborhoods of the city, you will pay accordingly for housing.

Consider that you’ll spend a minimum of three years in law school, correct? I can guarantee you that you’ll have education debts of at least $100,000 by the time you’re done.

As far as working, all I can say is have you looked at the economy lately? You’ll be competing for the 20-hour-a-week job with a few thousand other students, as well as everyone else in the general NYC population. And even if you make a decent hourly wage, it’s not going to be enough to live on in any decent way.

If it sounds like I’m trying to talk you out of NY as a place to attend law school, you’re right. There are hundreds of great law schools all over the country located in much more affordable regions, with nice weather, lower cost of living, etc. I understand the excitement of being in New York…I still get a thrill when I visit there, and it was my *home*…but you really don’t want to start your life saddled with debt and exhausted from three or four years of trying to get through law school while working at the same time.

I would seriously reconsider. And good luck.

Laura asks…

How do I get an apartment as a recent grad in NYC?

I just graduated within the last few days and I want to get a place in Astoria as soon as I get employed. I live in a different part of Queens with my parents right now. I have no credit. My father is retired so he basically has no income. The expected salary range for an entry level job in my field is 25-30k per year. Obviously I’m looking for the cheapest place I can get.

Will I be able to get an apartment soon? Can my father be a cosigner even though he doesn’t have a lot of money? If I try to become somebodies roommate and they are already established at an apartment, will the landlord checkout my credit or look for a co-signer? What about moving into private homes? Will a cheaper area be less strict about my situation?

Administrator answers:

Never lie on the application, as a landlord I always cross check facts listed on app. Just be honest, explain your situation. Most large managed places may want a co-signer, a private owner may be very understanding, and give you a chance. Get a checking account if you don’t have one, one at a credit union is best, you can then ask them to extend you credit for a car loan, or credit card. As a student it should have been very easy for you to establish credit, no doubt you have recieved many offers. You don’t have to use the credit card, just keep them open to establish good credit.

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