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Your Questions About Duplex

July 29, 2013

Richard asks…

I want to buy a lot and build a duplex.?

Is it possible to buy a lot and build a duplex? Is it possible i can rent out duplexes and make money for retirement is it possible i can make money back from this ? Do I need to be in a buissness or something

Administrator answers:

Check with your city zoning department, they will be able to tell you what nieghborhoods this is allowed in, it would be a shame to buy a lot and find you cant get a permit to build a duplex.

Nancy asks…

what kind of loan should i get to build two sets of duplexes?

I already own one duplex which was purchased via conventional loan. I was given two lots of land and i am looking to build two sets of duplexes. I don’t have much to put down and wanted to know if I should get a business loan to build or what are some other options of financing.

Administrator answers:

You will probably have to get a construction loan which will convert to a mortgage upon completion of the construction. Talk to the loan officer at your local bank. You will have to have adequate income to qualify for the mortgage to get the construction loan.

George asks…

what does this link speed and duplex mean on my network driver?

can i change my link speed here?

but when i change it to 100mbps/full duplex…its saying that my network cable is unplugged?

Administrator answers:

Full Duplex means the devices can communicate to each other simultaneously, like two people speaking at the same time and understand what the other is saying. 100Mbps is the speed that LAN ommunicates. To change the settings you can type the ip for your switch or router into your web browser and a GUI should come up that will allow you to adjust it. I would not recommend that you make any adjustments and let the system automatically use its default settings.

Lizzie asks…

Need advice on how to sell a duplex in a tight Real Estate market?

Please give me some suggestoins on how can I sell in a buyers market? I bought brand new a duplex last year and I owe 320K on it and it appraises for 350K. I have it listed for 335K so I can pay the relators commission. I am not behind on the payments so most investors are not interested in it since its not a distressed property. It needs no work or rehab. Eventaully, it will start hurting me financially because I had to kick the tenants out 2 months ago for non payment. I am looking for more tenants but it’s not easy. I have it listed with the agent, it’s advertised in the local newpaper, and on craigs list for almost 2 months and only 2 people have called about it. How can I get more exposure and get it sold as quickly as possible? I’m ready to move on from this investment.

Administrator answers:

Offer a cruise with it or something exciting

Donald asks…

How can I recover duplex controller it it fails in windows 2003?

In RAID 1 how can I recover if duplex controll fails?

Administrator answers:

If the controller fails (not the hard drive) it must be replaced and your data should be backed up ASAP. Once the new controller is replaced and configured, you should be able to plug both drives back into it.


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