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April 12, 2013

Robert asks…

Living in LA or NYC while attending Acting Courses/ Workshops?

I am from Australia and have been looking at Acting courses in La and New York, My 2 options are getting a student visa & doing the TVI 8 week course in either LA or NYC but that is quite expensive or i can do weekly courses, i’ve been looking at Larry Moss & Aaron Speiser & i could apply for a work visa and be earning money at the same time. If anyone has done any of these courses or know any better ones please let me know :) also the living situation does anyone know about cheap Accomodation for someone in my situation?

Administrator answers:

I’d suggest you to contact some acting workshop before you take any step, because i’m also going to ny after my graduation, so i also did the same way, just contact them & ask what are their requirements, & for accomodation you have to find a cheap apartment, normally they charge for about $800-$1700 depending upon the size & rooms, & i’d suggest you to go either nyc or los angeles, both are nice places to learn acting course, & see if your parents can afford about $3000/month, or u find a job there, for further info, u can mail me & ask me…

Good luck

EDIT: apply for student visa if you wanna learn the course & would like to come back or apply work visa, if you wish to stay there further, & doing a job in student visa isnt’t a big deal, my friend is in canada & he is doing a job , he is still in school, that’s not an issue.

Ken asks…

Best city to rent thats within 30 miles of NYC and affordable?

I’m looking for jobs in NYC and will mostly likely not rent an apartment because of costs. Can you suggest any affordable communities that are located within 30 miles or so of the city where I can get a decent apartment in a safe neibourhood priced from about $700-$800?

Administrator answers:

HAHAHAHA!!! Within 60 miles of the city, you’re going to have a hard time finding someplace decent for that price. I grew up 50 miles north of NYC and the cheapest places are $1000 a month for a one bedroom. You’re better off going to craigslist or and looking for a place to share with someone else – that’s the only way you’re going to get something safe and not gross for that money.

Mandy asks…

Would a drag queen cleaning service be good for New York?

They have one in Miami when the guys dress up in drag and go around to people home and clean house. Please tell me why or why not this would work.

Administrator answers:

Well here’s the thing.
The people of NYC as a whole would embrace it.
They’d think it was great because NYC already loves dearly the drag queens it has so…the more the merrier, but in NYC it’s a little difficult for this to play out in reality and here’s why:

You pretty much only have 2 classes of people living in NYC.
The uber wealthy, who would think having drag queens clean their 7.5 million 5th ave apt. Far to campy and perhaps even embarrassing should a neighbor unexpectedly drop by.
Then there’s the “everybody else class”. Who tend to be the younger, living with sometimes several roommates kind of people because NYC is so d*mn expensive, so much so that if they can afford a cleaning person it’s usually a cheaper undocumented worker because A- they can’t afford much more and B- they understand how hard it is for someone to survive in NYC so they’re more than happy to “help” someone out by offering them the work.

The other, average everyday looking people are the middle class folks who commute to Manhattan either by carpool and most usually by train, and they live in the suburbs where drag queens are far less common as they are in Manhattan. Plus, the “uniqueness” of the whole ‘drag queen as maid’ would be based on you being able to sit and watch that drag queen clean your house or apartment. Not a lot of people are home when the maid comes because some people prefer it to just be done while their at work so effectively it could be a drag queen, a guy dressed in a polar bear suit, or a 7 year old taiwanese worker that’s actually cleaning their apartment and they wouldn’t ever even know it.

Carol asks…

What is it like living in new york city?

I lived in alabama my whole life and hate being around rednecks and thugs. A lot of people here don’t care about the finer things in my life. I always wanted to live in the city and walk the streets and look at the bright buildings. I graduate in 2 years then I want to go to pace university which is in new york.

Administrator answers:

I heard that it is expensive to live in New York. I have never lived in New York before but I have been there from time to time. Let me tell you some things I have noticed or heard about:

-There’s lots of buildings in NYC. It’s crowded and the people there really know how to cross streets.
-There are Jewish neighborhoods there (and lots of Jews).
-Some homes are made of bricks.
-People park their car near the sidewalk (you gotta learn parallel parking!).
-There’s a Chinatown.
-You can take a Subway to go from place to place. The entrance to a Subway station features a little hole that has stairs that come down into it.
-Some people (in Brooklyn) speak with an accent.
-I know someone who works in NY. He walks around in NY. He occasionally spots a tourist looking up at a tall building. That tourist gets in his way (since he’s not walking, but staring!)
-There are yellow taxis that you can take. Simply wave at a taxi and you can get into one. You have to pay the taxi driver to take you somewhere. I heard that some taxi-drivers (aka cab drivers) don’t take black people because they don’t want to go into bad neighborhoods.
-You come across a homeless guy from time to time on the sidewalk. I remember the time when I walked by one. The guy was sleeping and there was a box of munchkins next to him.
-There are like 99 cent pizza slices. The pizza is cheap due to competition.
-The NYPD is tough! They easily take down bad people.
-There’s a lane for people to ride bikes (right near the street).
-Lots of people live in apartments.
-I have never seen a person in New York who speaks with a foreign accent. Also, there are still bad people in NYC. This is because it is a city. New York just happens to be one of the safer cities.

——–If you don’t want to be around thugs, don’t work the night shift and chose a good neighborhood. I suggest choosing a Jewish neighborhood (unless you feel alienized).

Chris asks…

How much does it cost roughly to buy an apartment (that isnt a dump) in manhattan nyc?

and if your really AWESOME can you tell me the average rent aswel. OH and it has a shower. Thanks

Administrator answers:

If you want to buy an apartment in Manhattan, the cheapest you’ll find will cost about a half a million US dollars, and the average rent in New York City is around $1800US or so, and, yes, both will include a bathroom with a shower.

Of course, being an Aussie, you can’t just move here, you know… You would have to apply for visas, and show that you have jobs and sponsors for you here, and there’s lots of other red tape and hurdles in your way, too, so it’s really sort of a moot point, anyway.

Good luck, and the link below is to the US Department Of State Visa webpage, where you can find out what it takes to immigrate to the USA…

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