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October 9, 2012

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know of cheap apartments in Katy/Houston area?

My husband, daughter and I need a new apartment and we need it cheap ( between $500-$780) for a two bedroom. We prefer an apartment in the general Katy area or half way between Katy proper and the Northwest Freeway at 34th street. If you can help us at all, thanks :)
Couldn’t quite understand that one…

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to check with an apartment locator:

William asks…

Air conditioner question?

I live in a 3 rood apartment with very high ceilings. We have a central electric air conditioner. I was just wondering what way would save us more money. What we have been doing is turning off the air during the day when we are not home and turning it on when we go to bed. The problem is that the apartment gets up to 86 degrees F. sometimes. We usually cool it to 75-78. My question is it cheaper to do that or to leave it at a consant 75-78 degrees. Because someone told me that it takes more energy for it to bring the tempture down from the 80′s to 75 then it does keeping the air at a consant tempture. What way would be cheaper for us to do?

Administrator answers:

LEAVE THE STAT AT WHATEVER TEMP YOU WANT YOUR HOUSE TO BE WHEN YOU ARE THERE!!!!!!! If you leave the stat alone, this is your best way to save money. I suggest 72 degrees 24/7. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT turn it up or off, then turn it down or on when you get home. This will chew your electrical bill up like a dog bone. The hotter it gets in you home, the more work your compressor has to do to biring the temp back down. Meaning, you will draw alot more amps form your unit which is what makes an electrical bill high. 72 degrees 24/7. Cant go wrong!!!!!

Linda asks…

Yellowed vinyl floors in apartment?

I’m getting ready to move out of my apartment and have begun cleaning it up so as to avoid getting charged any more money. However, I have some very stubborn, yellow stains on my vinyl floors. The stains are only underneath the two bathroom rugs, and the cat bowls in the kitchen. The bottom of the bathroom rugs and the cat bowls are both lined with rubber. I have two theories as to what could cause the stains.

1– Being that my apartments are apartments, they want to give us the cheapest flooring possible. Floor wax could have been used to shine the floors before I moved in, as the yellowing was very minimial at that time. As the bathroom rugs got wet from me getting out of the shower and the cats spilled water under their bowls, the yellow got worse. Could it be the floor wax yellowing? I’ve tried industrial strength floor stripper and it didn’t do anything, although I didn’t have very hot water. Also, it seems that the yellow is splotching on the bottom of the bathroom
rugs as well, leading me to think that the yellow is a substance that can “come off” the floors.

Hypothesis 2- I read this online. Not sure of it’s merit, but it makes sense also. “linoleum is made from raw materials and oxidation of the linseed oil in the flooring will result in yellow stains in areas not exposed to light. i.e. under rugs. Once the mat is removed and the flooring exposed to sunlight; the yellow will disappear.”

What do you guys think? How can I clean my floors so I don’t have to buy new ones when I move out? These apartments are notorious for charging residents moving out for everything possible.

I have yet to try bleach.


Administrator answers:

No matter what you do to clean the apartment. Before you make the “walk through” with your landlord be sure to take pictures of the way you left the house, It is also suggested to take pictures of defects before moving in for proof you did not cause the damage.
Good luck on getting the yellow out.

Maria asks…

Cheapest and best places to stay when in Santa Monica?

Looking to go on holiday to Santa Monica CA, in august and was wondering where would be good places to stay? There’s 4 of us and we kind of like the idea of apartments that you can rent for a week to 10 days. Would like to be near the beach. I’ve put it in a search engine but no apartment complexs come up! Any hotel suggestions are welcome too, we’re on a tight budget so we’re looking for value for money.

Please help if you can, thanks =)

Administrator answers:

Ok, let me be the first American to answer this question without saturating it in sarcasm and self-congratulatory snottiness… Yikes…

It’s true, the cheapest places and the best places rarely sync up. The two hotels that are right on the water (Shutters and Casa Del Mar) have room rates that start in the 400′s and go up to 3500/night. The cheapest hotel in Santa Monica is the Hotel Carmel and it’s pretty divey.

Here: – $225-550/week isn’t bad for being in Venice, which is fun. At Shutters or Casa Del Mar you can’t get a room for less than $300/night.
Http:// – Mar Vista is about a mile or so back from the beach, not bad.

Laura asks…

where can i find a free housing agent?

me and my bf are first time renters and buyers.. so we need alot of rental expertise because we know nothing about the rental and buying world… is there anywhere in wilmington nc that can will help me and bf find a house apartment condo anything cheap for us to live in… where do i go and who do i call for this… please help first time buyer first time renter first time everything ps im only 18 years old so i really dont know and my bf is only 18 as well so yea.. new to this and not around my parents to help us out.. please help… thanks yahoo answers world…

Administrator answers:

Get a copy of your states real estate contract, then learn on your own. There are lots of web sites that can teach you all about home buying. You won’t find a real estate broker that works for free.

Real estate is a good investment, but neither of you should share a mortgage until you are married, unless one of you can afford it on your own. If you cant get a mortgage on your own, dont do it.

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