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July 1, 2013

Mark asks…

What is the cheapest/quietest/safest spot in the Philippines to wait out the US economic downturn?

I am thinking of going the the Phils for awhile and waiting for the US economy to recover. What is the cheapest/quietest/safest area? I only need humble living. No TV, internet, or aircon. basic food is fine.I would like a small motorcycle though.

Administrator answers:

For me, that is Palompon Leyte.

It is about P2500 (about usd $60) per month, plus utilities for a decent 1 bedroom apartment 10 minutes walk to the sea.

Crime is virtually non existant.

Sattelite TV and DSL internet are available. It is P995 (a bit over usd $20 per month) for a globe land line with unlimited DSL internet. It is about the same for Dream Sattelite TV with all the channels. Electricity will be about usd $20 to usd $30 per month for electricity for cooling by fan with occasional use of the aircon.

My favourite restaurant is Wemdees where your average meal cost is about P150 (or about usd $3)

For cook yourself, Palompon has the freshest seafood, it is caught at night and sold in the Palompon fish market in the morning. Prawns (shrimps) are sold so cheap, my ex wife’s family fries them and eats them like potato crisps. Otherwise, they have a pork market, a chicken market and a vegetable/fruit market for all your fresh food needs.

You can spend your days relaxing on this beach,

otherwise you can spend your time fishing, swimming at the Victoria Spring or touring around.

Ormoc City is 60 kilometres away where motor scooters are sold cheap.

However, as the previous poster said, quality health care is non existant. There is a huge hospital but it has no facilities. If you have a serious medical emergency, you might die. Otherwise, quality medical care is a 6 hour boat ride away in Cebu City.

Regards; Jim Sibbick

Richard asks…

Which US city would be most similar to Vancouver, BC in terms of cost of living?

I would like to relocate to Vancouver, but I’m not sure what kind of salary I should aim for since I know it has such a high cost of living. All of the salary/relocation calculators I’ve found online will not allow you to compare outside of the US. It would be great if I had some frame of reference.
I am currently living in Birmingham, AL, so I know the cost of living will be dramatically different from here. I don’t expect to have all the things I have here, but I don’t exactly want to set myself back just to move there.

Administrator answers:

Probably Seattle. Not only are the costs of living similar, but so is the (horrible) weather. But it all depends what part you live in. Last year, the cheapest home on the market in the GVA was $300,000, and it was a piece of crap. And housing prices will only go up with the Olympics. There are some nice areas in the suburbs which are cheaper than Vancouver itself, but personally, I get bad vibes from the surburbs for some reason. Downtown is super expensive. The false creek area of downtown is amazingly nice, and there is so much new development there, it is very modern and family friendly, although I am not sure about pricing there.

I live in the west side of Vancouver (the nicer side), and my house cost $1.3 million when we bought it in 1996 (and this is a regular sized home on a quarter acre lot), and the prices have gone up A LOT since then. There are a lot of houses in my area that are selling for over 3 million.

As for the salary, no clue. But you could find a nice apartment on the west side, like kerrisdale or kitsilano. By the way, the public school system in Vancouver, complete crap. The weather might send you into depression as well.

You could wait until we have the huge catastrophic earthquake which is inevitable, the house prices will go WAY down then!
Just curious, where are you living in now?

John asks…

What city in Arizona do you recommend?

I’m moving to Arizona, what city do you recommend?

I’m 19, will be getting a cheaper apartment, I need a decent job. Any ideas? Advice?

Administrator answers:

I’m from Arizona. The best place to start looking would be Tempe, AZ. It’s a fun, clean and prospering college town, you wont have a problem getting a job fast. You may be able to walk to your job too! US Airways has a large office in Tempe as well. The airport is only a few minutes away and they always have jobs available. There is plenty of cheap housing available, lots of nightlife and jobs, plus it’s very safe ! Check it out, you will love it!

Good Luck!


Robert asks…

What is something you are cheap about and what is something you don’t mind splurging on?

My car is still fairly new so I haven’t had to spend much money on it yet. I hate spending money on household expenses. I remember my AC unit went out and before I’d just call the apartment manager and tell them to come replace. Now I had to pay for it. That sucked.

Thus, and I recommend to every single one of you who can afford it, create a special account, and actual separate bank account, to which you contribute a certain amount every month that you shall touch for no other reason other than household repairs and expenses. Now, while I may not like it if my hot water heater or fridge breaks, it won’t be put on my credit card or coming out of savings.

I’m doing this exact same thing for my car. I’m driving this one until the wheels fall off and buying its replacement with cash.

But, I do not mind spending money on good alcohol and good food. There is this popcorn shop around here, where have I lately spent more money than I’d care to admit, but my god it is good stuff. I make up for it by exercising, though.
I’ve also spent too much money on Beer Growlers lately. I love those things.

Administrator answers:

We’re cheap with everything but food. My fiance’s a cop, part time, though. He’s works anywhere from 20-45 hours a week. I work full time in the summer, part time during school. We live in a major city with a high cost of living, so until we’re both consistently working full time, this is mini bachelor pad is how we’re going to be.

His mother works in rental management. She was able to help us find a cheap apartment in an okay area. I don’t think there’s anything we don’t clip coupons for. I work at a department/grocery store, which helps with discounts.

When I was just about to turn 20 I had a spat with my mother. We fought a lot & she made me feel like a burden. Fights weren’t about anything significant. I’m in a prestigious university, I’m not one to go to parties & drink, smoke, or come home at odd ours. One day after a fight where she said that life would be easier without me (not the first time), I snapped, sold +90% of my possessions, and moved into my boyfriends (now fiance) parent’s house. We stayed with them for 6 months, then moved out together. They’ve been so supportive… They have their faults, but I consider them to be more family than my own.

IDK if you can tell, but I resent my mother lol. IDK how to compare her & my father. When they divorced he cut off contact with my siblings & I. I’m not close to my family.

So yeah. We budget everything, lol, maintenance included. We have a short & long term savings, an emergency & retirement fund. I have an account for my tuition, most of it is what I saved before I left. The retirement fund is ridiculously small, though. It took a lot to get my fiance to agree to having it, but one of my biggest fears is not being able to retire… Basically, it’s a non-registered GIC, so it makes little interest, and we have access to it within a day if we need it.

Yeah, but food? I don’t want to cheap out on that. I’ll use coupons and obviously keep eyes out for sales, but the last thing I want to do is bring home cr*p, you know? We don’t really buy alcohol… My fiance grew up around a few alcoholics, so he’s very averse to it. I couldn’t care either way for myself, and since we can’t really afford it, it’s not something we spend on or think about spending on.

I’ve said it before, but I can’t wait until the day where if we spend $100 it’s not going to make a difference. I mean, I’m not into spending all the time, but it’d be nice to not have to worry sometimes.

Chris asks…

Would it be possible and affordable for me to rent an apartment?

I wanna know if i would be able to afford to rent an apartment when i move out next year. I’ll be 18 and in college. Probably in a smaller town or a outside of the city. I assume and would plan on having a job as a waitress. would i be able to live off of that salary until i graduate and get an actual job? and how exactly does this work? what is the average cost of everything if i can numbers to go with categories that would be great(rent=$x, food=$x, etc.) ! Thanks!
parents arent going to help. I’m planning on going to community college for the first few years so that it is cheaper ( i need to have 8 years of school)
and at the moment i do not have a job. But I plan to room with my girlfriend as well when she graduates a year later

Administrator answers:

Living on your own is expensive. For my run-down crappy apartment, I pay $550/month for a 2 bedroom. You might find a crappy tiny 1 bedroom for $475/month. Then you have utilities. Water costs us about $50/month. Then you have electric $100-$150/month. Then you have food. I usually pay $200/month for 2 people. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk so expect $125/month for food unless you want to live solely on beans and rice. You are currently up to $800/month. Then you have to pay for gasoline to get to and from school and work. Depending on how far you drive, that could cost a lot! Then there is car insurance… Then you may want to do laundry now and then so unless you already own a washer/dryer, expect to pay around $50/month at the laundry mat (it’s really expensive). And then you might want internet and cable. Expect about $60 for that. Do you have a cell phone you pay for? There’s another $70.

Oh, do you own any furniture? If you don’t, furnished paprtments cost a good deal more and then you don’t get to take anything with you. So you will have to buy furniture. Do you own any cooking supplies? If not, there is a few more shiny pennies.

When I was waitressing part time, I was making about $1000/month. There is no way you could do it. My suggestion? Live on campus in the dorms at least for a year if your college has them (I know the vast majority of community colleges don’t) or get some roommates to help you with the costs. Don’t bury yourself so young and ruin yourself for the rest of your life. It’s not worth it.

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