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May 2, 2013

Sharon asks…

What are the best value long-stay hotel chains in the US?

I am looking for a budget (but not awful) long-stay hotel chain in Atlanta, GA whilst I look for a new job, after which if successful, I can then start to look for an apartment, but obviously need somewhere decent, but not too expensive to stay while I look for a job.

Administrator answers:

Search here for good and cheap hotels

It provides search option like near a landmark etc

Check the exact location of hotel from google maps.

Laura asks…

how much would a apartment rent can cost in NC charlotte ?

thinking about moving to NC charlotte and want to know the price range of a apartment for 1 bath and 1 bedroom .

Administrator answers:

You know, the price of apartment varies greatly by region. I think we can give you better answers if you tell us where you’d like to live in Charlotte. (Or the place you gonna work)

Anyway, if you want to find cheap apartments, I’ll recommend you to choose apartments on This website gets a load of info about apartments and you can definitely find out the average cost of apartments in Charlotte.

According to the info on this site, apartments with one bedroom and one bathroom will cost about $600 – 1000 per month. Well, the rates will be different based on amenities and other factors.
Check this page to see if there are any apartment that fit your budget:,%20NC%20&bedchkvalue=1&bathchkvalue=1

If you do not care so much about rental, then I suggest you to look for apartments in Concord area or Monroe area. (Indian Trail is also a good option) These areas are characterized by great location. They offer easy access to major entertainment in Charlotte.

And, I also recommend you to check this page to learn more about apartment rental in Charlotte. I just think info on this site might help you as well.


Good luck!

Donna asks…

How can I find an apartment in Bangalore?

I am an expat looking to move to Bangalore from the US. Where in the city should I live? How can I find an apartment? What do apartment’s in Bangalore cost these days?

Thank you,

Administrator answers:

You can hunt online thru
magic bricks etc…
But the best way to do things,is to get to the city and hunt by yourself. There are magazines like ad-mags, free ads that help.
Assuming you have the money-use a real estate agent, cause the cheaper a place-its not goin to be great…its goin to take all your luck to find a place that is ncie and cheap.

The best areas are around brigade road, mg road, cunningham road, victoria layout, koramanagala, indiranagar, vittal mallya road.

Apartments cost anywhere between 4000rs – upwards…depnds on what ur looking for and of course, the location….in a good location, 2 br apartmnt can be 20-50,000rs.

George asks…

How does it cost for an Indian to study in the us?

How does it cost for an Indian to study in the us(cheapest possible,community college) including books housing food etc.

Administrator answers:

It will take 30,000 $ to 50,000$ till today’s date.
Education is now at rocket high.
But if you use used books and share you apartments you will save lot much than you think.

Maria asks…

How to find a place to stay in Portland OR that would let us stay when we’re looking for jobs?


My husband and I are planning to move to Portland, OR later this year as we can’t afford the area we live in and there’s NO jobs here at all.(Other than PhD required ones)
How do we find a relatively cheap place, under 700$/month, that accepts couples, 2 cats, and unemployed(due to job market up here) students?

We’ve considered apartments but they have high application fees and it’s no guaranteed we’d even get the apartment, especially when most require income. We’re students, we can’t possibly already have jobs when we move to the area but we could have job offers…doubtfully(requires in person meeting to get offers).

We’ve thought of rent-to-own housing but it seems like a gamble as the landlord doesn’t have to LET us actually buy it. What if we wanted to? Plus again, it requires income.

We’ve thought of renting a basement suite but there’s hardly any available and again they want you to have a job despite just moving to the area, state, hell back to the country.

Any help would be appreciated! Should we post a housing wanted ad when we get ready to move?

*PLEASE NOTE* We have absolutely NO family anywhere close to there. The closest are in southern California.

Thank you!
I’d like to add that we currently live in Vancouver, BC so any place will be cheaper than here. Also, $9 as minimum wage is higher than Nebraska’s $7.25 and 2+ jobs available is more than what there is here. They also hire base on race in BC, good luck finding a job when you’re a student and there’s no neighborhood for your race. A co-signer is no problem, both of ours make over 90k/year.

Administrator answers:

On the west coast, 95+% of all housing is listed on Craigslist especially in Portland. Look at sublets/temporary for a convenient area.

At first, it looked like there were few in your price range, but when I added $700 as the maximum price, I see about a dozen posted daily.

If you move here without a place to stay, there are two hostels in town: and Both are interesting, safe, clean, and decent places to stay, but they cost about $30 per night per person, so that would be a budget buster for an extended stay. But those should give you a chance to get established in your search for more permanent housing. Note that both are in trendy neighborhoods, so housing near those would be more 20–40% more expensive than typical housing around town.

You might find few jobs here too. If you plan to get one, begin making inquiries now. Portland unemployment is actually around 15% with the official number of 8.7% neglecting those who have maxed out their benefits or have not applied for unemployment benefits.

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