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July 20, 2013

Mary asks…

How much does living on your own actually cost?

Me and my boyfriend are going to be 21 and I’m really thinking about getting our own place. I’ve looked at rental costs for small apartments and they’re about 400$ (some include utilities etc) in my area. I want a realistic idea of whether or not we could afford it and what we would need to do work wise to live alone. I live in Canada so things can sometimes get pricey. Neither one of us has a car so we’d be using city transportation. Any large things I would need my dad would probably help out (ex, major necessities like new every day shoes, a new coat, medical needs, food at times if I really needed the help etc). I would have to buy things like food, my makeup and bathroom needs, household needs, clothes etc. Let’s assume me and my boyfriend get no help at all, how much would living cost us?
To clarify, me and my boyfriend would both have jobs before even considering moving in together. I’m just trying to see if we could work enough to afford it. I’m trying to figure out if with us having part time jobs and/or we could afford it with how many hours we would work (I’ve had 3 jobs before, I know what working is all about and how many hours to expect in most cases). I’m trying to see the cost of living in order to see if we could make enough money to do so with the jobs we would work.

Administrator answers:

This is difficult to calculate.

Makeup and bathroom for example… How expensive are the products you buy…can you buy cheaper similar items?

Food… Do you plan to eat out a lot, or in? How much? What kind of food?

Consider utilities, and if rent including utilities is more expensive than a place where utilities are separate (it can happen)

Also, calculate at least 20% of whatever you make to go into a ‘hands off’ savings account. Life is rough, and that money saved can save your hide more than once.

As far as clothes go, how often you shop, how much you buy and where you go influence things.


If you are careful to buy things slowly as you need them and try to use coupons or discounts (which can really have a positive impact on your finances) and make sure you have savings to fall back on you should be fine.
Make an estimated list of monthly expenses and savings and see how much minimum you would need to make.

Jenny asks…

What are some ideas to hide ugly walls?

I’m moving in a temperary flat with my husband, I’ll be living there for three years. Thing is the flat has three ugly walls that consist of red and white floral wallpaper with a golden frame. The apartment belongs to his mom and she’s being nice to us untill we get our on house. Thing is, I don’t want my friends to see these walls because they do not compliment my furniture at all, they actually make the whole house look ugly. I can’t take them down because his mom likes them alot, so I can only disguise them in the meantime… Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

First… You need to make sure not to put staple holes or tacks all in the wall. She is being nice enough to lend you the space so don’t change it up on her. Just function in the space as is. You won’t be there forever just make the best of the situation. I have some great suggestions for you.

Very simple fix.
Use shower curtain rods to hang flat fabric panels on the walls. Get them as close to the wall as possible.

If the shower curtain rod will not reach all the way across the wall… Thats okay. Buy a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch stick of wood long enough to reach from floor to ceiling and just stick it in place with some velcro and maybe a tack nail or two.

Then put two shower curtain rods … One on each side.
Simply hang your desired fabric on the walls.

Great temporary fix to a tricky problem.

Use the same technique… Except use wallpaper.

This will work best if you glue some wallpaper to itself. Ugly cheap stuff on on one side… Doesn’t have to match cause no one will see it.
Put the pretty side that will show to the world on the other side.
Fashion it like a curtain and use the curtain rods as mentioned before.
Use two more long skinny wooden boards on either side of the wall.. Tacked with nails gently into the wall on top of the paper to hold it in place. This will be a temporary fix to put up wall paper.
Stain the wooden boards a color that will match your living room decor.

This way … You can have whatever wall paper look you want.

~~or ~~~
You could use wooden dowel rods stained to the color of wood you prefer. Back these with fabric and sew the rods in place. Hang these on the shower curtain rods as described above. Make sure that the wooden dowel rods are on the curtain in a horizontal manner to make the room look much wider than it is.
This will create an illusion to expand your space.

Use horizontal stripes in a small apartment to make it look bigger. Then………. Use very tall furniture items.. (such as bookcases or things that are stacked from floor to ceiling) to make the space seem taller and wider.

Linda asks…

How is the economy of Cleveland these days?

My husband and I live in a small town in Ohio and there are absolutely no jobs. We’re thinking about moving possibly to Cleveland. We were previously looking in Columbus for apartments but it’s too expensive for us to live there at the moment. There are jobs my husband is qualified for in this Cleveland newspaper we picked up.

For those who live or have lived in Cleveland, how are the jobs and what is the average pay? How about the safety of this city? Personally, I’ve never been.

Administrator answers:

Well, if you have a qualifications then its really easy to get a job in Cleveland. The average rent in the suburbs is $500-$650 for an apartment and $700-$1000 to rent a house. I know that you can find places as cheap as $350 in certain parts of Cleveland, and the area isn’t “bad”. I don’t really know the average pay, it really depends on what type of job you’re looking for.
As far as safety, believe it or not its pretty safe. People are so quick to jump up and say certain areas aren’t safe, but that makes me wonder if they have ever been in that area? I think you and your husband should try to come up here, if you can afford it for 2-3 days, or just make a day trip. Come and see the city, check out the suburbs, if you see a For Rent sign inquire about it. But don’t move up here unless your husband has secured a job, once you know where he’ll be working it will make it easier to figure out where you’ll be living. Good luck.

Ruth asks…

What is a good way to find an apartment in the UK while still in the US?

I looked on craiglist but didn’t find much. I need to find a cheap flat in the Shrewsbury, Shropshire area. if anyone has any clue I’d be delighted for the help! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Find apartment and house for sale, property for sale in usa. Checkout this website.

Joseph asks…

How to renew/update my bedroom with little or no money?

Because I want to update my room make it look new and you know the economy isn’t that great so I don’t really want to ask my parents for money, I’m 16 btw. So yeah like any ideas? I kinda want a old/rundown theme clashed with modern kinda like the New York apartment in Glee so yeah lol :L

Administrator answers:

Shabby chic with modern urban New York.

Easy to distress your dresser, nightstand, headboard and mirror to create vintage shabby chic.


Get a vintage lamp and wall clock for super cheap at your local thrift shop.


Get 1/2 yard (18×45″) of chevron fabric at walmart for $3.
Make a fabric bulletin board to hang above your desk for notes, photos, cards…


Easy and inexpensive to make one by wrapping fabric to the back of a corkboard and staple in place. Http:// -cut fabric 2″ larger

Make designer picture frames.
Cut two 1 1/2″ wide strips of the fabric and wrap two picture frames.
Http:// – overlap like the picture
Cut out or print and frame 5×7 close-ups of beautiful flowers and hang together.


Make an accent pillow with the remaining fabric to tie everything together. Easy to sew with a needle and thread if you can’t use a sewing machine.
Cut fabric 13×30″
Fold the fabric in half, in-side-out so the color/print is inside.
Sew 1/2″ in, along the edge on the two long sides, leaving the short end open.
Turn pillow cover right-side-out so the color/print is on the outside.
Fill with batting or even with a sweater/shirt you don’t wear anymore.
Then sew up the opening.

White hanging lantern.

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