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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In The Us

May 30, 2013

Ruth asks…

Is there a cheap digital notepad for everyday needs?

I live in a shared apartment. We were wondering if there were like a digital notepad we could stick to the refrigerator. It may/may not have handwriting recognition but should enable us to scribble notes on it (like shopping lists, information etc). Ability to do basic maths is a plus, but not required. Does anyone know of such a device at a reasonable price ($100-$120). Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You can get a magnetic dry erase board instead – cheaper, faster, doesn’t need batteries, supports all languages, handles dozens of colors, and it will do basic maths (note that all features require a compatible human).

David asks…

How much is rent for an average home/apartment in Morocco a month?

We were thinking of renting a holiday home or apartment when we travel next to Morocco…and I was wondering what does the average person pay for rent in morocco month to month. In say Rabat or Marrakesh? I am just curious. Thanks

Administrator answers:

People dont know what they are talking about, they just say prices that are way too expensive, i mean we are in usa and I rent for about $500 US, so you compare Morocco with USA and rent in Morocco is $500, that is rediculas. I am Moroccan, rent there varies deponds on the city, Casalanca will be most expensive as number one, Rabat or Marrakech you can find really a nice place nice area for $300 with ffurnitures, really, maybe less maybe higher deponds on the place and what neighborhood. If you are willing to pay $500 then you are gonna get a great house not just appartement, with furnitures and all kind of stuff, but you know what, why dont you have a Moroccan do that for you, cuz the landlord might say a higher price when they see you foreigns, so have a Moroccan rent it for you guys for a cheaper price

Sandra asks…

Any good ideas for holiday accomodation in Edinburgh for 2 friends?

Me and my friend are both male and over 21, so i need to find a place that will let us stay, as some places don;t allow same sex groups.

we’re looking to go to Edinburgh around the end of August-start of September. I’m just looking for something affordable, and relatively close to Edinburgh. I can drive, so it doesn’t matter too much about distance.

Anyone ever been anywhere they can recommend? would love any ideas!


Administrator answers:

When I went with my two daughters plus one boyfriend (which made 4 of us) we rented an apartment from Fountain Court … I think the one we stayed at was Grove Street … It worked out cheaper and more comfortable than a hotel and was very close to all the places we wanted to go … It also, most importantly, included car parking

Nancy asks…

Looking for low cost student apartments in London?

I am a student looking to transfer to a university out in London. Before I make my decision I wanted to learn a little information about London. I was wondering if anyone could answer where are good places to live in London for a student and where would be good places to look for apartments (flats). I am preferably looking for a low cost place to stay, for my student budget.
Looking for best value. Is a 1,000 pounds a month reasonable in a decent area in London? Any suggestions for certain towns to live in?

Administrator answers:

It’s impossible to say unless you tell us what you believe is ‘low cost’. Everything in London is expensive, there is no cheap student accommodation. A small studio flat in inner London can start at 250 quid a week, about 11,000 GBP a year.

Lisa asks…

How much do I need to be able to survive in Ibiza?

My friend and I have been planning to go to Ibiza summertime next year. I want to know how much money do we need to pool for us to survive.
errr… We are not from Spain nor near the country. As of the moment, we are here in the middle east working our way pooling funds.
yeah, we wanted to experience the famous night life at Ibiza. we are hearing things that some people are doing part time job and were thinking of doing the same while we are there. even if we are spending, we still are earning cash.

Administrator answers:

It depends on what you’re planning on doing. I imagine you’re going to want to party or else why choose Ibiza, right? Calculate drinks can be as expensive as € 12 ($17 at today’s rate which will have hopefully gone down by next summer) in some bars and clubs. The entrance fee to some clubs can be as expensive as €50 ($70). It also depends on where you’re planning on staying. The cheapest deal would be renting an apartment and cooking on your own. You’re also gonna want to do some shopping, right? So I’d calculate $200 for every day you plan on being there (if you don’t plan on eating out every day).

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