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Your Questions About Duplex

January 11, 2013

Betty asks…

If I share a duplex home, is there a way I can specify to the mailman where to deliver packages?

I live on the second floor of a duplex home, but it’s a completely separate unit, separate lease and everything, with a locked hallway door in between and different entrances. My downstairs neighbors and I keep out of each other’s way for the most part. Is there a way I can specify to the mailman to deliver packages to the “upstairs unit”? Who do I talk to? Do I specify when writing down shipping addresses?

Administrator answers:

A duplex house should have separate addresses for the two units. 123 Main St. #1 and 123 Main St #2 or 123 Main St Apt A and 123 Main St Apt B would be examples. The post office should deliver the mail to the correct mailbox. If you don’t have a separate address you should talk to your landlord about making separate designations for the two duplexes.

Donald asks…

Should I invest in buying a duplex or is it too much of a burden?

I saved up enough money to buy a duplex in a not-so-good neighborhood without a mortgage. Is this a good investment or will this be a burden?

What if I want to go on vacation for several months? Who will collect the rent? Should I let a property management company manage the place? Can I trust them?

Are tenants in rougher neighborhoods good tenants or am I looking at lots of evictions and repairs to the property?

Administrator answers:

Sorry can tell from way u ask – this
will end up being a financial time
consuming stress filled nightmare
if u do it.

Do your research b4 even considering
buying and save up 10,000s in Cash
for the hassles duplex tenants can b.

Ruth asks…

Is there a difference between a duplex and a 2 house townhouse?

Question says it all.

A duplex has 2 buildings attached.

When is it considered a townhouse?

Administrator answers:

A duplex is a two unit property with one owner. The townhouse is considered separate properties and is owned by different parties. Number of stories has nothing to do with it. It is a matter of how the property is titled. A 2 unit townhouse is called a twin home. The wall that joins the units is called a party wall and is the only part of the townhouse with shared ownership. Hope this clarifies it for you.

Sharon asks…

In san jose is there a difference between duplex and 2family residence?

I have a house partitioned into 2 parts. This placed is not zoned for 2 family. But what about Turning it into duplex? Is there a difference between 2 family and duplex?

Administrator answers:

The zoning is the same, the term “duplex” is a real estate one, the actual zoning would be 2 family.

Sandra asks…

How can you tell if you have a full or half duplex sound card?

I want to use my webcam on MSN. I want to have a two way conversation with my webcam. It says that I need full duplex for two way. How do you check how many duplexe’s your sound card is.

Administrator answers:

If your PC is less than 4 years old, it’s full duplex.

To test it, just try it with a friend.

If your PC is more than 4 years old, asynchronous video calling probably isn’t an option.

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