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June 17, 2013

Michael asks…

Where can I find good rental home websites?

My wife and I are living in a one bedroom apartment right now and in April we have a baby due. There is no room for all three of us and our belongings.

I have looked at a few websites, but everything is so overpriced. We don’t make a whole lot, somewhere around $1300 combined a pay check each month, but also we have to include all our other bills with the baby on the way.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good website that has lower cost rental homes, not apartments.

Administrator answers:

Best way to find cheap ones is ask you local services in your area if they provide housing’s for low income family.

Daniel asks…

Is it good to live in a manufactured home in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

I need property in Michigan in order to establish residency. I figured that this is the cheapest way to go since I do not want to live in an apartment! Any advice? Being that I am a Californian… I am unsure if a manufactured home is okay in the winter. Am I going to freeze?
I am talking about a manufactured home on a solid foundation!

Administrator answers:

I suggest reading more from some of these sources.


You can search on this public website for most homes in Washtenaw County (this is not my website or my companies) Once you select up to five areas, you simply enter your comfortable price range and can choose various types of architecture.

This site will not contain manufactured homes within a manufactured community. The home must be on owned, not rented land.

I cannot answer your question about will you freeze, this would vary by any structure and would require an independent investigation.

Donald asks…

How much does it cost for one person to live per per month in Italy?

Approx how much do you spend each month and in what city?

How can I save money and get by fairly cheap in a place like Italy?

Administrator answers:

I live about an hour south of Verona and have been here for the past ten years. The apartment I have here costs about the same as my four bedroom house in Highlands Ranch, Colorado in the US for rent (vs mortgage in the US), electricity, gas, water, and trash. Bills are mostly every other month rather than monthly and the costs vary somewhat from bill to bill. Food at the market and shops runs me about 300 euro per month for just me. Altogether, the cost comes out to around 1300 to 1400 euro per month. What you would spend depends on your lifestyle.

Sharon asks…

How much does it cost to live in Hollywood?

I’m doing a research about how much it costs to live in Hollywood and i wanted some help from Hollywood residents if they could tell me about those things ..

1) how much does the renting costs? if it’s like a small apartment for college beginners
2) how much does the food cost? is it expensive?
3) how about the electricity and such? how much would a normal bill cost? water bills? and all.
anything from clothes to houses .. if you know anything at all it would help me :)

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Hollywood is expensive for what you get. Expect to pay $900 for a low end single apartment, and $1200 for a 1 bedroom, but it won’t be easy to find one at that price that is in an OK area. Hollywood is not a very safe area, even in the wealthy areas in the hills. I love Hollywood, lots of my friends still live there, I grew up there, but it’s rather skeezy.

Food in LA is more expensive than most places in the country except maybe NY, NY. Add about 10 – 15+% to what you pay where you are. My friend from Miami was shocked at how expensive LA was for even basics like bread, and she shopped at low price stores here, and I’ve heard the same from others who move here. Nice restaurants tend to be expensive, as well as all kinds of entertainment. Generally, I pay about $16 per evening movie ticket, more for 3D.

Clothes are more expensive here too, but there are always sales, and we have all the cheaper stores with cute clothes like Forever 21 (although clothes may cost more here than elsewhere). You will need a car, or you can’t really go out at night, our public transportation is not good, and you don’t want to take it at night in Hollywood. Cabs are very expensive, everything is very spread out, even going 1/2 mile is $5 with tip. (Hurt my knee, so I couldn’t walk or drive, and had to take my kid to his camp one summer, usually it was a less than 10 minute walk for us.) So include the cost for a car and insurance (mandatory) in your budget.

Electricity and Gas costs depends on how much you use and the size of your home. If you leave the air conditioner on all the time, you could end up with a $500 bill for a small apartment! But figure about $100 a month for a small apartment, either in electricity or gas, or a mix, depending on the season and your appliances. Water cost may be included in many apartment rents, if it’s not, figure maybe $25 a month, more if you have a yard to water.

To buy a home in a decent, but not necessarily super safe (no where is in Hollywood) area in Hollywood Hills will cost from about $300,000 for a small condo, and $600,000 for a very small home, but there won’t be much at those prices. It’s more realistic to expect to spend $800,000+ for a small home that doesn’t need a lot of work. Even in the ickiest areas of Hollywood one can expect to pay $500,000 and up for a small house.

Right now there are no jobs, even minimum wage entry level positions. A good entry level position is In N Out because it pays more than minimum wage. At $10 an hour, if you could get full time hours, you’d bring home less than $1500 a month. Almost impossible to live on. It is tough to live here without a good job, I would say $36,000 a year is living on a very tight budget, $50,000 is OK, but still small apartment, not a great car, no vacations, etc. $100,000 is middle class in LA, but you can’t even afford to buy a nice, small house on that salary.

LA Safety Click on Safety, and Map.

Good luck!

George asks…

How do you get rid of bedbugs?

I found them in bed frame, rapidly spreading to photos hanged in walls,
they do die when I spray Raid.

I am trying to find a cheap way to get rid of them, not throwing away my furniture, ’cause I am sure they’re clean now but they are few wandering in the room

Administrator answers:

Bed bugs can be VERY hard to get rid of…so I heartily recommend professional cleaners/ use of industrial insectides/ fumigation.

Our building was infested, and our condo became infested, and they have been a nightmare for me. And I am fastidious. They can infect ANY home…even those of clean freaks, of which I called myself before this happened. Now I’m outright paranoid, sleep deprived…etc. (So get a professional on the problem as soon as possible…the longer you wait, the harder it will be to get rid of these things for good!)

FOR THE RECORD: bed bugs infest VERY clean homes as well as those that are dirty. However, because there is a stigma of dirtiness associated with all bug infestations, a lot of people don’t want to come forward…get help, or tell neighbours, which makes risk of transmission that much worse.

Also NOT EVERYONE will develop welts/ reactions to their bites. I am very sensitive, and have a ton of allergies, and the only sign of it for me was ANEMIA. My mum (I’m a university student, and live at home) got a very bad reaction – two people, same home, very different responses.

I’ve been getting so discouraged trying to erradicate these things without success (the fumigators come tomorrow).

We have had to get rid of a LOT of things. More for my peace of mind, since I do not want to move and infect my new home when I move out for good. (My mum is not as paranoid, but I’ve read up on these things…they are so hard to fully get away from!)


Some things to help reduce numbers:

-get good vacuum bags and vacuum DAILY…very, very well.

-caulk cracks/ areas that are loose/ open to infestation.

-remove loose wood tiles in the floor, and use an insectide on those areas before relaying. If you can locate a nest, you’ll cut down on your chances of getting bitten.

-put vaseline around the end of the bed to trap them. DO NOT LET YOUR FLOORS or sheets touch the floor.

-CHUCK. YOUR MATTRESS. The largest number of them will burrow into the bed mattress. If you cannot afford to get an air mattress as a temporary measure, then coat your mattress in plastic. I would coat it in several sheets, taking great pains to seal off EVERY crevice with moving tape.

-Also, consider chucking luggage. Backpacks etc. Should also be carefully examined.

-we have a steam cleaner. It is in use daily. I must clean three plus hours a day now. I am not getting bitten AS MUCH, but I still am very anemic, and my mum is still getting hives/ welts – which shows that a “cheap” do-it-yourself method isn’t likely to work…

-consider duct taping vents/ common air vents and turning off ac if you live in an apartment. Also in most countries – if you live in an apartment, it is the boards’ responsibility to pay for fumigation etc. However, if you need to chuck your things…you’ll be out of pocket for those items.

Bed bug removal can be very costly. We’ve spent hundreds on bags, cleaners, steam cleaning machines, laundry/ dry cleaning alone – and probably several thousands for the fumigators, because we live in a condo. We store clothes in the freezer – so that we leave the house knowing we aren’t taking them with us. I, for one, am paranoid about having anyone over, lest they contract them.

They are becoming epidemic, but like I said…they infect ANY home, not just messy/ dirty ones. However, adopting a “cleanliness is next to godliness” mindset WILL cut down on their numbers.

Also, ONLY the adults, at full maturity, can lay eggs. If you can kill and remove them before the next generation reaches maturity, and if you can continue obsessively cleaning until they are gone…you may just be able to rid yourself of them.

But overlook NOTHING. They can hide everywhere. They prefer dark areas that are soft, or wooden, and close to their victims, but they have been found in TELEVISION sets, in books, in photo frames, in computer bases, in vents…everywhere. This is why fumigation is so necessary, even though costly. But, unless you are a home owner, fumigation should be covered by your board.

EXTREME heat kills them, extreme coldness kills them – but not the eggs, which need to be removed, and covered in insectide. They also can go a year and a half between feedings, which makes them even more nightmareish.

I’m sorry you are dealing with this too. Best of luck with the exterminations!

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