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June 10, 2013

Susan asks…

What are some things my girlfriend of 2 years and I could do to keep our relationship growing ?

My girlfriend and I are both 21. We live together In a small apartment and dot really have much to do. We work 5 days a week but don’t have much money… We normally just watch a movie or a TV show then go to sleep. This boring routine seems to be affecting our relationship. Anything you would recommend we could do for cheap thy would keep us together and having fun. Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

What attracted you 2 to eachother? There had to have been a special thing that got you 2 interested in eachother. Bring back old memories… Leave her little notes around the house telling her why you love her and that you can’t wait to see her after work. What was your first date? Do that again and make it extra special. FLIRT! Thats one thing couples forget to do.. They get together for awhile and slip into comfy mode and forget that everything doesn’t have to be so serious! Flirt with eachother and laugh! Instead of watching a movie.. Get a game out like TWISTER for an example. Pull little cute pranks on eachother that will end in a kiss. Have nights where she cooks you something special, then you do the same. The boredom will soon fade and you 2 will be cute little love birds again :) Good Luck

Charles asks…

Planning on relocating from Detroit to Washington DC–good area to live, cheap apartments?

What are some good areas to live in just outside downtown? I would like to be semi-close to the metro so I can work downtown and commute. Any suggestions on cheap places to live would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I would suggest looking at Hyattsville Maryland this area is really improving by the day it also has two metro stations in the city of Hyattsville..they are West Hyattsville and Prince George’s Plaza Metro Station. They are very close to the DC border line. And not to far from the Beltway which has exits that will get you to DC such as US-50 West and others. Also there is Silver Spring which has a big city vibe to it areas include Downtown Silver Spring and Woodside Park which are both close to The Beltway such as US-29. The rent is kinda pricy in Silver Spring but in Hyattsville the rent is reasonable. Apartment complexes are as listed Highview Terrace Apartments Toledo Terrace Apartments and Belcrest Plaza Apartments. I recommend Highview Terrace out of the three. But just outside of downtown areas would be something close to I-66 and the two beltways those cities are Alexandria Crystal City and Arlington. If you are willing to go out further there is Haymarket and there is Fairfax both can be accessed by I-66. Also traffic is the Washington Metropolitan Area is gridlock at times. Mainly because commuters travel on the Beltway, I-66 395, 295 and some others.

Linda asks…

We are moving down the road what do we pack?

Next month we are moving from our one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment with a roommate, to make it cheaper and easier on us. The apartment building we are moving to is just down the road so my question is what is necessary to pack? I’ve got dishes packed already but most of our stuff I think we could just carry out of here. Any tips?

Administrator answers:

Eventually everything for easy transport and organization. Start out with the items you don’t use every day,

Mandy asks…

What is the average salary for an English teaching position in China?

I have been offered a position teaching English in China. The specs of the contract are as follows: Free two bedroom apartment, 6000 rmb per month…16 teaching periods @45mins per period. Does this sound like a good deal? I have been teaching in the U.S. for four years, have a B.S. in English Literature and I will have completed my masters in secondary English education this May.
This is a university level position in Nanjing. Hope this helps!

Administrator answers:

I think it sounds fairly good. However, it completely depends on what part of China you are in! More urban areas will pay more and have a higher cost of living. If you aren’t in a major urban area, then that pay sounds very good to me. If you are, you might want to see what other positions in your area pay.

Hong Kong pays a lot more than mainland China, but the cost of living is MUCH higher there too.

In case you didn’t know – that salary is about $830/month. You shouldn’t ever go to China planning to save money for back in the US. However, you can have a nice lifestyle in China for that amount. In the medium size city where I worked, a taxi ride to town is 10 yuan, a good cheap meal is 4 yuan, and the nicest restaurant in the city is 70 yuan. You’ll be making much, much more money than the average Chinese person in your area, so keep that in mind when thinking about the salary.

You might want to ask for more details about the apartment – they can vary a lot in quality and in what’s included.

Chris asks…

What is the best area in Rio de Janeiro to stay?

Hello, I’m going to Rio de Janeiro in July and I am looking for a hotel in a safe area. Most important is that it is nearby public transport and that it is clean. My buget is about US$60-US$80 per night.
What are good areas/ neighboorhoods to stay?
And does anybody have recomendations for a hotel?

Thanx in advance!
It doesn’t have to be near the beach, the financial district is good also. As long as it is reaonably safe.

Administrator answers:

For 80 a day it’s not gonna be easy.
Thats 136,00 Reais more or less.
I recomend RIO FLAT SERVICE in Leblon.
It’s cheap, you get your little kitchen the basics so you can save on meals, your get breakfast, a great view and pool.
2nd block from the beach, cinemas and nice restaurants around. Malls too.
2 blocks from Ipanema, but still in Leblon which is the best area in the city.
Away from Copacabana and it’s tourist traps.
Rio Flat is a tall building on top a small mall called “Rio Design Center”. The apartments for hotel rental (some people live there) and in the higher floors, above the 10th I think.
They also have parking if you need.
I think you can contact them thru
Protel administers several of these called “Flat Services” in Rio’s south zone.

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