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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In San Francisco

May 7, 2012

Sharon asks…

How much does it cost to live in San Francisco?

I’m going to college in San francisco and as a student I would need the cheapest apartment as possible. Would living in oakland
be cheaper?

Administrator answers:

Yes, living in the East Bay is considerably cheaper if you want your own place. Students living in San Francisco usually have roommates or a sublet with common areas.

If you are going to San Francisco State University (Daly City); City College of San Francisco (Balboa Park); or Hastings College of Law (Civic Center), living in the East Bay doesn’t matter that much because all those schools are easily reached via BART. There is no need to limit yourself to Oakland either. Anywhere with a station is fine in terms of accessibility. Those attending the University of San Francisco or UCSF Medical Center will have a much harder time. Getting to those campuses will require long bus rides from Downtown San Francisco.

Another important consideration is safety. It varies very widely depending on the neighborhood. Avoid Richmond, West Oakland, and International Boulevard. Always do your research before committing to anything.

Daniel asks…

How expensive is to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

I will spend some time in San Francisco (1 month) and I’m considering to rent an apartment in order to be able to cook and have a little bit extra space, but I’m wondering if that is expensive or cheaper than a hotel room for the same amount of days.

Administrator answers:

You most likely wont be able to rent an apartment for that amount of time anyways- but if so, itll be expensive. You may want to google short term furnished corporate apartments- but if your willing to stay outside of the city in a suburb and drive in, then you are more likely going to find the better bet at a motel that specializes in long term stays from around 150 a week (i.e. Extended stay america hotels) (which fyi- a month stay runs around 1200-1600). They come with everything you need including the kitchen and supplies etc but wont charge you for utilities like the corporate stays would.

Joseph asks…

is it cheaper to rent an apartment in san francisco or in palm springs?

Administrator answers:

Palm Springs will be about 30% of the rent in SF.

Thomas asks…

do you know cheap apartment rent (daily) in San Francisco California? for my web thanks?

do you know cheap apartment rent (daily) in San Francisco California? for my web thanks

Administrator answers:


Mary asks…

What is the cheapest way to make it to the San Francisco Airpot for a 6am flight? BART doesn’t arrive in time.

I just moved to the Bay Area. I am looking for an apartment so I don’t know where i’ll be departing from. But I think i’ll be in Walnut Creek. What is the cheapest way to make it to the SFO airport for a 6 am flight? I probably need to be there by 5 am to make it through security and checkin.

Obviously the BART is the cheapest way to get there but the earliest I can get there with the BART is 5:30. Which is cutting it too close.

I don’t have access to a car and I can’t rely upon somebody to drop me off.

Can anyone recommend a cheap shuttle service or any alternative to this problem?

I won’t be booking anymore 6 am flights from SFO after this.


Administrator answers:

That’s why I never ever book a flight at that time, I could have the same problem to go from home to the airport.

Let’s see!
If I were you I would take the last BART train from Walnuk Creek to SFO the night before and wait until early in the morning to make the check- in. You will only wait like 4 hours, it’s nothing.

If you decide to try it in the morning, time will stress you out a lot! I’m serious and think about that you will have to wake up like 4pm or before as well.

I always take book flights leaving at 8 or so and have missed flight twice lol and at 6am mmmmmm think about my sugestion again!!

Good luck

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