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July 4, 2013

Ken asks…

Can I use the fact that my cats are emotionally supportive when moving in a new duplex apartment?

I’m 18, my family and I are moving into a new duplex apartment, we live on one side and the landlords live on the other side. I have had my cats since I was 15- they were about 5 weeks old when we got them. I was very depressed and when we got them, my depression has lifted incredibly. However- the new landlord is saying that she does not like cats and doesn’t really want them to live with us in the new apartment.

My cats are increibally clean, they are indoor cats, they rarely cause any problems at all. I know for a fact that if I have to get rid of my cats, my emotional stability will break, I cannot imagine my life without my cats. I plan to hopefully get my own apartment soon hopefully anyway, and if that happens I want to be able to move with my cats.

Is there anyway I can register my cats as emotionally supportive animals, since I never had to do that with my current landlord? And if they are registered as emotionally supportive, can the landlord still tell us to get rid of them? I really don’t know what to do…. I absolutely cannot get rid of my cats.
-I have two cats, 1 male & 1 female; both under 7 pounds & have been neutered.

Administrator answers:

No. Not unless you are collecting disability for mental illness. Very few mentally ill people are so ill that they are disabled.

Jenny asks…

15 amp duplex gfci outlet on a dedicated 20 amp circuit?

Hi there,

I am replacing my kitchen counter top outlets to gfci’s. There are 4 receptacles and they EACH have their OWN dedicated 20 amp circuit. Is it ok to install a 15 amp duplex gfci outlet on each circuit? Or do all outlets have to be connected to one circuit? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

15 amp DUPLEX is ok!

But I don’t know why you would use 15 amp, except to save a couple bucks. The 20 amp should be more durable.

They do not need to be on one circuit, if fact the code requires at least 2 circuits for the kitchen.

Also some people are confused, the code does say a dedicated outlet must match the amperage of the breaker, so multiple outlets are required for 15 amp outlets on a 20 amp circuit. This because a 20 amp breaker with a single point 15 amp load connection would not be adequately protected. But a DUPLEX is two outlets, not one, and additionally the code clarifies this in another section that specifies 15 and 20 amp receptacles are allowed the amperage style allowed on a 20 amp circuit.

Mandy asks…

Will my military entry-level seperation discharge come up when I am trying to rent a duplex?

I was just ELS from the AF last month, now I’m trying to rent a duplex with my boyfriend, will that information come up when they do crimal/credit/history checks?

Administrator answers:

It may come up, but not in a way that will harm you. ELS is a non-punitive discharge, much the same as a discharge under general conditions. You’d only have to be worried if you’d landed yourself a DD, BCD, or OTHD.


Robert asks…

How can I get the list of all the duplexes on sale in Montreal?

I’m looking to buy a duplex im Montreal and I’m a first time i need the list of allthe duplexes availablie to buy

Administrator answers:

Linda asks…

How much does a Duplex cost in Denver?

I would like to know the price? on buying a duplex in Denver Colorado.

Administrator answers:

Wow, that’s like asking “what’s the temperature on earth?” Location has a lot to do with it. Now west just a bit is a great place to buy a duplex. My neighborhood, Utah.

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