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Your Questions About Cheapest Apartments In The Us

July 16, 2013

Mandy asks…

Would it be cheaper to rent out a small, cheap home instead of renting an apartment?

I’m planning on moving out when I can afford it, and I’m wondering if it would be cheaper to rent a small house (the monthly payment ranging from $100-$50) than renting an apartment that would cost at least $600 a month.

Administrator answers:

Unless you’re forgetting to tell us something, it is obviously cheaper to pay rent of $100-$150 than to pay rent of $600. Does the apartment rent include all utilities and so on, and the house does not? Even so, that seems like an extremely cheap house. Every place I’ve ever lived, a house costs more to rent than an apartment of the same quality and number of bedrooms, in a similar neighbourhood, etc. A really ratty falling-down house could be cheaper than a nice apartment.

Mary asks…

What is the cost of living in Ukraine?

I was planning to spend a few months in ukraine and was wondering what the cost of renting apartments is in the ukraine as well as things like, taxi`s, car rental.

Also according to wikipedia the average monthly salary is about 1500 UAH however in another yahoo answers thread it was stated that a public teacher makes 80 UAH per month which makes no sense.

Administrator answers:

A 1 room apartment will cost you roughly $150-250/mo outside of the big cities, and $200-400/mo in big cities. 2 rooms, roughly $200-400 and $300-600.

This is for average accomodations, and not in the center of the city. Expect much higher prices depending on the specific city, location, if it is a “foreigner apartment” (much nicer), and if you arrange it yourself or through a native friend.

Average salary, despite what is published on the internet, is about $300/mo (1500 UAH). A teacher makes between $80-175, depending on where they teach and at what level (400-875 UAH). Unseasoned elementary teachers make on the lower end, while “directors” (principals) and university teachers make the higher end.

Food has crept up steadily over the past year, and is getting close to on-par with US prices. Meat costs more than in the US, bread and other basics (Russian or Ukrainian) are cheaper. If you buy higher quality US/European products, the cost is about even. Petrol is a little higher than the US, but not much – right around $5.00/gal.

Taxi’s will vary depending on the city, and if you speak Russian or not. A taxi from the Kyiv airport to the city center will cost a native roughly $12, while it will cost an American about $25. The bus is 1.50 UAH (1.25 in some cities, 1.75 in some). The Kyiv metro is about 10 US cents per ride. You don’t want to rent a car there… Trust me.

– Edit –
I will disagree with Chrodes. If you don’t want to live in the center of the city, prices are not that high. Our 2 room apartment in Kyiv (54 sq metres) was $65,000 a year ago. I’ve seen many new buildings with prices at $1000-1500 per sqaure metre (plus the cost to finish and furnish them).

A rental on the metro line (outside the city centre) will cost you about $500/mo. In the center, upwards of $1000-2000/mo.

Maria asks…

I am a single mother of two schoolage boys and moving to the Dallas area. What is the best area?

I will be moving into an apartment. I’ve never been there so any info would be great help.

Administrator answers:

CNN recently ran an article that recommended Keller I heard. This goes to show how much we can depend on news sources as these to make decisions. Where to move in Dallas depends on what your affordability for housing is?

Southlake, Los Colinas are really upscale neighborhoods and are highly sought after. Southlake was named one of the top 5 best cities to live in the US. Very good schools (National exemplary), wonderful shopping areas, excellent neighborhoods … But houses don’t come cheap.

Keller is not bad. But, Plano is good. We moved from Ann Arbor, MI last year and have been leasing a home 3580 Sq. Ft. With 5 BR/4.1 Bath/Each room with walk in closet in Plano area for 2K per month. This same home according to county record is available for around $250 to $275K. However, this is a 12 year old home … Solid nevertheless…… We chose this home to be in a very good school district.

Also, as far as you work in IT , there are a larger number of companies that have migrated to Dallas and close to Plano. Thus you may not go wrong.

Frisco aint bad .. Keller schools are not as great as Plano schools as I have heard.

Plano is very homely .. Lots of young couple, starting out … Thus pretty middle of the way. Very friendly .. Close to everything. Thus you may not go wrong with Plano or Frisco. Frisco homes are unbelievably discounted as they built a lot of homes and need to sell. This will not last too long though. You can also find very good apartments for renting at very attractive rates.

Chris asks…

What is section 42 housing and how can illegal immigrants get it?

Apparently it allows corporations to buy properties and rent them out for cheap to obtain tax credits. But how is it possible for illegal immigrants to obtain these apartments? I know a few and have no clue how that’s possible. Shouldn’t they be for citizens and legal residents or nobody asks?
@angie: A lot of our own citizens can’t get them because the waiting lists are too long. Instead their financial situation gets worse and worse after losing their home, apartment etc. So why do we give it to illegals then? They already cost us tons of money each year.

Administrator answers:

Section 42 is a tax credit investors receive when they purchase rental property and rent it at less than market value. Each dollar spent, the investors do not have to pay a dollar owed in Federal income taxes. Almost all Low Income Rental Housing in the US is Section 42.

The reason is simple. The elected politicians in your state have passed a law saying that it is illegal to discriminate against illegal aliens in housing.
My state, (Oregon) has the same law, making it illegal for me to ask anyone if they are a citizen or in the country illegal. All I can consider is if they have the income to make the rental payments, their past rental history, and their criminal record. There are a few other things I can check, but I have to be very careful not to discriminate when I do ask.

The purpose of the law is not humanitarian, it is to appease the Business Interest that makes profits from the Labor of Illegal Immigrants. Without Illegal Immigrants, the Business Interest would have to pay higher wages and receive less profit.

Sandra asks…

What neighborhood in philadelphia is in between temple university and thomas jefferson U?

Some of my friends go to Temple while my friend and I go to Thomas Jefferson University we want an apartment that’s at a convenient location for all of us so what neighborhood should we look in?

Administrator answers:

Look at a map. You cross several going from Center City to Main Campus. The subway & bus lines makes reaching both locations easy from just about any place. Your problem is price. Nothing is going to be cheap. Spring Garden works.

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