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June 27, 2013

Sharon asks…

How much should these people be paying me?

So I have a job as a private in home caregiver. I work Tuesday and Thursday evenings and into the morning. I then come over to their house on Friday night and stay all the way through Monday morning. I essentially get the wife up twice or so during the night to use the bathroom so I lose sleep, I get her ready for the day, and I am around them all weekend long to make sure she is cared for and to help her walk. They currently pay me $450 a week for this. I should also say I am a full time student and I also work another 40 hour a week job.
Recently, the wife became ill and now she must be taken care of every single day and night. The only time I won’t have to help her is 9-5 on weekdays. They are asking me to come in and work for them permanentely. They want me to stop the job I already have and work only for them. They are offering me $600 a week if I do this.
With my two jobs I make roughly 3080 a month and pay $525 for rent. I feel that they need to make up what I am not making at my second job. I feel they should at least pay $680 if I am still paying rent. I have to keep my apartment until August by the way.

Administrator answers:

I paid our caregiver $15/hour for a 40 hour work week – she was hired directly by me. If she could stay 24 hours (over night – similar to your situation – she lost sleep), I paid $175. I’m in Maryland. One thing to think about if you quit your regular job is that this job will end one day also. I gave our caregiver (who became like a sister to me a bonus of $5K after my Mom died). You can’t expect that but you should discuss some sort of severance (2 weeks?) when the time comes.

Now, toward the end of Mom’s life, it took 2, sometimes 3 of us to handle the situation. I had a great caregiver I got through an agency – she was paid $18/hour which I thought was just cheap. She spent the night also.

You can explain your situation to your clients. They’re asking you to give up a 40 hour a week job and, depending on what it is, that could me a lot.

On a separate issue, does your client have a bedside commode? This saved our lives at night as Mom didn’t have to walk down the hall to the bathroom.

BTW, while I was caring for Mom, I wrote a lot of articles about caregiving. Here’s the link:

I also just published this book:

Good luck! I’m sure you’re a wonderful person.

Sandra asks…

How expensive is it to holiday in paris?

Aside from the airfare and accommodation..
If there were 2 of us, staying for 12 nights, how much money should we allow for tourist stuff, meals and other general things. In Euro’s.
And can anyone reccomend any hotels..

Administrator answers:

It really depends, you may want to rent a nice apartment, and I know you want to vacation, but at least there is a kitchen to cut down on costs.

Try, for holiday rentals…its probably the most reputable place online…

If you don’t mind taking chances, try ( the names of the hotels are hidden, but u get basic info & a good rate.)

think about these things
–will you be eating out, then how many times a day?
- are you willing to make sandwhiches and go to a deli/ grocer , or will you go out fo all your meals

this is a great article.



Chris asks…

Where in Dublin to live as young professionals?

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to Dublin from the UK and we would like to live in a cultured area relatively close to city centre in a small 1-bedroom flat. Our budget allows us to go up to 700 euros per month. We would definitely like to avoid areas with high crime and binge drinking.
Any suggestions?


Administrator answers:

Go to the local site for apartment rentals.
€ 700 is about the starting point for a one bed apartment, but you should be prepared to go a bit higher to get a better area. Beware of looking at accommodation which is too close to the city centre, because most of these are bought specifically for rental income and are often used by the Health Board for housing immigrants. Crime and binge drinking go with the territory.
Avoid areas with Dublin 1 or Dublin 2 post codes.
Dublin 3, 5, 7, 9 are on the north side of the city, which is a bit cheaper than Dublin 2,4, 6, 8, which can be at very inflated prices, because they are on the southside.

Donald asks…

What items will I need to bring to my college dorm?

I’m moving into a dorm-like apartment in a little over two weeks, and although I’m really excited I’m kinda worried about what I need to bring. Can someone with experience tell me the things I will need to bring, both basic items and things that I wouldn’t think to bring that would help make my dorm experience better? Also any cheap stores (not online) I can shop for dorm stuff in the US? Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

If you will be sharing a communal shower with the entire floor, bring flip flops.


Small rug
Mini-fridge and microwave
Small TV
Plastic shelve storage
Plastic under-bed bins
Reading light
Mini ironing board and iron
Laundry basket

Bed, Bath and Beyond is a great place to shop for college dorm room stuff and they always have great back-to-school sales. Also, Wal-Mart and Target sell a lot of dorm “essentials.”

I thought of some more:

Plastic plates, bowls and cups

Robert asks…

Where should I shop to buy furniture for student apartment?

I’m a college student and I’ve just signed a lease for my first apartment, I have some furniture to put in there but I need a new bed frame. So what is the best place to shop furniture like desks, sofa’s, bed frame, as well for decorations for a cheap to moderate price?

Administrator answers:

Ikea is one option…however, for a student apartment I would avoid the cheap junk they sell at Target, Walmart, or KMart. Young people are typically very hard on furniture with lots of guests over all the time and a lot of moving from apartment to apartment. I recommend that you check out yard sales, thrift stores, and craig’s list. When I was in college (about 8 yrs ago), all of our furniture was hand me down or yard sale stuff, and while it cost us next to nothing, it gave us a very cool eclectic style, and most importantly, it really withstood a beating. After all, when it comes to both style and durability…they don’t make ‘em like they used to!

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