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December 12, 2012

Linda asks…

What is better place to live-NYC or LA? Better for transportation, cheaper, easier to find jobs, ect?

I´m planning on moving to either L.A or NYC but dont know which is more convenient in everyway. Which is better and more convenient for transportation? I´ve been around the NYC subways and know they have many forms of transportation but dont know how it is in L.A for public transportation …

I know that NYC is very expensive but dont know about L.A..what are the apartment costs(rent)? and food prices?…what about finding jobs, which city is easier to find a goob paying job? I want a job related to the arts..

Administrator answers:

L.A it is better than NYC. Transportation is about the same, both city’s are big. But you wont find the smell, the danger and the longer winter in L.A. Is more beautiful, people are more warm than NY and L.A is more beautiful. Is less expensive than NY. You have 5 lines of Metro service and is way more clean than NY.

I think you better try LA. Best thing to do if you can visit both places and see what you like best. I moved west last year and it was the best choice that I made sins long time. East is more stress more expansive and not as beautiful as the costal passific side of the US.

Nancy asks…

NYC worth it or not, your thoughts?

I really want to move there, have for years. I’ve been there a number of times, and I never want to leave.

Even if I have to live in a 2 bedroom apt with 4 roommates.
The more roommates the cheaper the rent right?

But then I hear that New York Taxes are really high, could someone please give me an example? Like how much they would take out of a paycheck and such.

Should I pay off my credit cards before I go? I owe 4k all together, but what if I just moved there and continued making the min payments?

I’m 26 living with parents.. I’m moving out this summer for sure. I’ve wanted to move to NYC for years, and I feel like if I don’t do it this summer, then it’s never going to happen.. Because If I get an apartment here I’ll never be able to save up..

What other expenses would I be facing in NYC besides Shelt

Administrator answers:

It depend on how much you make a month and if you are single. NYC is a nice place. And diverse in culture and language.

Robert asks…

Would this be enough to go to New York City for 2 weeks?

Me, my mother, and a friend (hopefully the friend) are wanting to go to NYC for 2 weeks. We’re all going to save up money for the coming year to go for 2 weeks in the fall. There is tons of stuff there and I know we’ll be wanting to do a LOT of stuff. I mean LOADS. But, I’m worried we wont have enough money. We are wanting to drive because it is cheaper than flying. I will have 2,200 dollars after I buy my car in the spring and save up ALLLL year until then. And I want to do this so bad. Would we be able to rent and apartment for 2 weeks, which is cheaper, drive, eat, shop, sightsee, and do awesome stuff on not much money? We’ll all be saving all year and I don’t know how much they will have or if my friend will have much at all by the end of it. Will it work????
My mother lived there for 7 years so she knows how stuff is and how to take care of us and stuff.

Administrator answers:

It’s illegal to rent an apartment out for less than one month in NYC, even though you will find websites that offer such rentals.

You don’t want to drive a car to NYC. Parking fees are outrageous and if you did manage to find on-street parking, there’s the old alternate-side-of-the-street-parking game that you must play.

$2200 isn’t going to be enough for three people for two weeks in NYC, especially if you want to do “loads” of stuff. NYC is an expensive place – a decent hotel is likely to be at least $200/night.

Go to your library and get some travel guides to NYC, or use on-line guidebook sites. Or, do a search on “NYC tourism”. NYC does have CityPass, which can save you some money if those are the things you want to do. You may also want to check for its destination guides, hotel lists and, especially, the forums, which are full of info.

Paul asks…

Is Greenpoint in Brooklyn a nice place to live alone?

I’m from Lima (Peru) i’m 17 years old and i want to escape to NYC because i have a lot of problems here. I don’t have enough money to rent an apartment in Manhattan (I’d like a lot to live in manhattan) so i was thinking about a borough like brooklyn or the bronx, i prefer brooklyn because people told me that in Greenpoint there are a lot of bands and it’s cheap to live there, i was thinking also about Nolita but i don’t have too much information about that place.
It would be easy to me to survive there? to get a job in any place and live by myself without problems in Greenpoint? I speak english and i have passport for 15 years.

Administrator answers:

Some of your perceptions of Greenpoint are exactly right. But, it’s not all so simple.

If by “live alone” you mean you want your own apartment, Greenpoint’s not exactly cheap. Of course, that depends on your budget and what “cheap” means to you, but one-bedroom places are at a premium without a lot of vacancies. Nothing in Greenpoint is nearly as expensive as it would be in Manhattan, but neither is it nearly as inexpensive in the neighborhood as it was five years ago. What there are readily available in Greenpoint is plenty of shared places, where you’d have one or more roommates. In those kinds of places, expect to spend $600 – $1000 or more, depending on the specific amenities, size, and location.

At 17, finding a job won’t be at all easy. There are a lot of young people in the neighborhood looking for jobs, and the jobs available are more likely to go to someone a bit older. And, in order to work legally here you need more than a passport.

There are plenty of musicians and bands, but the large majority of the places they play are bars where you have to be 21 to get in. There are a few all-ages venues in the area, in Williamsburg or Bushwick, but all-ages show are rare in Greenpoint itself. There’s only one place I know of that has them regularly, and by that I mean a few shows per year.

In short, no it probably won’t be “easy.” Can it be done? Sorry, don’t know enough about you to judge your individual capabilities. But I wanted to bring in a few legitimate issues that you should consider before taking the step.

Jenny asks…

How can I go to America to study at a university? (From Australia)?

I am from Autsralia.
I am in year 9 (Although I study yr 10).
I strongly want to go to USA to study after year 12.

My uncle and grand parents are in NYC, so going there would be very good.
However, I do want to have a shot at Harvard.

Can someone just give me some info about universities there, and cost of living (money is not a huge issue for my family, but the cheaper the better) , good universities in America (it is VERY important that it is one of the top universities in America)

Extra info:
My chosen field is the medical field, however I have not yet specifically decided on a certain major and stuff.
My best friend MIGHT be coming with me (I repeat MIGHT) so is it more convenient to live with another person in an apartment and share the rent etc etc?

Administrator answers:

Well Im not sure of how smart people need to be to goto Harvard OUTSIDE of the United States, since they are mostly not native to the native language. But in Australia english isn’t a problem, as maybe being in Asia or another country.

Take the SAT’s, SAT 2′s, and ACT and PSAT.

If you want to make a top school make sure you get a 2100+/2400 on your SAT, over 750 on your SAT 2′s, and around a 32 on your ACT. On your PSAT it should be similiar to your SAT.

If you need more advice talk to me through email, my sister goes to Cornell, I spent the last two years listening to EVERY college conversation -.-

You seem very matured, grade 9 and you care about your future. No offense but the chances of making Harvard are very slim. You can be in grade 9 taking grade 12 classes and not even have a chance.

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