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Your Questions About Duplex

July 14, 2013

Mandy asks…

Can you get an additional duplex tray for the HP P2015d Printer and where can I get one?

A friend of mine is after a duplex tray for his HP P2015d, where can I get one?

Administrator answers:

Part number you want to search for is Q5931A. There is no tray specific to duplexing. The part should be available through the HP Parts Store, Amazon, or Ebay.

Helen asks…

How can you repair one unit of a duplex’s foundation?

I own one unit in a duplex which may need foundation repair is it possible to repair my foundation without effecting the other unit?

Administrator answers:

It would depend on where your unit needed to be underpinned and what method was used, if I would have to GUESS if there was any effect on their unit it’s probably because they need it done as well.

In short if your footings that needed work where near to the other unit it might, if the underpinners were to use a method where they needed to dig under your footings like on that site it might.

Check out this site, this is just one method of underpinning. It will give you an idea why it might effect you neighbor’s foundations.

Ask yourself this, if you need to do that very close to your neighbor foundation could it effect theirs?


Donna asks…

Is it legal for an apt/townhome/duplex complex to chg a monthly rental fee for dog/cat in addition to deposit?

I have paid the required pet deposit of $450.00 and half is non refundable. In addition to that I was required to pay an additional fee 0f $25.00 monthly as “pet rental” for the duplex. I think this is totally outrageous because I am already paying rent for the place on a monthly basis.

Administrator answers:

Yes, most places in VA charge this to have a pet. The deposit is for the carpet cleaning and defleaing that needs to be done after a tennant leaves with a pet, the monthly fee is charged as a fee for you to have the pet there. Perfecly legal read your lease.

William asks…

What are three important interactions that stabilize the DNA duplex?

What are three important interactions that stabilize the DNA duplex?

Administrator answers:

1. Specific base pairing.
2. Hydrophobic bonds between adjacent bases.
3.Cations such as Na+ neutralise the negative charge on the DNA.

Lisa asks…

Do I have to pay the gas bill if I do not have control over the gas usage in the duplex where I live?

Live in the upper flat of a duplex and the downstairs neighbors have control over the thermostat. Michigan winters get cold, and they crank it up to temperatures higher than I would prefer. We are supposed to split the bill 50/50, but I cannot understand why/how should I be paying for something I have no control over?

Administrator answers:

Talk with the customer service department of your gas company. Often the rules are specific to each state or city. Also, review your lease and see what you agreed to in that document. You could also just talk with your neighbors and ask them to conserve a little more, or agree to put in a programmable thermostat (they are cheap at Home Depot – $35 or less and very easy to install). The programmable one turns the heat way down during the day when people are away at work and saves tons of money.

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