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July 16, 2013

Sharon asks…

Moving out but the cat needs initial check up. How much would that cost?

My fiance and I are moving into an apartment soon, but our new cat needs to have his initial check up. We’re tight on cash, so we need to know how much money that would run us. We also want to get the cat neutered.

Administrator answers:

Check ups usually cost from $8-35 depending on where you the vets in your area and ask for pricing. They are competetive so find the cheapest one.good luck

Linda asks…

How much cheaper are things in Japan?

When buying in shops how much cheaper are things compared to the uk?

Administrator answers:

It really depends what you are buying and what you are comparing it to. Gas is way more expensive in Japan than the U.S. At it’s cheapest, it’s like Y153 for a liter, so that’s like $6 a gallon. Cigarettes are Y320, and that’s a flat price no matter if you buy them at a machine, convenience store, or grocery store. CD’s, normally around the Y2000 range, and DVD’s are about double the US price, with most around Y4000. Cars are definitely cheaper. I’m in the military, and if you happen to move somewhere near a base, there are used cars lots all over. I paid $3500 for a 1995 Nissan Skyline in PERFECT condition. Rent is funny. I pay $2000 to live in an apartment on the ocean in Okinawa right now. Japanese in my building pay MAYBE half. Same way in northern Japan, when I lived in Aomori-ken..My rent was like 1000 a month, wheras my Japanese neighbors were paying half. It was a1000 sq foot home or so. I live in a 800 sq foot, 2 br, 1 bath apartment now in Okinawa. Movies at the theater are at least Y2000, movies at Tsutaya (the Japan Blockbuster) are like Y400 for a week. SkyPerfect TV, a satellite provider, charges Y5,900 a month for 42 channels, mostly in english, including the sports package with 4 channels that show American, UK, and other world sports. Now for the biggest surprise, electronics are wayyyy more expensive in Japan than anywhere else. Not sure why this is, but the good news is, for example I bought a Nikon D-60 camera at a big electronics store, Yamada Denki (electronic). The sticker price was like Y79,900, about $100 or more than you’d pay in the US. However, the sales girl knocked some off, and it was more like Y72,000, and plus we got a lot of points for it. Most stores have a points card, and we got like 7,200 yen in points, so really, the camera was $100 if you know what i mean. Another thing about Japanese electronic stores, the store will personally guarantee your purchase for a year. Unlike Circuit City and Best Buy that try to make you pay $54.95 for a worthless plan, the Japanese are so confident they are selling you something good, they put their name on it for a year. Anything above that will cost, but I think that’s a really good deal. Canned coffee, like Georgia, Boss, etc, are all Y120 in the machines. A big mac value meal at McDonalds costs around Y700 or so. A beer at a bar is Y400 or Y500 in Okinawa, and Y800 or Y1000 in Tokyo. A Long Island Ice Tea in Okinawa is under Y1000, in Tokyo, it’s at least Y1,500 or so. A Casio G-shock Mudman will cost $60-$75 at a U.S. Store, and that same watch will be Y13,000 at a Japanese store. I hope this answered most of your questions, if you have a question about something specifically, let me know.

James asks…

How realistic is it to find a decent apartment in Austin, Texas for under $1000/month for 2 people?

My friend and I are looking to move from Massachusetts to Austin, Texas and we are hoping to find an apartment on the cheaper side. Living in a safe place is one of our priorities and neither of us need a lot of space. Any suggestions about where to look would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You have over 500 options judging from this map of apartments in Austin

Good luck

William asks…

How to survive a home robbery?

I live in apartments with my mother, and I am 16. Last night, my neighbor noticed a man trying to get into the other apartments around us, but when he saw her, he took off running. When I was about to walk down the outside stairs (I live on the second floor) I noticed a shadow, so I stayed where I was until I got a message on my phone, so it rang then the shadow was gone.

I’m not really scared, but I would like to know what to do in case my apartment is broken into. I would want to fight the intruder, but me being 4’11 and 102 pounds, I doubt I’d even do damage. I have fast reflexes though.

Also if someone points a gun at you, they’re expecting you be frozen in fear, but couldn’t you just react really fast and disarm them because they weren’t expecting it?

Administrator answers:

You should take a woman’s self defense course. You will be surprised at how much damage a tiny thing like you can really do. There are effective things other than just kicking the jewels of a guy to defend yourself. Most women’s self defense courses are fairly cheap.

The other thing you can to is always make sure that your doors and windows are locked. Keep bushes, especially around your doors and windows, trimmed to afford a better view. Do not keep valuables in view of someone looking into your windows from the street or sidewalk. You can install motion lights. If you like to sleep with your windows open, place things on the window sill that would make noise if knocked down or hang a wind chime… Something that would make noise if someone tried to climb in the window.

If you do not have a gun or a dog, it can be beneficial to place a sticker near the front door that says “protected by Smith and Wesson/Proud member or the NRA/I love my Doberman…” that type of thing. Even if you do not own a dog or a gun, if a criminal thinks you do he will probably go somewhere else.

You can also buy a bright flashlight. If someone breaks in they are usually trying to be quiet and leave the lights off as to not alert anyone they are trying to sneak around the house. A bright flashlight will temporarily blind a person when their eyes are adjusted by the dark.

It is always best not to confront an intruder unless it is a last resort. I completely support concealed carry and a persons right to use deadly force against someone in their home. However, keep in mind that a person who breaks into your home may be on drugs and may do harm to you. I would always recommend trying to escape and call 911 before I would recommend confronting an intruder. Although he might get away, your life is worth more than any property.

Susan asks…

How can I cover this hideous kitchen floor?

I just started renting a little one bedroom apartment. The kitchen has a strange semi-circle shaped floor that just happens to be covered in the ugliest pink and white linoleum ever. I would love to cover it, but I can’t find a rug that is in the shape of the floor, and I can’t put down new tiles as it is a rental. Any ideas?


Administrator answers:

If you live in the US, go to Home Depot and buy some of their Trafficmaster Allure “floating” vinyl tiles. They come in realistic wood plank and ceramic or stone tile patterns. The pieces overlap and stick to each other, not the floor, enabling you to assemble a sturdy, flat wall to wall floor covering that is completely water resistant yet is not adhered to the old floor at all. When you move you can pick it up and discard it, take it with you to re-cut for another room or ask the landlord if he wants to pay you to leave it behind. The tiles are easy to install, only need a sharp utility knife (box cutter type), a steel ruler, tape measure and heavy scissors. I’ve done several bathrooms with them and plan to do a bedroom next. Cost is a little less than $2 a square foot. A really cool product and covers an ugly floor faster and cheaper than anything I know.

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