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July 21, 2013

Susan asks…

How much would it cost, per person, to spend 3 weeks in Kuala Lumpur?

There are 4 of us, and we are contemplating whether to rent out an apartment or book a hotel? We are looking for the cheapest option possible. Oh, and we will be travelling in December……

Administrator answers:

Try to check out for short term accomadation.Hotels maybe a bit too expensive.It depends on what your budget maybe..ok hang on let me get the local dailies: Heres one AD: it says: BANGSAR SERVICED STUDIO,EQUIPPED WITH KITCHEN,CALL: +60-14 236 1982.
Heres another BUNGALOW GUEST HOUSE,A/con./Bath/RM 50-80/Call +603-2282-7129.Typically,try to get into Apartments,they are a few around

Good luck and have fun.Btw,Bangsar is slightly off the city,abt 10kms away

Sandy asks…

me and my wife are relocating to nepal in august?

to make this short as i possibly can…
we are travelers, writers. this will be the 4th place we have stayed at. i myself am from india and familiar with the languages in the region but dont know a thing about nepal. i know its fairly cheap for an apartment and cost of living is pretty low. this is the first country thats given us this much difficulty due to the fact that its so disconnected. its hard to find rentals and info over the net, does anyone have any real experience on finding a good place there ? pref. a region thats secluded and less crowded. we like the keep to ourselves and focus on writing and making this documentary.

Administrator answers:

I can’t give you an exact info on where and how could you check for appartment rentals, but i’ve visited Nepal about a year ago, so i can confirm that it is fairly cheep compared to other places.
The prices recently are going up tho, the food is getting more expensive and the accomodation too.
You are not specific in which part of the country are you planning to relocate, but if you like to avoid the crowd, i strongly advise you to avoid Kathmandu, which is really crowded.
Pokhara and the area around is a bit more expensive then Kathmandu area, but is in my opinion, the most beautiful part of the country.
Avoid agencies and local organisations that are dealing with foreigners, sometimes they would charge you 10 times more then the real price of what you want to purchase.

William asks…

How do you move to another state?

My boyfriend, daughter and I live in NJ. We are young and NJ is way to expensive for us. We want to move to a cheaper state but understandably any place we’ve found, the landlord wants proof of work and any job we find wants to know when we can start. It is hard to say when we don’t even know if we’ll have a place. Does anyone know how you do this?

Administrator answers:

Agreed with all, you need to find a job before you move. Moving before getting a job is asking for trouble, because what happens if you never find a job?!

Start looking for jobs in the area you want to move to. If they ask you when you can start, give them the soonest day you can be done at your current job and be in the new state. You can always live in a hotel for a little while until you can get an apartment.

A more difficult, but plausible way is to look for an apartment in the area you want to move into first. Since you won’t have a job you will more than likely need a co-signer/guarantor. This will allow you to move into the apartment before getting a job. However whoever co-signs for you had better trust you like crazy because if you default on the lease (for example if you can’t get a new job and run out of money), s/he will be responsible for paying the rent!

Laura asks…

How long would $2,000 canadian last me in Belgrade, serbia.?

My friend and i are planning on going to serbia to stay there for a long time.. if we have $2,000 canadian each for spending money.. How long could this last us of we were to get a cheap apartment for rent????

Administrator answers:

Hi, I live in Belgrade and spend circa 400$ monthly including rent, electricity and other bills, and going out on daily basis. Prices here you’ll find ridiculous, ex. Kilo of beef is about 7 dollars. Beer in the pub is about 2-3 dollars, etc. Most beautiful experience shall be if you rent an apartment for 4-5-6 months, cook for yourself etc. ’cause prices in supermarkets for food and beverages are as I said. Renting apartment with 2 rooms will be from 250-500 dollars, depending on part of the city, but can be even cheaper if you have modest requirements. Best calculations for money is that 1 dollar is about 90 dinars. Hope it helps.

Mandy asks…

Pros and cons of living in an apartment?

I’m 15, and I live in a house with my mum and dad. I’ve lived in this house all my life. My dad just had a stroke a month ago and he won’t be able to come back and live with us because my mum and I cannot provide the right care he needs and because of some other family reasons that are causing them to separate. We’re thinking of an apartment, mum doesn’t want the responsibility of a house anymore. The apartment we’re interested in is for sale and if we were to move into it we would be buying, not renting. I’m totally in love with it, even if it is an apartment. It’s actually pretty spacious and quite fitting for us. What are the pros and cons of moving from a house to an apartment? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

What you’re saying is a a condo. In most places, apartments refer to rentals, not purchases.

- You own versus rent
- Usually more security
- Usually you have secured parking (ie: underground or behind a gate)
- Usually cheaper than a house (of course depending where it is located)
- You don’t do the maintenance and that’s what your HOA fees cover

- You have bylaws you have to follow. For example you could have pet restrictions, rental restrictions, appearance restrictions (ie: no screens on your windows, no painting your door a different color etc)
- Less privacy
- Less space (obviously depending on the condo)
- No yard/garden

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