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June 13, 2012

Betty asks…

Can I replace two-pronged outlets with new duplex receptacles without a ground wire?

My house is over 50 years old. Most of the outlets in my house are two-pronged. Can I buy a box of duplex receptacles from Lowe’s or Home Depot and replace them all, even though I know there is no ground wire in my house?

Administrator answers:

The national electric code allows you to install a GFCI receptacle in place of a two prong outlet without a ground wire. You still will not have a ground, but it will be safe and comply with code. That receptacle can also protect any downstream receptacles. So you can install regular three prong receptacles downstream from the GFCI. Don’t take electrical advise from the untrained people on this board.

Jane is correct again.

Donald asks…

What is the difference between a townhome, condo, duplex, apartment, and a loft?

Me and my boyfriend are looking for places to rent out and we were wondering if someone could tell us the difference between a townhome, a condo, a duplex, an apartment, and a loft?

Administrator answers:

Townhome- Usually it is 2 or more “homes” connected to each other. They can either be rented or you can own one.
Condo- Same thing as an apartment, but you own it instead of renting it.
Duplex- It is pretty much a house divided into 2 living quarters. Usually you share a car port/garage, and you share a yard. They are rented most of the time.
Apartment- I think you know what this is. Lol.
Loft- To my knowledge is when they convert a building into a living space.

Edit: Well many living spaces, like an apartment building.

Helen asks…

We live in duplex and have no control over our heat, is that legal?

I live in Minneapolis in a duplex it is getting cold out so to take out the chill I went to go turn on the heat, no thermostat. The neighbors who live in the front of the house have control over the heater. Is this legal? We do not talk to the neighbors nor do we get along with them. I do not want to freeze all winter because we can’t turn up the heat. We have small children in the house and space heaters are scary. Does anybody know any thing about this? What we can do?
Ok we live in a duplex in Minneapolis and it is starting to get chilly out when I went to turn on the heat we learned that we have no thermostat and no way to control our heat. I talked to one of the workers how has done all of the work on the house and he informed me that the renters in the front of the house have control over the heat. We have old fashioned radiators and know that they have turned it on once in the past week. Today is 50 out and no heat. We do not get along with them and talking to our landlord is a joke as she does nothing. It is in the lease that we are to pay heat. We have small children in the house and are scared of space heaters but do not want to freeze all winter. Any suggestions? We are at a loss right now.

Administrator answers:

First we need to know if you pay for heat, meaning do you get a bill? What type of heat do you have, if its a boiler system there would be no thermostat. If your neighbors control your heat thats not right. Talk to your landloard and check your lease agreement.

Sandra asks…

What web site can I use to find information on duplex control circuits?

I need to know what duplex control circuits are, what they are used for, and any other examples where they are being used.

Administrator answers:

Never heard of a duplex control circuit. There are control circuits that run at half, or full duplex however. Those two terms usually apply to communications or data transfer. Networks within a business may use half duplex routers or switches. Half duplex has two highways, if you will. When data is sent, all traffic stops on the opposite side of the road, while the data streams across the open side. When data has to travel the other way, the traffic is stopped on the opposite side. In this way data only travels one way at a time. Full duplex can send and recieve data both ways at the same time, with no pausing. For this process, sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) is integrated.

I read that Combat-net for the military uses a half-duplex network. They for a certainty have much better communications than half duplex and im sure they are heavily encrypted and are sent and recieved from hardened units.

Mary asks…

How do I turn a duplex into two zero lot line properties?

We own a duplex and need to sell it. However, the housing market is horrible right now. A duplex just like our place has been for sale for over a year for less than what we owe… not good.

We are wanting to divide title with our side-by-side duplex to create two zero lot line properties & we can sell them individually. Where do we start to see if this a possibility? I know we need to divide the water/sewer. What else?

Administrator answers:

Duplexes are nightmares— The only time they work out is with one owner. I have seen houses with two different colored roofs and siding and what not– Check with your local building official as to what your options are.If you own both units -list it as a two family instead.

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