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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc

March 31, 2013

Paul asks…

Where can I find a 1 bedroom apartment in Northern New Jersey near New York around $800 a month, some paid uti

Looking to relocate to N. Jersey and worki in NYC, please help need apartment fast. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can’t. Bergen and Passaic Counties, which are closest to NYC, start at $1025 for a one bedroom, and you can get a small studio for $810 in Clifton, NJ, but NONE of the utilities are paid for – except by you.
Rockland, Westchester, and Orange Counties in NY and Long Island, NY are all commuting distance into the city, but they’re also not cheap.
You might be better off going to or to find a place to share that’s affordable.

Susan asks…

Is it possible to live in New York and not be rich?

I really want to move to New York next year but is it possible to live in Manhattan or even Brooklyn with just a regular job because from what I hear those are the two most expensive places to live in the world. What areas in Manhattan have the cheapest rent. I will be straight out of high school and I want to live in New York a year before I go to university and just get whatever job I can find there. Do you think it is possible?

Administrator answers:

Being rich helps lol. But I live in NYC on 50k ish salary. If you want to be in Manhattan you have go uptown above central park. I live in Harlem which is alot cheaper than lower parts of Manhattan, though rents are shooting up by the day. You can find a VERY basic studio for $900, one bedrooms on the low end are around $1,100, mine is $1,175. Also Washington Heights above Harlem and Inwood present excellent values. Most apartments what you to make at least 35x to 40 times the monthly rent so access that for trying to move here. But realistically seeing that you are just out of high school I don’t know if its possible. Landlords want a rental history and credit history in NYC and I doubt a job you would get would be sufficent for a apartment.

David asks…

Where can i live together with her for college?

My girlfriend and i are currently in a long distance relationship and i’m looking to live with her next year for college. She attends college in Manhattan but it doesn’t matter exactly where in NYC we live but preferably i’d like to live nearby for her convenience. I’m still undecided on what school i’m going to attend. I was wondering what our options were for living with each other in the city? What would be the cheapest way to do it and are there any places that allow co ed dorm rooming for college students?

Administrator answers:

Hi, Ian! You may want to find out if her school has family housing and what the requirements are to live in family housing. When you are looking at schools too, you may want to see if any of them have family housing too. At the very least, if you go to the same school, you may be able to live in the same building. You may also want to look into apartments by both of your schools. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend!

Charles asks…

What are some fun areas areas to live in manhattan?

im 21 and im looking for some fun areas(many restaurants, theatre,clubs,parties, concerts, shopping) to live in? also i need the place to be safe(less crime) also how much would it cost to live in a place like that, fun and safe? what are the best areas in manhattan to live in thats fun, cheap and safe? any suggestion, plz explain cause iv never been to new york and im moving with my friend so we’re sharing

Administrator answers:

We NYC is not cheap. Plan on paying at least $2000-$4000 for a 1 bedroom box sized apartment. So that means you will need to make at least $80,000 a year to live decently. Try areas like Tribeca, Battery Park, SOHO and Greenich Village.

Helen asks…

I’m thinking about leaving when I’m 18 for NYC what is the safest yet cheapest place to live there?

I want to move to NYC to pursue a writing and film career. What is the safest yet cheapest place to live? How much is rent for a decent size apartment? How much money should I have saved up?

Administrator answers:

Don’t give up on your dream.

You should do as much research as possible on NYC, the different areas and neighborhoods, the job situation, cost of living, film opportunities etc.

Brooklyn and Queens should have quite safe and decent areas where you could live. You might have to get a roomie, be sure to check them out carefully.

NYC is expensive, so get a good-size nest egg together. Make a list of contacts in the film production business who might help you to get in the door.

Just make a good plan, do some research, have a bit of savings, and give it a go.

Good luck!

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