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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In The Us

April 5, 2013

Sharon asks…

I am traveling to Puerto Rico next year with my BFF. What are some deals I can snag to save us money?

Like maybe hotel and food together. Or maybe a cheap way to fly. We will be only going fir 4 days and want to save the most money.

Administrator answers:

To save on airfare check spirit airline for their prices in the fall (it’s peak hurricane season). If you can go out of Orlando you will get the best deal.

Stay in an area close to the airport. Isla Verde (night life, hotels/casinos, bars all in walking distance of each other), Condado (same as Isla Verde but with beach), Old San Juan (Like isla Verde but with history).

I find the absolute best way to vacay on a budget (the only kind I do) is to stay in a self catering accommodation. A vacation rental, condo or apartment right in any of those areas can run you as low as $8o/nt. Which will only cost you $40 each per day. I find Condodo has the most options That’s just an example. There are grocery stores and pharmacy’s with in walking distance as well as restaurants bars and clubs. You buy a few grocery items, and only eat one meal out a day. You can travel for as low as $50/day/person if you put yourself on a budget. If you want to drink in a hotel you need to bring a lot more, eating and drinking in a hotel is the easiest way to blow your money. Food portions here are plentiful and we often find the appetizer course to be filling.

With what you save on accomodation you can put twords a day trip out to the Icacos Islands. It would be a shame to not see the blue green waters the Caribbean is famous for. Http://

As for all travel use common sense, don’t go anywhere with strangers and stick to well lit streets.

Lizzie asks…

What would be the best internet plan for us?

My friends and i just got an apartment together off campus at school. We need to get our own internet here. All of us have laptops, and we’ll probably be on them and using the internet at the same time, not very often but i’m sure it’ll happen. What’s the best plan for us in your opinion?

Administrator answers:

Depends on what you will be using the internet for. If it is strictly school work, no downloading, online classes, or video streaming, go with DSL as it is cheap. If you download, play games, attend webinars, watch movie, more than just surf the internet, your best fit is cable, even with their lowest plan, as it will be more than 5x’s as fast DSL.

Mark asks…

Is it legal for your landlord to require your apartment be professionally cleaned?

My landlord is requiring that the apartment be professionally cleaned upon our move out. She wants us to use a lady she recommended, but that lady is charging $250 to clean a small two bedroom apartment that is VERY new and clean (it doesn’t even have carpets, it’s all hardwood and new appliances). And she insists that if I don’t use who she recommends and “use somebody cheaper”, I will most likely be charged to have the apartment re-cleaned, which is a $600 charge.

Since my first job was in the cleaning business, I know I could clean it up to professional standards myself, but she is requiring a number for the cleaning service I choose and a receipt. I was just curious if that’s all totally legal?

Administrator answers:

You can hire anyone you want. How much deposit do you have there? The landlord is really being very tricky and nasty about this. If you dont use her cleaner, she will deduct the cleaning cost from your deposit and she will make it high so you wont get any deposit back. Only if it states that in the lease you signed, otherwise hire anyone you want to clean the floors. You will end up suing her in small claims court for your deposit back because she is trying to maneuver around giving it back. The cleaning cost should always be separate from the security deposit when you move in. What an awful person.

Donna asks…

How do i find out where my lost post mail has gone?

I’ve been awaiting 3 small packages (2 from US and 1 from hong kong) for the last 3 weeks. How come its taking so long? It never takes THIS long!!!!! Im certain its gone missing, or a postman has stolen it. If theres any postmen/women out there, do u ‘take’ peoples post?

Administrator answers:

First off, do you know if the packages were sent in the regular mail, or through a carrier service, like UPS, DHL, or FedEx. If they were sent via a carrier service, the sender should have a tracking number that you can use when calling the carrier service, or using their website, and you can find out exactly where your package is.

If they were sent via the regular mail, sometimes packages can take a while, especially if they are sent at the cheapest rates. I’m guessing that you are outside both the US and Hong Kong. Some postal services, like in the US, offer tracking services or additional proof of delivery / confirmation. However, I don’t think they offer this on international deliveries. Some of the cheapest (and slowest) delivery options from the US, like parcel post, might take 4-6 weeks to other parts of the world.

Here’s a few things that might account for the delay:
- A postal holiday in either the sending country or your country that might slow the mail down by a day or two. The US had two postal holidays in November: Veterans Day (11/11) and Thanksgiving.
- Items are not properly documented in passing through customs. If you are receiving items, did the sender fill out the customs form properly. Were they items that are permitted to be sent from the sender’s country to your country?
- Items poorly addressed. If your address is incorrect or hard to read, it might not get to you.
- Theft/loss – it could be that a package gets stolen or lost while in transit – sometimes from a postal worker, and sometimes from outsiders (including someone stealing it from your mailbox after it gets delivered, but before you get home)

What you can do:
- Contact the sender to verify the date that the items were sent. If they got receipt of mailing or a tracking number, have them share that info with you. Also verify what address they used to ship to you, and what type of shipping they used (what rate they paid – was it priority mail, or airmail, or just parcel post)

If they are unfamiliar with your country’s mail address system and wrote things according to their own country’s system (in the US, we put name, street number, street address, (apartment number) then city, state, postal code and country, but other countries might require it in a different order, it might confuse the postal system.

- Let your mail carrier know that you are expecting a package, if you think they are reliable in your area.

Betty asks…

How much does it cost for an apartment in Seoul, Korea?

I currently live in the US and wanted to rent an apartment in Seoul (preferrably yeongdeungpo). Korea is like a second home to me and I wanted to go back and forth between the US and Korea. A one-room apartment is all I need. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I curently live here and I have a place that is 3.2 million won. This is near the top in Seoul. Many if my friends live in 2 – 3 bedroom places that cost around 1.8 million won. About $1,400 for that. But if you want a cheap place what you need to do is save up about $10,000 for key money. This is like the deposit you put down in the US. The owner of the place invests this money. The general rule is for every $10,000 you put down your rent goes done by $100 a month. This can be great becuase you get you key money back when you leave and you saved $1,200 a year by putting down an extra $10,000.
So lets say you only want a one bedroom and do 10,000,000 won (about $9,000 right now based on the exchange rate) you should be good with 800,000 won a month for a decent place.
I wouldn’t go off to much. I tried them myself and half of the places on the site are taken but they leave them up to bring you in then try to show you other not so good places.
I am currently looking to move out of my place myself so I am doing a lot of footwork right now. Send me a message if you want more help as you get closer to getting here.

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