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November 19, 2012

Ruth asks…

Can you please help me with my cat adoption problem?

Good evening,

I am looking into adopting a cat at the ASPCA in NYC. However, I was laid off from my job recently.

I would be grateful if someone from the ASPCA would help me out.

By the time I visit the ASPCA in March I will have 52 weeks of unemployment insurance left. Each weekly payment is $405 for a monthly total of $1620. My rent is currently $1075, and I will have $545 left over each month. In addition, I have almost $2,000 in the bank as well as $2,330 in my 401 K plan.

I will be home a lot until I find a job, which I am heavilly pursuing right now, and I would to devote a lot of attention to a cat. If I have to, I will work in fast food or retail and move to a cheaper apartment to support him/her.

Would the ASPCA let me adopt a cat under my conditions? I will talk to someone tomorrow, but I was wondering if there was anybody that would know if the ASPCA will allow it.

Thanks everyone for your help thus far!

Flowers, I hear what you are saying, but I would be purchasing pet insurance from VMI that takes care of 90 percent of most fees after paying a relatively small deductible. I mean, that’s not an end-all solution but it helps.
Oops. I meant VPI.

Administrator answers:

Umm I dont know their policies for adopting but it seems like to me that you should get back on your feet before you adopt an animal so you can provide the proper care for them. Not trying to be mean just think you should wait until you are more financibly stable.

Richard asks…

do u think i could survive in new york city?

i graduate high school in may and plan on going to new york for college. i plan on getting an apartment off campus. ill have my boyfriend living with me and i estimated that we would probably make 2000 a month and maybe a little more. if we just rent the cheapest apt around do you think we can make it?? plus we’ll each have around 6 or 7 thousand saved up and he’ll get transferred to a job in nyc and ill search for one online before i go
If you have other helpful advice for other bills, neighborhoods, and ect please let me know thank!!

Administrator answers:

Be smart.

Will you be working? Maybe no?

If your combined income is 2k a month no way you can survive in NYC but heres a tip.

Rent a one bedroom apartment in New Jersey. You can commute between Jersey and NYC by train or bus.

In Jersey its cheaper.

Or you can get a part time job while studying and look for a studio or one bedroom in Queens for 1200 a month. Thats the cheapest !

Where in New York by the way? If Its Buffallo New York? That wont have be problem!!! Up state NY is way cheaper than NYC.

If its NYC, look for apartments in Queens its diverse and some places are cheaper but dont go to Lond Island City.

You have to cut back too, Dont get a car, commute by train, Cook in your apartment etc.

Good luck, If there’s a will there’s a way, Go for it!!

Donna asks…

Would this be enough to go to New York City for 2 weeks?

Me, my mother, and a friend (hopefully the friend) are wanting to go to NYC for 2 weeks. We’re all going to save up money for the coming year to go for 2 weeks in the fall. There is tons of stuff there and I know we’ll be wanting to do a LOT of stuff. I mean LOADS. But, I’m worried we wont have enough money. We are wanting to drive because it is cheaper than flying. I will have 2,200 dollars after I buy my car in the spring and save up ALLLL year until then. And I want to do this so bad. Would we be able to rent and apartment for 2 weeks, which is cheaper, drive, eat, shop, sightsee, and do awesome stuff on not much money? We’ll all be saving all year and I don’t know how much they will have or if my friend will have much at all by the end of it. Will it work????

Administrator answers:

SORRY, 2200 for 2 weeks will get you NO WHERE in new york but in a rat hole eating crap. Apartments are extremely expensive, hotels are extremely expensive, and food is extremely expensive. Perhaps you can walk around manhattan and times square to sightsee. You might be able to survive for 1 week with that though. That allows shopping money (can’t go to NY without shopping), food and a place. Go see some museums too.

Chris asks…

Is it worth it to move to New York City?

I really want to move there, have for years.

Even if I have to live in a 2 bedroom apt with 4 roommates.
The more roommates the cheaper the rent right?

But then I hear that New York Taxes are really high, could someone please give me an example? Like how much they would take out of a paycheck and such.

Should I pay off my credit cards before I go? I owe 4k all together, but what if I just moved there and continued making the min payments?

I’m 26 living with parents.. I’m moving out this summer for sure. I’ve wanted to move to NYC for years, and I feel like if I don’t do it this summer, then it’s never going to happen.. Because If I get an apartment here I’ll never be able to save up..

What other expenses would I be facing in NYC besides food and shelter? I won’t be bringing a car.

Please give me all the advice you can, I really need all the help I can get.. I have a huge decision to make.

Thank you in advance!

PS: I’ll be looking for a second job this week, to help pay down debt and save up.

PS: I’m single and have no kids.

Administrator answers:

I think you should go for it, in my opinion there is no better place to live. There is a wide range of prices and costs depending on where in the city you want to live. Assuming you want to live in manhattan, it can get pricey. You would also need to spend money on transportation- bus and subway rides are $2 each way (and could be going up). Plus, anything you want to do for fun starts to add up.
If I were you I would try to pay off the credit cards before you come. Not that 4,000 is a huge amount, but you should come here and just start fresh not having to worry about expenses from the past. If you know this is where you want to live, and you think this is your one opportunity to move to the city, then DONT MISS IT! You don’t want to regret it all your life. Plus, with the housing market the way it is, maybe you will catch a little break in price.

Mary asks…

where can I find an apartment similar to a college/university dorm?

I am graduating from university soon but I dont think I am ready to transition/move into an apartment by myself. I am just really nervous and I don think I can handle the responsibility of a light bill, water bill, maintenance, pest control, extensive daily cleaning, worrying about being safe, parking…etc

Its not that I am lazy because I always clean my mother’s house when I visit her and I am also good with money, its just that I am so accustomed to my single room here at the dorm that living in an apartment seems like a burden.
At my university we pay a monthly fee of $700. That gets you a single room, free wifi, all utilities included, parking spot, maintenance, cleaning services, public toilet&baths for every community (there are 20 people in a community and 10 toilets&baths so it works out well) pest control 3 was rooms per community, gym, pool, music room…etc. Basically all I have to do is cook/buy my own food and come up with $700 per month. I have been doing it 4 for years and its been the easiest thing ever, and we even have installment plans if we cant pay monthly.

Living on your own may be different since the rent is gonna be more than $700, plus you have to pay your own utilities and fix anything that is broken. I just dont think I am ready for that yet since I dont even have a full time job, I cant possible afford the average rent which is around $1000+ in NYC where I live.

So does anyone know of any apartment complex that are similar to dorms? I know I wont find one exactly like a dorm where they do everything for us, but it would be cool to find one with ‘utilities included’. I am also looking for the dorm building style where I can have neighbors and lots of floors. Kinda like a hotel design.

Does anything like this exist outside the college, military and hotel world? Or am I SOL?

BTW, I am not good with roommates hence the reason i live in a single room at the dorm right now…lol. If I was good with roommates this whole thing would have been easier because I would have just shacked up with some of the other dudes graduating with me. I just want a cheap single room with my privacy, but it must be similar to dorm life where I can still go out to the loft and hang out, where we share a kitchen, where we have cleaning services that come 3 times a week…etc.
Now I know you are probably saying to yourself that having a roommate/ roommates in a private home is similar but its not. Thats actually more personal since you see the same person/people everyday, and its not really private ESPECIALLY if he/she is the house owner. Plus you dont have the luxury if security, cleaning services, meeting new people…etc

I am just addicted to that lifestyle…lol (my brother just got discharged from the NAVY and he hates apartments as well since he lived in a barracks. He says the barracks is just like a dorm and he loves it because its a easy way of life. He lived in a single room as well, so he got his privacy but if he wanted some social time he just had to step outside his room into the loft.
So where can i find a place like this in the USA without them charging me like $3,000. I already checked craigslist and the prices are ridiculous! I saw some lovely complexes but they are overpriced and you still have to pay your own utilities; who could possibly afford these places?

Administrator answers:

You can look for a room in a private residence,preferably one with a separate entrance and bathroom. This type arrangement should be close to what you have now but would not include a cleaning service.

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