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July 9, 2013

Ruth asks…

Figuring out who ur gonna share an apartment with in college?

So, I’m living in a dorm right now but I’m going to move to an apartment next year because it’s cheaper. My sister and I are going to be living together and we’re trying to decide if we should take in more roommates. The problem is we both want to live with different people and cant really decide on who to room with. Would it be better for us to just live together by ourselves or to try and take in another roommate or two?

Administrator answers:

I have had many roommates when younger. Read carefully – the 1st thing you want to do after choosing a roommate (incl your sister) is have a written contract signed/dated by all.

It should contain basic rules for visitors, overnight or not, what sex, etc. Buying food and sharing the refrigerator, do not take my food or replace it or pay for it, etc. Cleaning (very important) the apartment, all rooms, just yours, shared rooms, whatever. How often, how clean (kind of, so what, no big deal, real clean, no excuses), who takes out trash when?, bathroom, using each others items or not, think about this stuff. Really very important!! – the RENT!! Have money ready 2/3 days, a week before due. Someone always has an excuse why they don’t have their share.

Cash better than a check, checks BOUNCE regardless how they promise the money is in the account, honest, would I lie? Yes.

What if they don’t have the money? What if you don’t have it? Then it’s time one of you move out because if they/you don’t have it within 1/2 days at most the arguments, the blame game, the excuses, the fights, etc start. No way to live. Have to have something spelled out on the rent. If one has to pay for the other more than once than charge interest of 10 or 20%. Rent payment is important as are cleaning fees, damage deposits, etc.

What about drinking, smoking, drugs incl weed, medicine all the things that can cause trouble.
What about pets, best to not have any, you’re there temporarily.
Study time, set special hours, no noise, no TV or music unless they can use ear phones.
How much do each of you have in bank accounts to start with? Will parents take care of ALL money problems? Great if they do but if not Cover Your Rear! And your sisters especially with any love problems and money.
Try to stay friendly. Be flexible but be strong also or you can/will be taken advantage of.
Possibly the college rooming has pre printed contracts or advice to check on. If not try on line or a local realtor might be friendly and give you one for a small fee.
Parking, car sharing, etc if you have one or 2 or friends over.
Sharing clothes, laundromat time, emergencies, medical, money, cars, you never know.
No doubt you will have separate cell phones but if a land line another bill to consider just like rent. Same for utilities. All bills that have to be shared need to be spelled out to keep the peace.
Be willing to compromise except not where you get taken to the cleaners.
You may think because you will be with your sister and you “really know each other” no you don’t when you are not at home but living on your own.
She may be better than you so think about that. Who’s the sloppy, don’t care one. Who has not been good with bills, credit cards, spoiled, feels sorry for themselves, who’s always the noisy one, who prefers to party, etc, etc. Might be you?

Finally the more roommates the more possible problems I do not recommend !!
You may look at this and think what a crock, we are sisters, we love each other. OK

Don’t do do any of the above and GOOD LUCK !!

Mandy asks…

I am planning on retiring to Mexico, like San Miguel De Allende, How Much Are the Rents?

I am planning on San Miguel De Allende, Mexico for retirement, How much is a 1 bedroom apartment in this area, are wheelchair accessible apartments easy to find? Are their towns that are better for wheelchair accessible areas and wheelchair apartments? I also want to know which towns are the cheapest towns to retire that are safe besides San Miguel De Allende , which is not the cheapest area. What requirements are their to move to Mexico and what are the benefits. I like to hear from both Mexicans who speak English and Expats who moved their ,
I also like to know how much it costs to buy a home and what are the taxes on a home besides the rental market
What is involved in bringing a car to Mexico or buying a car in Mexico . Is it better to buy in Mexico or bring a car from U.S.A. How about driving license and plates ? Again Thank You For Taking Your Time. Happy New Year

Administrator answers:

Rents vary. People who live here try to pay less than tourists. See links for real examples. Bringing a car with a clear title in your name from the US is easy (with deposit). Longer term/permanent visas do not allow US cars. Mexican plated cars pay higher taxes. The town is high in elevation, not flat, and not wheelchair friendly. You should subscribe to the “civil list” to see the good and the bad. Recently there has been a discussion of alternative cities. You can ask questions or search the archives.
Feliz año nuevo

Mary asks…

How to discourage someone from buying fish?

Back story: My cousin had two comet goldfish in a bowl for 2 years. Back in September I convinced her to upgrade but she only went to a 10 gallon, since that’s all she could afford. She didn’t cycle it & just placed her two comets, plus two more she had bought that day. The newer ones died, so she bought another one, a pleco, & two snails. Well she just dumped the fish in there, with the store water & all. Long story short, they all died but the original comets.
By her apartment is a pond that has goldfish in them. I placed my four comets in there & tried very hard to convince her to do the same. She didn’t want to because she was attached to them. I tried to tell her it was for the best. But in the end both her original comets died & she emptied her tank. I told her they died because she didn’t cycle it, that they needed a bigger tank, & that she didn’t de-chlorinate the water. She argued that they lived just fine in a bowl for two years, ignoring the fact that I pointed out that they were always at the top gasping for air.
Sorry for the long story, but I need to give you a picture of what I’m dealing with. Next Friday (29th) I’m going to a bigger city to go to Petsmart. I have some items to return, buy some fish & rat supplies. She’s tagging along, which I am happy she is a fun girl to be around, & has expressed about buying some new fish. Her tank doesn’t have water in it as of yet. She’s going to put some in Sunday. Not near enough time for it to cycle. She said she might get 2 fancy goldfish, like I have, but again, she has a 10 gallon. She has said she’ll just say she has a 29 gallon like me. I don’t know what to do

My question/need help with are:
1)Should I tell them that she has a 10 gallon & it hasn’t even been setup for a week?
2)Do you think an employee would care?
3)Should I seek out someone who might?
4)Should I just let her buy them & let her waste her money?

I’ve been racking my brain for the past week trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. I have four fancies & I know how much work they are. She didn’t even take care of her fish before, her mom did. Now she’s on her own & I just know those fish aren’t going to get the best treatment. She never cleaned her fish bowl, her mom did. When I could, I’d go over to her apartment & vacuum her tank for her.
I know if she doesn’t get them there, she’ll just go to our LFS (which is almost as bad as the Wal-Mart an hour from us, when it comes to fish) and buy the fish. I know it would be an awkward trip home, but I don’t want the fish to suffer.
I told her over & over about how to take care of fish. She won’t listen. She most likely will get a goldfish, but she has stated that she may want a betta, mollies, or guppies but doesn’t own a heater. Which I told her she’d have to get if she wanted tropical fish. She retorts that one of her friends has tropical fish without a heater. We don’t live in a warm enough state that a heater would be optional choice. I’ve told her if she gets a heater she can get a betta & 4 platies, like I have, but again she won’t buy a heater. And I refuse to buy her a heater; I honestly don’t want to support her carelessness when it comes to fish.
Any advice, good that is, would be appreciated. I just feel that she is ignorant or just honestly doesn’t care about how to keep a healthy fish. As long as their alive she sees nothing wrong. I’ve researched/read about fish for the past two years, still doing so, & I’m still learning. I’m at a loss & would like to know what to do. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Well it sounds like you have the right reason for wanting to try to stop your friend from buying more fish, but I would suggest you tell the workers at petsmart your friend’s situation, and there is a 50/50 chance they will care. Do this while your friend is looking at something else, so if the employee doesn’t care and says that your friend could do whatever she wants, then your friend wouldn’t use the employee’s ignorance as justification for getting more fish. If there is anyone your friend listens to and trusts, go to that person and tell them the situation, hopefully they will actually care about the fish and may be able to talk your friend out of buying more fish before fully understanding the care. Bettas are hardy fish, and (this is sad for me to say) I have kept a betta for a year and a half with no heater in a 2.5 gallon tank, but he has thrived… Just recently I got him a heater and I don’t see a difference, but he seems happier. My other betta I got 2 months ago is in a smaller, 1 gallon tank (he is really small) with no heater or filter, but both my fish receive water changes every week. I am waiting for petsmart to get the mini heater (I know I shouldn’t have a heater in a small tank, but since they are weaker, cheaper heaters, it keeps the temperature just right) so I can buy if for the tank. But if your cousin behaves exactly like you say she behaves, then she shouldn’t have any fish… If she wants fish in her tank, make her some out of paper, laminate it, and put a small rocks on them so they can stay suspended in the water and look like they float. Unless your cousin learns to take care of fish properly and makes an effort, she shouldn’t get any fish.

To the person who said hermit crabs are easy to take care of, they require a LOT More time than people think. They need to have a properly maintained humidity level, heating, shells, and regular cleaning.

Lisa asks…

Should my boyfriend and I move into a house or an apartment?

My boyfriend and I are 22 and have been together for 6 years. We know that we are going to be together forever and would like to take the next step in our relationship and move in together. But we do not know what our best option is when it comes to where to move. We feel like an apartment would be better because we could lease from month to month or do a whole years lease. We also think that a house could be better because if we can find a house cheap enough on a 30 year mortgage after utilities are included it could be cheaper than renting an apartment for $500 a month which doesn’t include utilities or anything else. We do understand that getting a loan is going to be hard and we would need a co-signer but if we could do it then why not? We just don’t know what would be the smartest move for us right now. We need some help!

Administrator answers:

How much money do you make? If you’re talking about needing a co-signer for a mortgage that only amounts to $500 a month, it sounds like you definitely can’t afford the home. Have you considered how you’d pay for the taxes and the insurance, along with all the other responsibilities of home ownership?

And do you even have the 20 percent down payment you’d need to get the mortgage in the first place?

Joseph asks…

How much is monthly tent in central Beijing?

I am planning to take up a job in the centre of Beijing – ??????. I will need a modest apartment to accommodate a family with 1 child. How much should I expect to pay for rent monthly? I have checked numerous rental websites offering 2bedroom flats from US$600/month. Is it likely to be the total price or are there any hidden expenses (utilities, rates, tax…)?

Administrator answers:

So many hidden expenses! First if you go through an agent you’ll have to pay them AND you have to pay 3 months upfront and a deposit… Utilities are cheap though. So you’ll looking at $3000 once…

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