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May 13, 2012

Mandy asks…

Why is my life such a mess?

Well my parents divorced when i was 9, my mom left my dad a couple weeks before my birthday, i don’t blame my mom, it’s her family’s fault, they were always against my dad for some reason, i don’t know why, but they ended up taking my dads money and making my mom leave him. My mom bought a house a little further away. Anyways, growing up i guess you can say my child hood was pretty F ucked up because my dad was always at work to make money and i was either home alone or outside with my friends, after 8pm my friends would go inside, i would as well, but by my self, yes at age, 9 i was home alone till 2-3 am in the morning, kinda hungry and tired. My dad bought a pretty crappy kinda cheap apartment for us to live in, i didn’t want to move with my mom because she just lived out of the area that i grew up in she basically lives in an area i cannot call home, she lives near her parents, and sisters… walking distance away. So now i’m 15, will turn 16 on may 21st, and i’m in grade 10, life’s pretty hard, my dad is getting remarried with this bitch he’s going to sponsor her from another country, she’s obviously using him, my dads 41, she’s 26, all she says is “SEND ME MONEY : )” my dads too retarded to understand, all that money he’s sending she’s just saving up so she will be able to afford like an apartment here, she has a cousin here already i just know she’s going to use my father, every time my dad and her talk i yell it out loud or even when they’re on webcam, she always says “send that stupid dumb a s s b i t c h of a son back to his mom” and my dad just says ignore him. He has about $130,000 in his bank account, i know not a lot, he also works 5 days a week and makes $90-120 a night cash. I’m home alone right now waiting for my dad to come home, he comes at 1:30 am tonight. my life’s just so hard, my dad is really cheap he always complains about small things, we get into arguments sometimes. I just wanna pass high school and have a good life, why is it so hard? i know my dads a major ass hole, he really i guess doesn’t give a s hit, sometimes i get so mad at the things that happen i feel like man why the hell was i born if life is going to be this unfair, no i’m not suicidal i have never thought about it and personally i don’t wanna commit suicide because i’m scared, but anyways, when life get’s stressful i just cry on my bed wishing for a better life, can someone give me tips to improve my life please?

Administrator answers:

Watch this . Http:// that sometimes makes you think life is a makes slaves of us sometimes.

Nancy asks…

Where shall me and my friend live for our gap year in Australia that suits working, cheap and near beach?

we want to live near the beach but also find temporary jobs and a cheap apartment place that shows us the culture of Australia for our Gap Year before University.

Administrator answers:

Townsville or other Northern parts of Queensland like Arlie Beach – near the whitsundays would be great for you. Because they are tourist areas where alot of backpackers stay and play – there are plenty of job opportunities. Apartment’s there are also cheap – again cause they are used to back packers and the beaches there are some of the best in Australia.

Townsville and northern Queensland also has lots of Aboriginal culture as well as today’s Aussie culture and is a friendly and beautiful place. The night life is fun and there are beautiful places to visit like Hamilton Island – breath taking!

Anyway – enjoy your year off – and I hope that helped :)

Susan asks…

I want to travel around the US for about 30 days…what’s the cheapest way to do this?

I’m getting an apartment but can’t move in for a little over a month. I thought I might take this opportunity to see the United States a little but would like to do it as cheaply as possible. Anyone else ever do this or know where to go?

Administrator answers:

Greyhound offers travel-pass deals.

Amtrak is fairly limited and expensive.

You could line up rides on Craigslist; or go youth hostel to youth hostel bumming rides with fellow travelers.

I think they still do driveaways, where you deliver other people’s cars cross-country. You pay gas, and have a deadline to reach your destination city; and can only deviate so far from the point-to-point distance.

Or you could rent wheels, and advertise on Craigslist for passengers to help defray the costs.

George asks…

what is the cheapest and nicest place to live in the us how much is rent for a nice apartment?

looking for cheap rents in areas that are nice and have alot to offer to a young coulple and also have job market

Administrator answers:

That’s hard to answer because places that are really nice are not cheap. For the money I think Houston, Texas is the best. Very inexpensive to live here and the job market is great.

Joseph asks…

where can i find a cheap apartment or hotel in downtown kuala lumpur?

my family and i want to stay in sewa apartment … but we cant understand the language writen… can somebody help us to find a cheap apartment or hotel in the downtown kuala lumpur, malaysia? tnx very much

Administrator answers:

I think tune hotels has something though not many amenities,
Also see zuji or travelocity,I booked from them and got a fabulous deal on the hotels and a discount coupon code.

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