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November 25, 2012

Sharon asks…

where are there safe and cheap apartments in fresno Ca?

Me and my best friend are moving in together…in fresno or clovis. were looking for a economical apartments that are hopefully in a gated community and close to the 180 and ITT Tech. we have 2 kids with us as well so were looking for safe, cheap (around $800 or less) and luxurious apartments hah :) or as close as we can get with good prices ;) Pleasssssseeeee someone give us some good ideas. I’ve looked around online but every place has a bunch of bad reviews…HELP :)

Administrator answers:

Cheap, safe and luxurious do not go in the same sentence.

Charles asks…

Where can I get curtains (in the US) for cheap?

I am not just going to staple some sheets around the rods, as someone suggested. That is tacky! I cannot spend a lot, because I am a full-time student with no significant source of income, but I just need something inexpensive and not crappy. It’s just the kind that you slide the rod through the top and re-hang the rod. I need several for my apartment… at least two single standard-sized windows and one double window, and then two for door windows. I looked on, and those still cost more than I’d like to spend. Can I find cheaper somewhere?

Administrator answers:

If your budget is tight and you have a walmart near you that has fabric look and see what they have on the $1 table get how ever many yards will need. If you have a sewing machine sew the tops and bottoms its simple to do and takes no time. If you don’t get fabric tape I think it’s called heat bond anyways it comes in different widths and you can iron on the tab for the top and the heam for the bottom. They will look great and cost about $5 a window. I have money and I still make my own I get bored with things easy and I don’t feel like wasting $30 on a panel for a window.

If you don’t want to do that check close-out stores we have a chain called big lots and they have great name brand curtains that are very resonable like $5-$10 a window.

Or check 2nd hand or garage sales but it will be harder to find exactly what you need.

Walmart has some sheer panels for about 9 bucks and check ebay you can sometimes find great deals for curtains there just watch the shipping charges so you don’t get ripped.

Ruth asks…

what are some cheap but decent hotels and apartments in malia, crete?

me and two others are planning a holiday to malia in july, the hotel we looked into was cheap, but had very bad reviews, so we don’t really want to stay there. we need a cheap hotel, near the town, which isn’t strict and won’t mind us coming in at the early hours of the morning, and won’t charge us for petty things like making too much noise etc.

Administrator answers:

Below $40 The Armonia Hotel Malia @,8,2,3,4,6,7
Kyknos Beach Hotel And Bungalows Malia @,8,2,3,4,6,7
Thisvi Hotel Malia@,8,2,3,4,6,7

William asks…

Can a 18 year old rent a apartment?

Do you have to be a specific age to get a apartment by yourself?
Also, where is the cheapest place in the us to live?

Administrator answers:

At 18 you are a legal adult. Providing that you have good credit, or at least, not bad credit, and a proof of income you can get an apartment. I don’t recommend you coming here to Boston, though. You need five roommates and can’t afford to eat (okay, a little bitter from the college days). Anyway, I love it here but it is not the most cost-effective place to live.

Good luck! Living on your own is fun!

Maria asks…

How Much is Gas and Electric in Paris?

I’m looking to live in Paris next year, and I am looking for apartments, but I’d like to know how much the average person spends on gas and electric in a parisian apartment. If the cost is way more than in the US, for example, I may have to look at cheaper apartments.

Administrator answers:

If you go all electrical count around 90 to 100 Euros every two months in winter depending on the quantity of heaters you have.
Don’t have gas so can’t help you there.

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