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May 26, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How much monthly would I need to live comfortably in Alexandria Egypt without rent?

I have an apartment in Alexandria Egypt and I live in Orlando Florida at the moment. How much money would I need monthly to live comfortably in Alexandria. I currently own an apartment that is fully furnished. Can someone give me a breakdown of all the monthly bills.

Electricity = ?
Water = ?
Food = ?
Internet = ?
Leisure = ?

and any other bills I would need monthly. Also what is the price for a tutor to teach me Arabic there.

Thanks all for the responses

Administrator answers:

Hi there , like cesar said it’s very cheap here ,
Electricity max. 100 LE
Water max 50
Food , depends on your style
Internet 95 LE for 512kbps , 130 LE for 1Mbps
Leisure not much
Nat gas max 20 LE
Mobile phone max 200 LE depends on how much you use it actually ,
the average minute price here 20 piasters
land line phone max 100 LE ( 100 is toooo much)
if you have a car , the gasoline here is very cheap comparing with Canada & the US. Gasoline 90 is worth 1.75LE/liter
92 is worth 1.85LE/liter
95 is worth 2.75LE/liter

Ruth asks…

How much does is cost to buy an apartment?

My best friend and I want to move into an apartment for college and stay there until one of us absolutely has to move out (which probably won’t be till one of us probably gets married). So instead of renting one, would buying one be better? We will probably be living in Alabama and want a three room with a decent bathroom and kitchen. We’d rather buy one because after moving in we’ll be doing some major remodelling. So I would like to know the cheapest and the highest prices so we can save up. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I think it’d be better to buy one because all of the rent money added up could be more than buying the house. Btw. The average house cost is $144,900.

Chris asks…

How much can I expect to pay for utilities, on average, in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois?

I’ll be moving to Bloomington-Normal in August to attend grad school at Illinois State and will be living in a university apartment. I’m trying to establish a budget, but am unsure about expenses like utilities (electricity, gas, etc.). Can anyone give me an idea of average/typical monthly utilities charges in this area? I’d really appreciate the input. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

When we lived there, it was in a 2700 sq ft house. To give you an idea on what that cost us….summer electric was $150-$200/month (AC), winter electric was around $60/month. Summer gas was around $20/month, winter gas could be as high as $200/month. Water averaged $50/month but that included the sewer and garbage charge. Cable is ComCast and that was around $100/month for most channels (HBO was the only movie channel).

Keep in mind that you will live in an apartment and it’s going to be much cheaper or included in the rent.

PM me for more details if you like.

Steven asks…

what the best and cheap company to move furniture from door to door?

I’m going to move to a new apartment, could you please guide me to cheap and good company to move my stuff?

Administrator answers:

I would reccomend getting as many quotes as possible, but not only choose because of price but you also need to make sure this is a reliable company. La Rosa Del Monte has been in the moving business for over 45 years, so we are very reputable. You can call us at 800 4LA ROSA or you can get a free quote online at
We are a very reliable, economical, and provide door-to-door service.

Donald asks…

How do you work in Asia where there is a low cost of living (IE Philippines) and have a high paying job?

I’m thinking international wage, like having a US Salary (even 20 thousand a year could get me by for a couple of years in asia). Because when I go there everyone is either really poor, or someone has a big house. How?

Administrator answers:

The very rich local families live in big, expensive houses (what we call Class AB houses like those in Dasma, Forbes, and Alabang). Only 1% of total homes in the Philippines falls in this category. Some expats and foreign dignitaries / ambassadors get to live in these homes, paid for by their companies or their governments.

Foreign retirees and some “upper-middle class” locals live in decent, but not big Class A houses because they can’t afford the Class AB homes, nor the maintenance costs for a really big and expensive house. But these would be pretty comfortable and presentable homes. These are called “Upper C” homes.

Other dwellings would include the low-cost single detached homes or apartments. These would be for “Class Lower C” types.

Finally, those who live in structures obviously needing repair, or made of light materials without a decent coat of paint, or those in shanties – - these are the “D” and “E” type of homes.

If you earn US$20,000 a year, and assumning that that will be net after tax, your monthly budget will be around Pesos 75,000.00. If you assume that 1/3 of that will be for rent and electricity and water, then that means all you can rent will be something for P25,000 including water and electricity. That means rent will be around P20,000.00 per month, leaving P5,000 for the utilities. You can rent a 30 square meter studio unit in Makati for that budget. Or a house in Cebu or Iloilo where rent is cheaper.

Yes, for someone living alone, that will be quite sufficient.

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