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July 13, 2013

Daniel asks…

How much is a trip to Chernobyl?

I am a 13 year old who has an interest with Chernobyl. I have decided on taking a trip when I have the money and after I turn 18, as it requires. Due to our economy, how much would a trip to Kiev, Ukraine and the price of getting into Pripyat cost in about 2017 in USD? Also, I live in the US.

Administrator answers:

You need to tell us where in the USA you are – the cost from Casper Wyoming or Lubbock Texas will differ from New York City or Washington.

When I plugged in 19 June and 26 June of this year into, New York’s JFK to Kiev’s KBP airport is US$641 via Aeroflot – which means you need to pay an additional US$200 or so for the Russian transit visa. (Anyone who tells you that you don’t need a transit visa to change planes in Moscow is wrong.) I then used and saw that Finnair was US$722 – and they are much nicer; I’ve flown with them before. Both times I was in Kiev I rented apartments instead of hotel rooms – it was cheaper and more comfortable. Last year they were about US$115/night.

(Did you know you will need a US passport? Another $200)

Trying to estimate the cost of anything at all – let alone airfare – 7 years out is totally impossible.

Chernobyl Tour Rates (including bus to/from Kiev):

* 5 – 6 visitors: $160/ea* (the most typical group size)
* 3 – 4 visitors: $195/ea* (another typical group size)
* 2 visitors: $240/ea*
* 1 visitor: email

* 10-16: $130/ea +*
* 7 – 9: not more then $160/ea*

As you can see from link #3, you will be within the zone for only a few hours, and that will be inside the bus. The radiation is monitored, but you aren’t going to live there so you will be fine.

Sandy asks…

Do Americans care if people abroad don’t want US military in their countries?

The US has bases, installations and personnel around the world. Do you care if the people in these countries don’t want a US military presence in their “backyards”?

Administrator answers:

Jeeper_peeper is correct about everything except Okinawa. The majority of Okinawan people are either indifferent or WANT the US bases there as do the Japanese people due to its stabilizing force in the region. The largest protest against the bases being in Okinawa numbered maybe 30,000 people. Where was the other 1.3 million Okinawans. Additionally, the land those bases sit own is owned by OKINAWAN people and I guarantee you none of them were protesting. The reason is they earn about 5 times a year more from the lease of that land than any business they could put on it and are quite happy. In fact, many land owners are protesting (much like the Germans did) the anticipated move of 8000 marines from Okinawa due to the loss of revenue from off base apartment and home rentals as well as other businesses. BTW, the US tax dollar does not pay for the land leases. The Japanese government does. So, they are PAYING the US to be there.

In fact, because those countries generally pay for the US to be there, it actually saves on defense spending for the US as well as those countries. That in turn allows for cheaper products and better trade relations for all. It also fosters greater understanding of the region so that is something does happen, the US is there to help or if the need arises, there to ward off any bad things that may happen to said host country. Korea is a good example here.

Lizzie asks…

Where on the web can I find sea animals and fantasy art?

Im looking for paintings,posters and table top books to change my apartment decor. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Depends on your taste. If you run toward the girlie fantasy stuff, try Jessica Galbreth art. Her website with all sorts o’ stuff for sale is here —–> Both left and right sides of the landing page have links to stuff for sale, most of it very reasonable.

There’s also this website with stuff from many artists, including some Jessica Galbreth stuff, another lady named Amy Brown who also does what I call the “girlie fantasy art” that’s pretty fairie heavy along with many other artists in a variety of styles. Luis Royo is very good and they have some of his stuff there, too.

Hit for prints and posters and the such ranging from dirt cheap small prints all the way up to framed oil paintings. They have every subgenre and subject imaginable there including prints of some of the masters’ work. I believe they have both sea life and fantasy type subcategories in there *somewhere*.

Also try looking at local comic shops (I kid you not) as they will sometimes have coffee table books, limited edition figurines, etc in the style you like that someone special ordered and never picked up. I picked up a Frank Frazetta Death Dealer statue (the first one, not the new one coming out) for a friend’s birthday at the original retail price (they’re going for four times that now) because the comic guy was desperate to get rid of it. The fantasy art market is fickle and unfortunately, a lot of people like it and just don’t have the money to pick up stuff after they’ve ordered it. Well, unfortunately for them. It’s good for those of us who are out looking for a deal. ;-)

Happy decorating, btw!

Edit: Forgot a link I meant to put in here. Here’s another fantasy gallery site with multiple artists in a variety of price ranges —–>

Steven asks…

How often do you run your dishwasher?

My husband and I are moving to a new apartment with a dishwasher and I haven’t used one in years. How often do most people run it? It’s just the 2 of us. What soap do you recommend? Any tips? Thanks a bunch!

Administrator answers:

Everybody is different. Just run it when it is full. We are only 2 people and usually run it about twice a week. If you are not going to turn it on right away then it is best to rinse the dishes off before you put them in the dishwasher.

We use the cheap Walmart “Great Value” detergent. It works great. Better than some of the expensive stuff.

Sharon asks…

Renting an apartment in the city?

I havn’t finished highschool yet, but I love planning ahead. I would like to know approximately how much per week it would cost to rent an apartment in a fairly large city.

Or better yet, a site that lists cheap, plain, not-fully-furnished apartments in Australian cities.

That would be great, thanks!

Administrator answers:

Since you mentioned Australian cities in your question I will not mention the price of US cities :)

Currently the cheap side of the rental market within 50km of Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane will be around $280 week now with around 5-10% increase per year at the outskirts and high closer to the city.

The hard thing is getting the actual apartment -as there are 10s of applications for each apartment and it is not luck that gets you the place – it is what amount of money are you making (you need to be making 3x the rental amount as a minimum), how long have you been in the job and what is the type of job security.

Things change year by year – so you are planning a bit too far ahead

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