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November 30, 2012

Michael asks…

Looking for cheap hotel or short term lease?

My hubby is about to deploy we are getting out of our lease early and I am moving with my sister. Because of the date of the orders our apartments gave us a short time frame to move. We are looking for maybe a sublease of a month to month and a half OR a super cheap apartment (small pets accepted). Newport News, Virginia (Fort Eustis) We would be willing to stay somewhere in Virginia beach. June to middle of July
Thats a great idea. Wish it were an option we just got stationed here two months ago. Our friends with homes have one bedroom :( I figured VA Beach would be a long shot, but were willing to go to any surrounding areas.

Administrator answers:

On you can find short term rentals. Be sure to specify this when searching.

This article is about traveling cheaply in L.A. But you can use some of the same suggestions in there for your move to Virginia.

Ken asks…

Why do American taxpayer required to support illegal Mexicans who violate US law?

In texas the public school, county hospitals and low rent apartments steaming with crime and litter are ruining our country. We the taxpayer are paying a high price for cheap labor and it is the American businessman who is as much to blame as the ineptness of border patrol to keep them out. Mexicans ruined their own country and why does anyone think they will act differently here in the US?

Administrator answers:

Ehh, im mexican american, but i do belive that illegal immigration is a big problem and that if you look every area that is moved into by certain type of hispanics (not race) becomes ruined the problem i think is that we let them feel victimized so they think its ok to leech off the system

Carol asks…

how does one open a tiny pharmaceutical factory in US, to grind the pills cheaper than Merck? what do I need?

one apartment with a grinder? Do I need a license as a pharmaceutical engineer? Does it have to be pharmaceutical engineer or can it be chemical engineer license to grind the pills legaly? grind/disperse/coat/etc…
the Details, not the bullshit generalization please

Administrator answers:

You need to be a licensed pharmacist (4 years of college, plus pass a certification test after graduation). Or, you can register your business as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, but that’s very difficult to do.

Sharon asks…

How to D. I. Y. soundproof a 100 year old apartment?

I live in a 100+ year old apartment building with 6 apartments, 2 per floor, everyone boxed in together. The whole building used to be one huge house but it was turned to 6 apartments many decades ago, before electrical heating existed. My downstairs neighbours are fierce noisy abominations who won’t listen to diplomacy, and the landlord won’t lift a single finger. Living in the apartment feel like an earthquake-ridden 24 hour construction site. When they “slam” their doors underneath us, the whole apartment shakes and rattles. In essence, when they talk, we can follow their converstations.

The soundproofing is total crap (if there at all) and the walls are plaster; the floors & ceilings are wood.

What’s the cheapest, fastest, most economical way I can soundproof my apartment against the unbearable (and quite frankly unbelievable) amount of noise from downstairs & next door? No carpeting ideas please; my wife is totally alergic to all forms of carpeting.

Administrator answers:

You might could try something like “Dynamat”. It is a mat type material for cars with loud systems, to kinda dampen the vibration and “trunk noise”.

Your wife is allergic to carpet?

As another alternative, hang manufactured soundproofing wall coverings – such as Pyrotek or Super Soundproofing products – which are sold as rigid panels or in rolls. You can purchase these at home improvement centers, lumberyards, insulation contractors or drywall supply houses. Hang the covering according to the manufacturer’s directions, then hang the drywall as usual.

Donald asks…

Is 1000 dollars per month enough to get by in the US……?

I am a single person. I earn 6000 dollars a month. But I plan on saving 5000 dollars. So would I be able to get by on 1000 dollars, if i live in a cheap apartment (rented), only eat cheap expired food, and buy second hand clothes??

Administrator answers:

Depends where you live. In NYC you’d need much more, but I have lived in apartments for as little as $270. If you’re living in a cheap apartment like that, you’ll be able to get by with even less.

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