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April 12, 2013

Michael asks…

how do I get rid of cigarette burns in carpet?

My husband and I live in a rented apartment and our lease in almost up, and we are moving, we have numerous cigarette burns in our carpet, is there anyway to fix this or make it not as noticable?

Administrator answers:

No offense, but Jennifer’s answer will never work. The only choice is to replace the carpet. I wouldn’t expect to get your deposit back and would not be surprised it you got an additional bill to pay for the labor. If I were you i would pay to have the carpet replaced yourself with MATCHING carpet & I would have it done before you move. This way you cna find the best deal and get it done cheap & get your deposit back to pay for it.
My house is -No PETS – and the people who lived here before us had a dog, & the landlord kept their deposit PLUS they had to pay the replacement bill. I guess it was over $1500 to replace all the carpeting. So your the best bet would be for you to redo the carpet yourself.

Steven asks…

How to save on home phone, Internet and cable?

Can anyone reccomend ways to save on home phone and Internet bill? My family uses Time Warner and its getting expensive, it costs us $200 a month. My family only uses internet and we can love without cable. We dont use our home phone either but I think we are required to have one. With all this said can anyone give me any suggestions on any companies that I can switch to save money on my Internet and home phone?

Administrator answers:

First, you aren’t required to have a home phone. Most of my friends who have moved into new homes and apartments decide to NOT get a land-line (normal house phone) telephone hooked up, and instead to just use their cell phones. Another option is using a company like Vonage which gives you a house phone number through your cable internet. This is what I use in my home, and it is MUCH cheaper than our old Verizon phone.

You should Google “internet deals in [your area]” and I’m sure you will find lots of promotional deals, and perhaps all you will get is an internet deal and no TV. I have lived the past 4 years of my life without TV and I have had no problem, most things you can see online now anyway, but it’s true you won’t see it as soon as you will on cable. You will save lots of time since you won’t be able to channel surf, though! And you’ll save lots of money!

See what’s out there, I’m sure you’ll find a nice cable internet + phone package in your area for much cheaper. Good luck, let us know what you find.

Richard asks…

What kind of jobs are people who work at home doing?

Everything I’ve researched is a complete scam, so what exactly are the people who work from home doing? There are so many of us becoming desperate for money nowadays and what little bit of internet jobs there may have been seem to be scarce now. I live in a small town where if you’re not in the ‘who you know’ crowd you can’t even get the minimum waged job… Moving requires money so the internet is looking like the only option, but what are sah’ers doing to get that check???

Administrator answers:

Ignore the above – they are scammer spammers, too.
Real people who work at real “jobs” from home usually start with a creative idea such as patenting a tool or object, or crafty idea such as making creative stuff to sell. For instance, many quilt shop owners started out making pre-cut quilt kits at home and selling them to local shops before opening up one of their own. Many crafters work at home – on HGTV there was a tv show called “That’s Clever” which featured artists crafting all kinds of things from homemade jewelry to carved wooden statues to paper to blown glass vases to ceramics of all kinds. Most of the crafters and artists make a variety of projects to sell at local or state fairs. The state of California has over 25 counties with several county fairs within a 200 mile radius. Many artists create objects to sell at those fairs, plus flea markets, plus town craft fairs, plus special events. You know all those cute decorative and seasonal flags they sell in gift shops and decorating stores? That was the brainstorm of a woman who made up a bunch of cute homemade flags in her home and sold them at a local flea market, and then started selling her designs to a distribution company. Once the ideas took off she sold her ideas and designs to a comany who now does all the work and pays her a fee.
The internet is not the only option. There are more options than you realize. You need to take a look around and see what your town needs. If you own your own land or have access to community garden space, consider growing food to sell at local markets. Many independent small stores still purchase locally-grown produce to sell in their store. I knew of one family in the midwest who had a few specialty varieties of apples they grew in their yard that couldn’t possibly use all the apples that grew on the trees, so they sold their apples to a local grocer who bought and sold all they could provide. With money becoming scarce, good food will always be a need. Last year I had plenty of takers for my bonus squashes from my garden – I even traded squashes for objects I wanted at yard sales! Good tomatoes are always in demand by people who don’t grow them well. Hard to find in grocery stores are good quality wax and yellow beans in season. I can grow my own tomatoes but rarely good, flavorful cucumbers. Now is the time to plant that garden and be prepared to sell your excess.
There are other things you can do at home. Quality childcare is so hard to find. That’s quality, not quantity. Working moms will always need childcare. If you could go back to school, consider getting a nursing degree focusing on in-home care. My mom was a hospital nurse for years but was in higher demand as an in-home care nurse for an elderly lady who wasn’t ready to move into a nursing home.
Many housecleaning companies have home offices. My sister-in-law is just getting her housecleaning business started. She’s been trying to find a contract with a rental management company cleaning vacated apartments. But the real bonus is she can keep anything the vacating tenants left behind. I knew a woman down in Los Angeles who did just that – she brought all kinds of stuff home from cleaning out vacated units, and stored up the items for a twice-a-year yard sale where she made plenty of dollars selling all kinds of furniture and household items. My favorite store in the whole world, Chocolate Soup, the owner started out selling things she really liked at local fairs and markets and opened up her own store with the money she made.
So instead of looking for easy fake money from scams on the internet, look closer to home and fill a need or a niche. Me, I’m buying, selling, and trading books, helping friends clean out their garages, fixing up and painting old furniture, and having yard sales. There’s plenty of new yard sale customers as more people with less money find they can buy what they need for really cheap. They buy my stuff, I clean out my house, and everyone wins.
Or bring back an old skill that no one does anymore, like making homemade jams and jellies…

Laura asks…

Where is the best and safe place to live in Toronto for a student with no vehicle?

I have a job offer in Missassauga and need to find an affordable area to live but have no idea where to look. I am a US resident so safety is also an issue. Adaptability is not a problem, I can live in any neighborhood as long as it meets these criterions. Some place hopeful close to some sort of transportation. Thanks a million.
I am looking for an area where transportation would be easily accessible.

Administrator answers:

Somewhere out on the outskirts of the ttc line….don’t know much about mississauga but i imagine you could get a cheap apartment near the subway out there. Safety’s like any other city. There’s going to be trouble all over but on the whole it’s pretty good

Mandy asks…

Found my lost kitten at the pound, they refuse to return it becuase i live in a trailer park?

Im making my way through college and owning a trailer is cheaper then apartments. They said since we only have pics of her at a young age they don’t have to return her. When i asked if we could just buy her back when she goes up for adoption they said they don’t adopt to the area i live in! Can they do that here in the US?

Administrator answers:

No, no no. Something is missing. If you owned the cat and have pictures to prove it, I can not think of any reason why they won’t return your cat. OK, they want an adoption fee (maybe they spayed/neutered, dewormed) your cat, but I can not think of any reason why they won’t return your cat. Please continue to call the shelter and try and get your cat back.
Shame, shame, on any shelter that would not return a cat to a beloved owner.
I have to add, my shelter had a cat for one year. It had an eye infection and costs about $1500 in medical bills. Then suddenly, a young woman came in and said, that is my cat. She had moved from the area a year ago and the mother turned it into the shelter.
The young woman got her cat back with no charge.
So, please pursue your fight to get your cat back. Anyone who loves a cat that much needs to get it back.

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