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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In Nyc For Rent

June 29, 2012

Sandra asks…

Only for New yorkers.. ?

How much does it cost to live in the projects in NYC. Either Brooklyn,Queens,Harlem,The bronxs. Just small place that’s cheap. A smalls apartment or a housing project. (Cheap rent)

Administrator answers:

There are several different kinds of “Projects” – city run low income housing, federal low income housing, and privately run/government subsidized middle income housing.

All of the above have rules about who can live there, mostly based on income. You must qualify. The low income housing is very reasonable. However, there are HUGE waiting lists for all of the above.

When I was young, I put my name on a list for middle income housing. My name finally came up 12 years later, by which time I was already buying my first apartment (and probably no longer qualified for middle income housing, but I’m not sure about that.)

This is not something you just decide to do. It takes a LOT of time.

Susan asks…

Moving from Augusta,GA to NYC advice?

I’m saving up to $127 for a bus trip there and I’m thinking about the rent and where to stay. I’ve went to and found cheap 1BR apts in Brooklyn and Manhattan from $800 to $999 and I haven’t got that straight. Should get an apartment with a roommate? or go to a hotel or hostel. Because I’ll take me forever to come up with the rent a trip to NYC.

Administrator answers:

Hey My friend
I think you should get a job in ny first before you move so you would have something to help you pay your rent.Maybe you should move with a roommatee at first and when you feel like you want to move on your own then move.But Just make your move at least if you have effort move to move.

Betty asks…

How to take EX- Boyfriend name OFF LEASE?

Could someone please help me figure out how I can remove my ex-boyfriends name off of the lEASE? We rent an apartment in NYC on a 2 year lease, both of our names, it’s been 1 year into our lease. I want him out – YES I WANT HIM OUT (If I sound selfish then OH WELL be it). We have been together 5 years, we have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and I am 5 months pregnant. This man has made a 360 change and is heading out from vacation to vacation with lord knows who, he says he has another woman pregnant who is a far better woman than I am, and now he is denying that the son I am carrying is his. He says he does not want to be with me but does not move out. He is currently on a vacation and I messaged him that I will be packing his belongings and taking it to his mothers house, and he could do as he pleases from there. He said if I touch his “property” he will call the cops on me.

I cannot stand being in this situation 1 second longer. He is mentally very abusive, calling me a bad mother, a cheap woman, a gold digger, a whore, a cheater, a ****. I cannot take this any longer. I am a terrific mother, I paid to move our family into our apartment, I make more money than him – so how am I a gold digger, and I am not the one with anyone else – he is.

Is there a legal way I can get his name off? I would like to continue my pregnancy healthy and at peace, and I need my kids to have a home… I cannot leave him the apartment and have to pull about $5,000 AGAIN to look for another place and move…

I would appreciate some advice.. Thank you all.
As I said, ONE year ago I spent $5,000 moving US out. Why in the world would I want to leave him the apartment and spend another approx $5,000 on brokers and deposit money on a new place, when I have 2 kids to look after? My question is how to REMOVE HIS name, not mine. I am not moving until I save enough to buy something for me and my children.

Administrator answers:

Contact your property manager, explain he moved out and that you would like him off the lease.

Then put his stuff in a storage unit, pay it one month and tell him after that he can either get his stuff or pay the unit, but he isn’t calling the police for something that isn’t illegal. By leaving you with all his stuff there, he can’t say anything. He can’t prove when he took off that he wasn’t just abandoning it.

Change the locks as soon as he leaves so he can’t come back in without you knowing.

Paul asks…

Help with Places to Stay in NYC?

im going out to new york with my girlscout troop and some moms so there will be a total of 12 of us, and we are on a budget so we figured a hotel would be really expensive for all of us. We wanted to rent an apartment for about 5 nights cause that would actually be cheaper. Does anyone know any good websites/places to stay for all of us that is under 500 a night?? And do you know of any deals like the new york pass we can get?or fun things to do? thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

Last month I went to NYC with my family (13 of us) and when I was looking for an hotel alternative (like you) a friend of mine who lives in Boston sent me the following website: it have a lot of options in NYC regarding apartments on daily basis and it are pretty cheap. I hope it can help.

Have a nice trip!!

Carol asks…

Brooklyn or Staten Island?

Planning to move to NYC for studying. But still don’t know what is cheaper to rent 2 bed apartment in Brooklyn or on Staten Island, cause in the city it’s pretty expensive.
May be there’s a real database on the NYC condos where I can find an affordable place to live.
Our budget is 1300$/mo.
Thanx in advance)))

Administrator answers:


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