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April 20, 2013

Sandy asks…

What should I do with my horrible roommate who doesn’t want to sign me off the lease?

In college I met a girl who was in the same service org as me. We became “friends.” She was amazed at how clean and organized I was and would tell me that I was her ideal roommate. I personally did not like her very much since she is very dramatic and obnoxious. I’m a socially awkward, neurotic, clean, and have a low tolerance for stupidity, but I’m passive-aggressive about it. This girl always had me do things for her, such as find her rides to service events b/c she obviously couldn’t do it herself. I would sometimes have to wake up earlier than usual to go knock on her door for at least 10 minutes since she slept like a rock. I’ve gotten in trouble for being late b/c of her!
Any who, she moved out of her dorm to live with other people. She would always complain about how messy her roommates were and how she “always had to clean up after them”. She would brag about how “clean” she left the place compared to her other roommates.
Last June, she needed to move out of her apartment. I had been saving up money to move out of where I lived and I agreed to move with her. This b%^&* did not move a finger looking for an apartment. I did everything. I went through the hell of looking for a good apartment with good ratings and good security. And to top that off, it had to be close to campus b/c she didn’t want to commute too much. All she did was b%^&* about what my apartment search should consist of, but she didn’t bother helping! She had also gone home over the summer, and since I stayed b/c I was going to summer school, I continued my search. I found a nice, cheap apartment, gated, close to campus like the Royal B%^&* requested. I wanted to have my sister co-sign for us so that I could have the say since I did everything, but unfortunately she didn’t make enough money to be able to co-sign. I ended up telling IT we would need a co-signer, so she got her aunt to sign for us.
By the end of June, we moved in and I cleaned the entire place. Every inch. Then, I went home after to visit my family and attend my baby sister’s 7th birthday. When I came back by the end of August for the new semester, she had practically filled up every space of the apartment with her stuff. And she claimed to have cleaned herself, even though I left the place spotless before I left.
I’m a very considerate person, and for some reason I hoped for the better in her. I hoped that she would clean after herself (counters, stove, table, bathroom…) so we discussed rules together about how to respect each other and our things. She “agreed” to them, but within a month, I felt like punching her so hard in the ovaries that she wouldn’t need her tubes tied anymore. She would leave MY dishes on the sink with food for DAYS! She would leave crumbs of food, spills, and stains on the counters and it seemed like she would walk on mud and wipe her feet all over the carpet! She would leave her pots on the stove and food in the sink (clogging up the garbage disposal since she was too lazy to turn the switch on) She wouldn’t sweep the kitchen and her food/trash would land on the floor and hit the walls instead of the trash can! I hated that I always cleaned up after myself to leave the kitchen clean and spacey for her, but she wouldn’t bother doing the same!! Also, she said she expected the restroom to be washed every week b/c “she’s SO CLEAN,” But she’s only washed it 3 times in the past 9 months! I always ended up washing her disgusting period blood off the toilet seat! I’ve talked to her about what bothers me, and she pretended to acknowledge it, but she would continue doing the same $#!t.
I told her a few days ago, as calmly as possible, I wanted to move out b/c she wasn’t a very good roommate, and that after everything I’d done for her, that I deserved to have her tell her aunt to sign me off the lease. I also offered to help her look for a roommate to help with rent. She was appalled. She said she didn’t see why I wasn’t honoring my lease. B%&^$! YOU DIDN’T EVEN HONOR MY LEASE! She would always take up my space everywhere even though I’m the one that paid for half the space!
The next day she skipped class to talk to the leasing office, woke me up, and told me she wasn’t going to sign me off the lease. She gave me excuses, such as she wasn’t able to afford it. So I proved to her she could and shut her up. I know the only reason is b/c she didn’t like the fact that I told her her truths (how she’s a lazy, inconsiderate slob).
SHE THREATENED THAT IF I DON’T PAY HER HALF THE RENT UP TO THE END OF OUR LEASE, SHE WON’T SIGN ME OFF! I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of believing she’s won, but I want to get off the lease. I was even thinking of not paying her and risk having an eviction in my record (I can stay at my bf’s place anyway). WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

Administrator answers:

You signed a lease so you need to talk to the leasing office and find out exactly what you are able to do to get out of the lease. Don’t bother talking with her.
You may end up being stuck with the lease until it ends…
In such a case you either move out and deal with the eviction or you can just become the room mate from hell and cause so much drama and problems for her that she decides to let you out of the lease.
Stop cleaning up after her…stop helping her…play music while she is trying to watch TV… Come in late at night and make lots of noise to wake her up..every time she makes a mess call her a worthless dirty slob to her face and then criticize her mother for not teaching her how to clean, tell mutual friends and other people that she is the filthiest person you have ever known.
She will then likely beg you to move out…

Ken asks…

How much will an apartment in Boston cost?

A few of my friends and I want to move to Boston when we’re legal adults but obviously none of us have much money. Are there any cheaper places to move in Boston? What about really near Boston? We’re planning on renting.

Administrator answers:

That’s like asking how much a car costs. The answer is this: It depends. The rates for apartments will depend on several factors including amenities, location, number of bedrooms, etc. A basic 1 bed/1 bath apartment with little or no amenities in a high-crime area will be a lot cheaper than a high-end apartment with all the good stuff in a great area. Google “apartments in Boston” for listings.

You may want to look elsewhere if money is an issue – Boston is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Otherwise, consider the suburbs.

Sandra asks…

Where can I find Cheap Furniture Online?

I’m looking for cheap here – $100 for an end table is WAY out of my budget. $20 for that is better. I’m looking to “fill” a 2 bedroom apartment for under $1000, so I need cheap prices without losing quality. I’ve tried Walmart.Com and Target.Com so far, but am not sure where to look. Any help appreciated!

Administrator answers:


for discounted furniture currently selling at Amazon

Lizzie asks…

How long to get approved for an apartment?

I am moving from Ohio to Florida and my job starts April 1st. I need to get down there asap and I am sending my applications and paperwork for this apartment over tomorrow (next day air) so they will get it wednesday.

I have a cosigner so they need to check the records of both of us.

How long will this take to get approved? Any chance Ill be able to move in on the 28th or 29th of March?
On the application they asked for my past landlords information, criminal history and job. My new job is emailing them work verification so thats fine so they are going to have to run my references, credit and criminal background check.

Administrator answers:

They can verify your information in by Friday, Monday at the latest. Problem is most leases start on the first so hopefully you did inform them you wanted to be in on the 28th.
There is always a hotel, cheap this time of year where you can stay for 2 nights if need be.

Mark asks…

What is the basic requirement for new Immigrant to rent an apartment in San Diego?

We’ve just received US Immigrant visa.
What should we prepared in order to be able to rent an apartment?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest places in San Diego to rent are east San Diego (City Heights, North Park), southeast San Diego like Shelltown or Barrio Logan, or south San Diego (NAtional City, Chula Vista). Good luck!

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