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December 14, 2012

Betty asks…

Are there any cheap places to stay in Brighton?

There will be 9 or 10 of us so apartments or caravans would be the best? We want to be as close to the city centre as we can?

Administrator answers:

If you want something cheap and central, try a backpacker hostel

you often get dorms of up to 10, so you could book a whole dorm and stay together

Joseph asks…

pregnancy: Heard a woman being raped and now i feel upset and depressed and scared =/?

I am about 6 months pregnant, and my fiance and i moved into a new apartment in Oklahoma City where he found work… we are VERY tight on money as i havent been able to work in a very long time because i was in a car accident (broke all of my ribs and both legs) and then of course now i’m pregnant and as big as a house. so naturally we had to look for pretty much the cheapest apartment we could find…
So we found a cute little apartment complex in southeast OKC, it was kind of a run-down neighborhood but it seemed nice enough. The only thing I didnt like was that we live on the ground floor and I don’t feel safe.
Things went well for about two weeks, besides that some pipes bust in our apartment and management wouldnt do anything about it, but that wasnt surprising due to the extremely low rent of the apt (around 200/mo). but at 3 o clock this morning, i woke up (since i got pregnant i wake up many times a night and have to get up and walk around) and i looked out the window and noticed someone milling around outside. I thought maybe he was just a tenant but he was wearing black gloves and had a crowbar. He walked by our window and I got so scared that i had to wake up my fiance, and he discovered he didn’t have any cell service and couldn’t call the police.

So anyway, the guy went away, but neither of us could get back to sleep, and at around 4, we heard a LOUD crashing noise in the apartment above us.. soon there was screaming, a woman yelling “NO” over and over and a man beating her and then there was just silence, we found out later that the woman in the apartment complex above us, a single 68 year old woman, was raped and then killed by this guy. the police showed up and everyone in the apartment went outside and we were all crying, another couple noticed that i was really upset and they stayed in our apartment with us that night so we’d feel safe.

anyway, i can’t get over this… i have literally never been this upset or disturbed. i’ve been throwing up all day. I’m putting this in pregnancy because I’m seriously worried that all this stress will hurt my baby. I have been physically sick all day and crying, i can’t eat, i don’t know if I can ever eat again. i literally am feeling suicidal, which i never have felt before. the world is just so sick :/
Please, just someone tell me it’s ok. I want to move out of here so badly.

Administrator answers:

What a terrible story to fabricate… In each of your tales there are people getting seriously harmed–perhaps pursue a career as a novelist–or, better yet, obtain a therapist’s advice about your demented mind!

John asks…

Where are some apartment vacation rentals in the 6th and 7th district of Paris, France?

I’m looking for a place that can accomodate 5 people and that will cost anywhere up to 150 euros a night or 275 US dollars a night or a weekly rate of about 2,000 euros or cheaper (3,500 US dollars)

Thanks for the help

Administrator answers:

Here are some good sites, just select the arrondissements you want:


When you are asked to select a region, select Ile de France, then narrow down to Paris and then the arrondissements.

You should also check the 4th and 5th arrondissements. Some parts of the 7th can be quite isolated from anything interesting.

You’ll have no problem finding something if you are willing to pay that much (2000 euros/week!). Accomodation in Paris is far more affordable than that (unless you are looking for luxury of course). Enjoy your stay!

Nancy asks…

Apartments around Cupertino?

Just wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper apartments in Cupertino or nearby. I will be moving (actually working) in Cupertino in a few months and need a place there. Near the bus line so that it would be easier to commute. There are about 5 of us so maybe we will need a 3B and a 2B apartment.

Administrator answers:


Thomas asks…

Cheapest place to live like a king in the world?

I have $43,500 in inheritance money after taxes and am thinking about living abroad for 2 years. Where can I live like a king on a hair over 20k US a year. I want to live in a foreign city in a nice apartment. I will take mass transit and have no job.

Administrator answers:

Try indiana. Inexpensive out there.
I can book your flight if you like

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