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August 26, 2013

Betty asks…

what’s the best way to get rid of cockroaches from my duplex?

I live in a duplex with some really messy neighbors. They moved in last year and since then we started getting roaches- American, German, Chinese, you name it. Now we have tuns of them and we cannot seem to get rid of them. I’ve killed thousands by hand, used raid, spend hundreds of dollars on expensive gel poisens, threw out food, and even tried sealing every hole in every room. The neighbors are extremley, with two rots pooping, dirty dishes everywhere, and roaches by the thousands. Me and my girlfiend put our best efforts on trying to get rid of them but more roaches seem keep finding ways over our side to breed. What are some effective ways to put a stop to this?

Administrator answers:

The roaches coming from the messy neighbors can crawl under the baseboards and up the pipes under the sinks. Putting some gel along the baseboards will give the roaches something to eat and they will take the gel inside the walls where a lot of the roaches are and the gel will kill them. Roaches eat their dead and when the dead roaches have the gel in them, the roaches will die.

Joseph asks…

Can you leave a owner occupied duplex before it is finished being payed for?

Say for instance I owned a duplex and rented out one side & lived in the other. I got a lower down payment because I said it was owner occupied… What would happen if after 1-2 years I left the other side and decided to rent it to another person. Would the mortgage rate go up? Is that not allowed?

Can someone give me some insight please? Thank you so much
A FHA loan @ 3.5%

Administrator answers:

When you signed your mortgage loan docs at the closing of your purchase transaction these mortgage loan docs indicated a time frame in which you would be required to reside in the house. This normal time frame is 2 years.

If you decide to move and rent the side you are currently residing in your mortgage lender would not really care. There would be no change in your terms(number of years), interest rate or the monthly mortgage payment. You would not be required to notify your mortgage lender of this change.

This is allowed as most real estate investors started their real estate investing in this manner. You might even do this once again. Check with your mortgage lender as to the requirements of purchasing another rental house with you staying in one unit and rent the other.

Some on this forum would indicate you would be required to notify your mortgage lender, I have yet to ever see this requirement in any mortgage loan docs by any mortgage lender.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


John asks…

Landlord does not have seperate meters for propane to heat two duplexes can he charge half and half?

I live in a duplex which is heated by propane. He then figures out how many gallons all tenants uses and then divides it in half and gives us the bill. I feel this is wrong but I cannot find the law on it. Also he cannot verify how many gallons we use. I do not heat my house over 65 and I know the other tenant kept hers at 80.

So does anyone know my rights about this? What can I do to pay for my fair share only?

Administrator answers:

Like yo I disagree with this,someone is always going to be paying someone else’s usage and thats not fair. I would dispute it but than be afraid that I would find an eviction notice on my door. I woudl probably just look for another place to live.

Are they leglally considered 2 separate dwellings? If so I woudl imagine he is breaking the law of some sort on sharing one meter for 2 swellings. Can you call the propane company and ask them? Make it annonymous so you don’t get into trouble.

James asks…

What are the standards for a wireless half duplex transceiver?

and also,can anyone explain how the circuit of a half duplex works,like what does pushing the button do in the circuit that makes it switch between transmit and receive

Administrator answers:

In wireless, half duplex is called Time Division Duplex or TDD. See for types of wireless standards that are TDD.

Laura asks…

Should I contact a lawyer about sublet applicants being denied for my duplex?

I am trying to sublet a duplex. All of my applicants keep getting denied when they have their history reviewed. I find that hard to believe. Is there anything I can do? I moved to another city for a new job.

Administrator answers:

If they do not qualify then there is nothing you can do about it. No landlord ever has to allow a sublet so there is nothing to call a lawyer over.

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