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June 7, 2013

George asks…

What is the best and cheapest place to reside around Melville, NY?

I am relocating to NY since I got a job in Melville. When I check online for apartments for rent around that are, I see rents are so high in that city. Are there any places around with low rentals? I am actually looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for rent as I have two kids and a safe neigbourhood. I am a black american

Thanks a lot

Administrator answers:

The rents on Long Island do tend to be higher than in other parts of the US. Not only do you need an affordable two bedroom apt, but you also have to be careful about the schools your kids will be attending.

I would look further east. I use to do the commute from Ronkonkoma to Melville. It was about a half hour to 40 min drive.

Avoid Central Islip, Brentwood, and Wyndanch if possible. They are areas with higher crime and poorer schools.

Charles asks…

What is a good gun for defending my apartment?

I turn 21 in 2 years but I will be living in my apartment for some time… I thought I should at least have an idea what to get. Opinions on this varied so far so I thought I would come on here for some extra casual opinions.

Anywho I talked to my land lord and he says I can own a gun so long as I provide the proper paperwork and pay the fee.

I was thinking of getting a 300-500 dollar Glock. I don’t know much about ammunition penetration, so what should I get? 9x19mm or .45 ACP? My walls are covered with ceramic tiles with a drywall backing about 1.5-2 feet thick. Will a hollow point be less likely to penetrate?

I checked online gun forums and they recommended me to get a 2000 dollar CQB assault weapon chambered in 6.8 SPC for penetrating body armor as well as a semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun. OTher times they justified getting an AKS-74u with a bunch of other stuff as the Spetsnaz special forces use it.

I do not need that nor do I want to pay for that. I do not live on the US-Mexican border where the cartels thrive, nor do I live in gangville USA and I do not think I will be in a standoff with a super corrupt government anytime soon, (No offense to anyone who believes that, seriously no offense). More than likely I would be up against the occasional home intruder who runs away at the sound of a gun cocking or drug junkie joe pawning through my stuff looking for money or drugs.

I want something less than 700 dollars with reasonable accuracy for close distance, (Apartment room I estimate about 35x35ft), fires a round that won’t go through drywall and tiles, reliable and preferably a semi-automatic handgun.

Administrator answers:

Get a Mossberg 590A1 6shot and 9shot. Easy to patch the walls and minimal collateral damage. Handgun, 9mm bullets are cheaper and more readily available when gun hoarders worry about the government. Plus you can load more. People will say that bigger bullet bigger stopping power, but you will find that a well placed smaller bullet is just as lethal, so practice. The cheaper bullets will be appreciated when you spend an hour at the gun range.

James asks…

Best ways to hang posters in my apartment?


I recently bought some very nice and expensive prints/posters to hang in my university apartment. I don’t want to pay for framing and I think lamination looks cheap and tacky. Anyone have any suggestions for ways I can put my prints on the wall?

Administrator answers:

We have a great big poster that we mounted on 1/4 inch foam core, which makes it stand out from the wall a bit and look nice. Just make sure you don’t put unframed prints in direct sun,because it will fade the ink
A local art store sold us the foam board and some spray adhesive.

Mark asks…

What is a really good country to visit?

My family is planning on going out of the country for our next vacation. We still have not decided which country we would like to visit. We currently live in the US. What are some really good countries to visit? What makes them so unique to visit?

Administrator answers:

I suggest Argentina. Go to Buenos Aires, you get a sense you are in Paris, without dealing with the terrible dollar to euro exchange rate, which is so unfavorable for Americans going to Europe. I think if you do the research you will find Argentina has alot to offer, from the history of the big city, to the Andes mountains, and its even close enough to see icebergs at the tip of the country, you know down by Antartica. They have struggled economically down there, so things are very cheap, once you get there, I mean everything from hotels (you can even rent an apartment for the week and live among the locals), to drinks, dinner and even transportation. The most expensive thing will of course be the flight, but don’t let that scare you.

I’ve never been, but have researched a great deal about Buenos Aires. Also, if you are a fan of steaks and wine, Argentina is the place to go. Their summer is coming up this December, so plan now ahead of time before the prices go up. I would imagine things will be more expensive during the summer there.

No matter where you end up going, have a great trip!

Mandy asks…

How was Soviet Union different from the Imperial Russia after 1917?

I don’t get this question. My teacher gave this to us and I’m just like O.o
I know that there was Russian Revolution in 1917 but what this question?
Any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Before the communists took power in Russia the country was a medieval basket-case. Millions were living in abject poverty, still serfs in all but name, there was no health-care, save for that provided by the church (and that only in the large towns or near to monasteries). Army conscription as for 25 years and if the crops failed then people starved.
Before the Revolution, women were not allowed to initiate divorce, have careers, attend university, have abortions, stand for political office or vote – after the revolution they could do all these things.
Before the Revolution Jews were confined to certain areas, they could not attend university and many careers were closed to them – official racism ended with the Revolution.

Communism brought (at huge human cost, it must be said), electricity to most homes, free health care, free education, legalised divorce, it was the first country to legalise abortion, and, in the newly built apartments – those gray blocks – free heating and hot water.
For people in the provinces it brought cheap air travel – even in remote parts of Siberia had regular air services. It brought stability, job security, and cheap food – bread was still priced at 1960s levels in the late 1980s.
Communism turned the USSR into a World superpower within thirty years of coming to power, beating the Germans in WWII and achieving parity with the US in terms of military and space exploration was, and is, a source of pride for many Soviet citizens.
So, despite the horrors of the regime (and they are legion), communism did have some beneficial effects. Whether or not they justify the extreme use of violence and slave labour is another matter…

The Soviet Union 1917 – 1991 by Martin McCauley
Soviet Politics in Perspective by Richard Sakwa

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