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Your Questions About Duplex

May 18, 2013

Chris asks…

How do you soundproof an unused door in an old house turned duplex?

I just moved into a duplex made out of an old house. There is a door that is blocked by plywood on the neighbors’ side, but I have a door with weather stripping at the bottom on my side and it is connected to the piece of ply wood by a short chain (to keep it closed I suppose). I smell their food, hear their conversations as if they were in the room, and hear them walking. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas, because otherwise it’s a great cheap place.
The door is there incase the landlady wants to rent out the entire house as a unit.

Administrator answers:

You need to remove the door and casing, turn it into a regular, insulated, wall to sound proof it.

You will need a building permit since this is a structural change the completely seperates the building.

Lisa asks…

is it legal to not rent a duplex to a family because they have two children?

We were denied a duplex only because we Have two children and they want someone with one child or no children
First off not trying to sue somebody. Its a three bedroom duplex.

Administrator answers:

How big is the duplex? It may be illegal to refuse to rent to families with children, but the landlord in this case is not doing that.
He can restrict how many people will occupy the rental unit. Also, local zoning laws may also determine how many people you can have per square footage in each rental unit.

John asks…

What are the advantages of half duplex system compared to full duplex system?

What are the advantages of a half duplex system as compared to a full duplex system?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

1. Easy to implement
2. Less congested network
3. Less complex hardware needed
4. Only one antenna can work as both transmitter and receiver

Linda asks…

How does the Speed and Duplex affect my internet speed?

I had trouble with my internet for a week and ISP kept confirming nothing was wrong on their part. Then I decided to adjust a setting and tried with the speed and duplex and set it on 10MBPS Full Duplex and suddenly it worked.

I would like to know how does this affect my internet speed since I have been running some speed test and I’m getting 10 mbps but my internet is 15MB/S. The only problem is if I change the setting to the 100MBPS one it won’t work anymore.

What should I do?

Administrator answers:

You have a lot of confusion in the units you describe. Mbps normally refers to megabits per second, while MBps refers to megabytes per second. A byte is eight bits.

The fact that you have the option of full duplex suggests that you are using an Ethernet connection, but to what?

Your Internet speed will be limited to the slowest link in the chain. If your ISP is giving you 15 Mbps, and your Ethernet is set to 10 Mbps, then the maximum you can get is 10 Mbps.

Full duplex should be slightly faster than half duplex, but the actual speed difference should not be more than a few percent.

I would check to see whether the settings that limit the speed of the Ethernet have been corrupted. If this is the case, then setting the Ethernet to 100 Mbps may be causing a speed overrun, which could be causing your problem.

Go into Control Panel and find Device Manager. Find the entry for the Ethernet adapter, and open its properties. There should be a settings tab that will allow you to configure various parameters for the adapter. Keep a note of any settings you change in case you need to change them back again. Look for a setting that covers flow control – this might be the one that has got corrupted.

If you cannot find an appropriate setting, you can try deleting the Ethernet adapter from Device Manager. Reboot, and it should automatically be recreated with default settings, which are normally good.

For some reason, sometimes Windows will randomly change settings for no apparent reason.

David asks…

I live in a duplex and the other half is empty and the construction workers are playing loud music?

The other half of the duplex is empty and they have started working on it I guess, Well I work third
shift so I need to sleep during the time when they are pounding away. I turned on my ipod and i was able to sleep but then they added a loud radio to the mix and I can’t block it out. What can I do about it?

Administrator answers:

You can ask them, but unless they are working before 7 am or after 9 pm they are within their rights.

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