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June 4, 2013

Helen asks…

How much would it cost to build an apartment complex?

Just the building themselves not inculding the land.
Am complex of 300 apartment

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you want to get rich.
One note… You never get rich by making huge loans.
Keep that in mind.

I read that a vast majority of millionaires in the US are trailer park owners.
There is a simple explanation for this.
They buy cheap land, then they buy a couple of cheap old trailers.
They might finnace them, but they pay them off.
Then they go out and buy another couple of trailers for cash.
Notice they don’t make loans and make banks rich.

With time they become millionaires.
Working on a cash basis should be your goal in any business.
You might make a loan at the beginning, but make sure you don’t do it for life.

Carol asks…

How much do you pay for utilities?

I live in a small low income town in Ohio, my boyfriend and I are looking to move in together, but I want to make sure we’re not going to be homeless in a few months. What are average gas, electric, water bills? We’ll be in a one or two bedroom apartment, just the two of us.

Administrator answers:

One bedroom or two makes a huge difference, and the size of each- but in my one bedroom (I live in Indiana, so similar climate as what youll have), we have this:

1 water- 15 bucks
2 gas- 20 bucks
3 electric- 60-80 bucks
4. Food- I eat around 200 a month, single guy, but could probably due with around 135-150 going cheap

So- around 100 bucks a month give or take plus food.

Thomas asks…

Where can we find cheap and good accomodation in Goa?

We are a family of 4 adults and 2 kids,please suggest us good but cheap accomodation for 4 days in Goa. We are intrested in apartment for rent but hotel will also do.

Administrator answers:

For u r accomodation u can contact at

Sandra asks…

What would it cost to fuel a 14′ u-haul towing a pathfinder from Vancouver to Toronto?

Just trying to figure out the cheapest way to move home with a 1-2 bedroom apartment, and 2 vehicles. U-haul towing one vehicle, paying for truck, gas etc and shipping a vehicle and a flight, vs moving company + shipping 2 cars + 2 flights. Any help would be great.

Administrator answers:

How many people? Just you? If 2 people, each drive a car, fill car with possessions, ship rest via mover. Have pleasant trip crossing country.

IME, driving a similar U-haul rig in similar mostly mountainous terrain, I got about 9 MPG (we’re talking USA measures here, “miles” per “gallon”. I assume you’ll be swinging south and borrowing our excellent freeway system, so you’ll be stuck with miles and gallons. $3.00US/gal give or take.

Chicago is a major problem. Morning or afternoon commute Chicago traffic is sheer absolute misery and will add 2-3 hours to your crossing especially since you have to all the way through town. Even midday can be really bad. Ideally, enter suburban Chicago about 7:00pm or later. You could also try swinging south on I-55 to I-80, but you’ll still get hit pretty bad through Indiana. There is no other option – believe me I’ve looked. Well– you can cross Lake Michigan on a carferry. Or you could swing north of Lake Michigan on US-2, then across the Mackinaw Bridge, I-75, I-69 (US Interstate 69) to Port Huron. That will be faster than crossing Ontario via Sault Ste Marie and Sudbury, IMO.

Mark asks…

How can me and my family move to a 4 bedroom apartment if there are only 5 units available in our complex?

REPOST: Okay, i need to make myself a little more clear this time.
We have section 8 because we don’t make enough money to afford the regular retail price of the units.
Four bedroom units in our complex originally cost $1,800, while our household income is only $622 monthly. Therefore we are on section 8 so that the rent is based on income and is affordable.
None of us are in the mood to get jobs so $622 is always going to be our monthly income. So section 8 is a must in this situation.
Some people thought i said we needed a five bedroom unit. No, there are only five of the 4 bedroom units on the complex.
Section 8/S.S.I is our only way to afford cheap rentals. I am going to repost my previous details for further understanding. Any answers would be helpful.
We have a newborn child in our family, And we need to transfer to a 4 bedroom apartment in our complex. However, there are 90+ one bedroom units. 82 two bedroom units. 38 three bedroom units. And only 5 four bedroom units. How on earth is it gonna be possible to move into a four bedroom apartment when there are only five of them? Most of the people in the four bedrooms don’t even move out for a very long time. Plus there is a waiting list for section 8 residents such as ourselves. Which makes it more difficult for us, Since there are tons and tons of people already on that list. :( We have not applied for a four bedroom unit yet, We want to know how long it may take, or if we will even ever be able to get one. We wouldn’t want to apply for nothing, or wait 10 years. We need it as soon as possible.
Could somebody please help us out and figure out how long we may be waiting before we think about applying? Because i just don’t see how we could ever get a chance to move into one, since there are only 5. Which makes them the most rarest and hardest to get in our complex. What should we do?
Also, I can’t work because i have anxiety and im afraid of the world today. Too much danger and i am also very lazy and can’t tend for myself. Besides i never gradated high school so i can’t even get a GOOD job anyway, it’s useless. That’s the reason we have section 8. All we need is a bigger house/apartment. The easy way without having to work.

Administrator answers:

“None of us are in the mood to get jobs so $622 is always going to be our monthly income. So section 8 is a must in this situation.”

Are you kidding? You are what’s wrong with our country. People seem to think they can live off the government all the time, bring illegitimate babies into the world, get food stamps, cash assitance and free rent.

Why can’t you get a job. You have all day free so go to the library and start reading books. Start with 3rd grade math and english, then read the dictionary to improve your vocabulary.

Feeling sorry for yourself is the first sign that you are a loser and are unwilling to provide for yourself. You are not my responsibility. You want a bigger place, get jobs and pay for it.

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