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August 12, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do I buy a Duplex in Eugene Oregon?

I and my partner are first time home buyers and we have less than 20k cash. Also we live in California at the moment. We would like to buy a duplex in the Eugene area (so one of us can go to school there). Is this possible to do and how should we go about it?

Administrator answers:

Look up realtors in that area and ask them to find some for you to look at.

Lizzie asks…

How do I find apartments that are not in big buildings but rather in houses or duplexes?

I am looking for an apartment in Pittsburgh, pa but it seems every site except Craigslist (scamville) lists apartments that are part of a community or a high rise. I would like to rent an apartment in a house or a duplex. Does anyone get what I’m trying to say?

Administrator answers:

Talk with a realtor, there are tons in that area that assist with renting. And look at real estate sites, they’re not just for buyers, you’ll find lots of options for renters. A lot of home owners don’t like to deal with showing their apt’s or finding the right tenant, they have realtors do it.

Steven asks…

Is telephonic conversation a full duplex process? Why? How is this process acieved?

What do we mean by Simplex, half duplex and full duplex modes of voice/data transmission? For full duplex transmission, we need two separate wires or two separate logic channels. What is the mode a land line telephone working in?

Administrator answers:

Simplex communication is a name for a type of communication circuit. There are two (contradictory) definitions that have been used for the term. In both cases, the other definition is referred to as half duplex.

A duplex communication system is a system composed of two connected parties or devices which can communicate with one another in both directions. (The term duplex is not used when describing communication between more than two parties or devices.)

Duplex systems are employed in nearly all communications networks, either to allow for a communication “two-way street” between two connected parties or to provide a “reverse path” for the monitoring and remote adjustment of equipment in the field.

A half-duplex system provides for communication in both directions, but only one direction at a time (not simultaneously). Typically, once a party begins receiving a signal, it must wait for the transmitter to stop transmitting, before replying.

An example of a half-duplex system is a two-party system such as a “walkie-talkie” style two-way radio, wherein one must use “Over” or another previously designated command to indicate the end of transmission, and ensure that only one party transmits at a time, because both parties transmit on the same frequency. A good analogy for a half-duplex system would be a one lane road with traffic controllers at each end. Traffic can flow in both directions, but only one direction at a time with this being regulated by the traffic controllers.

Betty asks…

How much will a property mgmt co charge to run my 2 duplexes?

Is it a percentage of the rents? (Each duplex has 2, 2br apts in it.)
Do provided services vary by co., or are they all pretty much the same?

Administrator answers:

It’s somewhat negotiable. For example they will charge one fee for finding a tenant. This can be as much as 1 month’s rent. There is a lesser fee for collecting rent and managing the units. We charge 10% of the monthly rent. You may think the fee for finding a tenant is high, but most management companies work with other Realtors so they have to pay a reasonable fee for someone else to find a tenant.


Charles asks…

Can you use the first time tax credit to buy a duplex?

My fiancee and I are thinking about building a duplex, but since we are not married yet and she has never purchased a home before can she buy it as a first time home (we’ll live in it of course) and get the $8000 tax credit. Also, if I co-sign for her (not the same as a married arrangement), would she still be eligible and also allow her to build her creidt history (she has 0 credit history, none.).

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

See a tax CPA for that question, which is a very good one by the way!
Don’t take advice from yahoo’s on Yahoo with stuff like that.

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