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June 22, 2013

Donna asks…

I need a land line for my apartment intercom. What is the cheapest I can get?

I will only use the land line for the intercom. I don’t plan to make any calls. What is the cheapest, most basic land line service I can get in the San Francisco Bay Area? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The cheapest is lifeline service, but this is only for people on a fixed income. If you are old or poor then start with this.
However, for the rest of us, the cheapest is Measured Rate Service and you have to DECLINE long distance service.
I used this for years. You can’t make long distance calls-literally the call will not go through-unless you have a calling card or some other 800 number.
For local calls-your intercom-you are alloted a certain amount of minutes per month and over that you will pay a hefty price, but I never went over my limit.
The cost on my January phone bill was $16. Sadly, more than half of this was taxes. The service itself only costs $7.
(Lastly, I don’t know how a phone intercom door system works, but you might try ooma-$200 upfront no fees ever after that.)

Carol asks…

What is a good speaker cabinet to use with an Orange Dual Terror amp?

I’ve recently purchased an Orange Dual Terror and now I’m in search for a cab. This is my frist amp cab set. I have played through the Orange 1×12 cab and an Egnater 2×12 tweaker cab. The Egnater sounded better than the orange. I played a tiny terror through both of these cabs. The speaker cab will be used in my college apartment so I am looking for nothing larger than a 2×12. I will be using an American Strat. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Hello there,

Rather than shopping for a brand name loaded speaker cab. I suggest you look for a good quality speaker cab that is unloaded. Then select the speakers you like best to put in the cab. I think solid wood cabs sound better than plywood. Plywood holds up better than the particle board used in a lot of the cheap cabs. Celestion used to make the best speakers. I think Eminence may now have the best. But either are good. Also check out Weber and Carvin speakers. While vintage JBLs are great speakers, I doubt that they have the tone you want with that amp. Eminence, Celestion and Weber are probably your best choices. I mentioned Carvin because I like the old (made in the US) British Series speakers.


Sandra asks…

How much would a house like this cost in Iowa next summer?

My brother and i will both be done with college this spring, starting jobs where we would both make $15 per hour. I have a $300 car payment for another 2 years, and he will need a car within a year, of a similar payment.

We want to get a small house here in Iowa, area code 50613, that has a large workspace such as either a very large garage, or a seperate workshop, perhaps made from a pole barn. Neither of us plan on raising families there, so a 2-bedroom house with 1 bath and a small kitchen, just a bachelor pad, would fit quite well. We’d like to be near town, but rural enough to not have to worry too much about neighbors, since we’ve grown up in the country and are used to being able to shoot firearms, and work on our cars without worrying about leaving a tool laying out, for a passing kid to steal if we were in town. Darn tool-stealing kids.

Honestly, i think we would both live in a large RV if the price was right, and if we could find an empty lot for dirt cheap to build a simple workshop on. We have welding equipment, an air compressor, stuff that just doesn’t fit into a small house’s garage in the middle of town. Our parents are selling the acreage to move into a condo in town, and my brother and i cannot afford the huge house or property it’s on, when the large workshop and rural setting are all we really need.

I thought about maybe just living in an apartment in town, and renting somebody’s unused barn outside of town, for my brother to rebuild a muscle car, and myself to build a dune buggy.

Okay so this is a ton of extra info… Any advice or thoughts on how much we could get a small rural house for?

Administrator answers:

Depends on how far out of town you are willing to live. Cedar Falls-Waterloo is a college town, with an industrial base. Farther East and South, the more expensive. You get 75-100 West Wright/Hamilton/Franklin county areas, you can buy what you are looking for within $50-60,000 range. 30 year loan, you’re talking $600-700 month including property tax and insurance. Should be able to rent around $400-500 month

Sandy asks…

How much money would i need to live in Hilo Hawaii for 3 months?

I am a mixed martial artist and I would like to move to Hilo to train with Bj Penn’s camp how much money would a single man need to live comfortably not luxuriously for at least 3 months. I would be looking to probably rent a small apartment, I currently live in Winnipeg Canada.

Administrator answers:

How much you got? Ok ok, so how bout this, no canadian money accepted, yeah? Ok, no more sick jokes…Here is the problem bro, housing is tight, even in Hilo(rains all the time, man)so be aware that finding an apartment for one person may be hard for just 3 months, and hotels there are $expensive$, for that long. Here’s what I suggest, if you are going to attend BJ’s camp, talk to them about housing, they may have a line on a room or whatever within walking distance, because there are cheaper housing out of Hilo, but you would need a car to commute, or a ride, cause public transportation is bad here.
Here is what I say:figure about 2500 US per month, you may take some home with you.

Daniel asks…

What is “average rent” on a two BR apartment in your area?

I just read an article on Forbes that listed the highest average rents in the most expensive places around the US as being around ~1200/month, which astounded me since that’s less than what my roommate and I pay on a rundown old farmhouse (and that was one of the better deals I found…)! Just curious what average rent is where you are living? And, what’s the most you ever paid for rent?

Administrator answers:

I used to live in the San Francisco bay area (Palo Alto), and the rent for a two-bedroom apartment in our area 5 years ago was $1550 a month!!!

We moved to the midwest in 2003. For a much BIGGER and BETTER two-bedroom apartment, we paid $550.

As you can see, there is a huge disparity depending on where in the US you are renting an apartment! $1500 is probably not the most expensive either and $550 is by no means the cheapest.

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