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July 4, 2013

Lisa asks…

Can I install my own security equipment and have Frontpoint, or any monitoring service, monitor for me?

I am moving to an apartment, my lease term will be 12 months, I am not sure that I will be there for another 12 months after that either. I can’t really be bothered to get into a longer term lease for 3-5 years. I need to know if I can just buy my own equipment and have it all linked up so a monitoring service can take control of it. For instance, I can just get some of the stuff at Home Depot, put it up myself, then have a service.

I have been having a difficult time finding the right place as well. It also doesn’t make sense for me to dump hundreds of dollars into something that I may only have for a year. I’d rather hang onto the equipment I own and start and stop a service as I need to.

Administrator answers:

This is absolutely possible! I am one of the owners at Alarm Grid ( Frontpoint is a great company, and I certainly think that we are ase well. All you’d need to do is purchase the home security system of your choice, call us (1-888-818-7728) or another alarm company that will deal with this sort of setup, and let them know you want to get put online.

Just to give you a bit of direction as well, while you can get the systems that Home Depot sells, and they will work just fine for your needs, you might also consider getting something a bit more robust like Honeywell’s wireless L5100 ( Since you live in an apartment, all you would need is just the system, a couple sensors like the 5811 ( or 5816 (, and the desk mount ( This would allow you to have a state of the art security system that you can take with you when you leave your apartment.

Whatever you decide to do, be careful about contracts. Generally companies sign you up for multi-year contracts based on your current address. If you sign one of those, even if you get a cheap system, you’re still going to pay much more than you need to. Nowadays, there are plenty of companies that offer no-contract monitoring. We are one of them, Simplisafe is another, and I think that Frontpoint has contracts but will let you move in the middle and continue the contract at your new home. In terms of equipment, Frontpoint sells GE, we sell Honeywell. I would say that generally, those are regarded as two of the best brands in the industry. Simplisafe manufactures their own product. None of that matters if you decide to just get the cheaper Home Depot equipment. I wish you luck, and I hope you are happy with whomever you pick to monitor your equipment.

Laura asks…

What are the surrounding cities of Rock Island, Illinois?

My cousin and I are going to college in Rock Island City. We want to live in an apartment instead of a dorm, but the apartments in the city are WAY to expensive for us. So are they’re any cities, or small towns within 10 miles of Rock Island with cheaper real estate?


Administrator answers:

Rock Island is located in an area know as the Quad Cities, encompassing both Illinois and Iowa. The other 3 cities of the Quad are:

Davenport, Iowa
Moline, Illinois
Bettendorf, Iowa

Here is a complete list of the counties/small cities in the area:

Iowa counties Scott County

Iowa cities and communities Davenport | Bettendorf | Blue Grass | Buffalo | Eldridge | Le Claire | Long Grove | Maysville | McCausland | New Liberty | Panorama Park | Park View | Pleasant Valley Township | Princeton | Riverdale |

Illinois counties Henry County | Mercer County | Rock Island County|

Illinois cities Rock Island | Moline | East Moline | Andalusia | Carbon Cliff | Coal Valley | Colona | Geneseo | Hampton | Milan | Port Byron | Rapids City | Silvis |

Charles asks…

Who can I go to about the issues I have with my apartment complex?

My husband and I have lived in our Apartment complex in Fairfax County VA for a year now, and we have a lot of issues that are not getting resolved. We have had roaches since the first day we moved in (we keep our apt. clean), the steps outside are falling apart, and lots more. When we tell the staff in the office or anyone higher up or in the customer service dept., they always just give us a “What do you want me to do about it?” attitude! Nothing ever gets properly taken care of. For example, with the roaches, yes they do have a cheap little pest company come out a couple times a month if you need it, and put brown nasty stuff all over everything in your apt., but the bugs always come back and we asked them about a permanent solution, but they do not care because it does not affect them personally! We already called everyone we can think of and nothing happens. Is there some kind of organization for tenant rights or something in VA? I googled, but found nothing.

Administrator answers:

If you complain too much, or irritate them with your complaints, they can and will refuse to renew your lease (and that will cost you more to move, but maybe moving is better for you).

Roaches come in with grocery bags and with boxes from storage. If you (or they…but they have the pest control coming in so they’ve done their part) find the roaches are multiplying then it’s probably of recent. On a monthly basis then get out the Raid foggers and fog your apartment (and set out the Raid roach motels which are superb) until the buggers are gone. Each time new residents move in they more than likely will bring in some roaches. So it’s up to YOU to take care of this matter (fog or move).

The pest control company is supposed to be spraying behind your hot water tank, behind where there’s food like behind or under the frig and stove. If you set out dog food or beer or don’t wash your dishes promptly then those roaches will stay around. And they will stay around if you leave your apartment for a couple of weeks at a time with no movement. (lots of senior citizens have lots of roaches around).

You only mentioned one other problem and that was the steps. Once that company has a suit on their hands about bad steps they will change their ways. However if you report them to headquarters then they may ask you to leave or not renew your lease.

You said you’ve been there a year…why continue to put up with this since it bothers you so much…just move.

Steven asks…

How much does it cost to purchase an apartment in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands?

not rent, I mean purchase.
a small 1 bedroom apartment.
i’m looking for the cheapest one possible.

Administrator answers:

I got as far as this – looking at Streymoy, the southern part – Tórshavn – and then I needed to speak Danish. Have you tried through this link?


For once I think the web is failing us, and it might be time to pursue a local estate agent/realtor by telephone. Sorry!

Helen asks…

What materials would I need, and how expensive would it be, to build a coffee table?

My girlfriend and I want to build our own coffee table for our new apartment. I know we would need wood, wood glue, tools, accurate measurements, paint or staining stuff, etc. But, I would like to know from an expert what the procedure should be, and possibly an estimate of how expensive and time-consuming this process might be. Neither of us have ever built anything before, except in middle school Woodshop class.

Administrator answers:

It will be cheaper on buying one.
But with saying that it depends on what you want your table to look like. You can make almost anything flat like a door into a coffee table. It also depends own what size, do you want a 2 level table?
The type of wood you choose will be your biggest factor. Use can use pine , which is cheap wood or mahogany , which is very expensive but the nicest wood. You get what you pay for.

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