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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc

July 12, 2012

Richard asks…

New Yorkers what are some cheap, not too ghetto apartments in NYC?

Somewhat safe at least, cheap, and in not in too bad of a rundown area in New York city, or around it.

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to make up your mind.

You will not get cheap along with safe, nor cheap along with non-ghetto.

You get what you pay for. Ghetto rent will only get you ghetto housing.

Jenny asks…

Where to find apartments in Richmond Hill Queens NY?

I am looking for cheap apartments no more than 950 dollars in the neighborhood of Richmond Hill, or Ozone Park, Queens NY, in NYC..

Any good websites?

Administrator answers:

I found 27 rentals in Richmond Hill using Cazoodle Apartment search use the link below to start your search.

William asks…

What US cities have the cheapest rent for apartments?

I’m in NYC and I need to move out of my mom’s house. I’m getting old (I’m 29). But I don’t foresee myself paying any exorbitant amount of rent here in the big apple, so I think I must relocate to another city.

Does anyone know of a fairly safe city in the US where the rent is cheap? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.

Administrator answers:

Cheapest housing in the US, of any large city, is in Indianapolis, so the rents are probably the lowest there too.

But Indy sort of sucks. Other option might be Columbus Ohio (home of OSU), far more cultural, yet still cheap.

Daniel asks…

Washington D.C., Boston, NYC or Chicago?

Which is best to visit for a first time visit to the US?? Have been looking for cheap accommodation in NYC but to no avail.

Do you know of any self catering cheap apartments in any of these cities?

Administrator answers:

They are all nice cities but you should go to NYC, there is nowhere else like it. You don’t say how long you are coming for but this place is cheap for a minimum 30 day stay;

You might try here too;

NYC is just expensive. If you really cannot find anything in your budget, try a hostel.

Lisa asks…

Are there any housing in NYC specifically for students?

Hi !

Me and 2 other friends of mine, are currently in High School, we are going off to college next year. We need a cheap apartment but in a decent neighborhood to commute because room and board for our colleges are really expensive.

Are there any housing in NYC specifically for students to commute to?

Administrator answers:

Try Student Housing, they are located in Manhattan. Below is a link with information

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