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October 17, 2012

Carol asks…

Halloween Party Ideas For Teens?

Hello, I know that there’s at least 4 other questions just like this out there. I’ve looked at them all. But maybe someone out there has another idea that THOSE people didn’t.
Here’s my info: My friend and I are hosting a party at her house. There are 9 people, including my friend and I, invited. We’re not sure if they can all come yet. They RSVP by next week. The age range is 13-14. We’re not really sure what kinds of things they’d like to do. It is a co-ed party, but there’s only 2 guys invited. We don’t really want some make-out party, or giant house party. We don’t want beer or drugs or anything like that. Her dad is planning on checking in once in a while. She lives in a duplex that they own, and they own the bottom, bigger floor. She’s got a slightly large backyard, and we’re able to use the close neighbors’ backyards also.
I hope that’s enough info. Now all we need is some party ideas. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Take a bucket and fill it with urine. Hahhaha
then take the bucket to someones door, lean it on the door. Then ring the bell and run and hide. Hahhaa
when the person opens the door. The bucket of urine spills onto their carpet. Hhahahha

but you have to stay nearby to watch the reaction

Mark asks…

Did you read this?? Another ILLEGAL another crime??

Wednesday, 08/23/06

Neighbor charged in death of Bellevue woman in home
Police say suspected illegal immigrant admitted killing

Staff Writer

The remnants of a brutal and lengthy fight were scattered throughout Mary Sadler’s 229 Cross Timbers Drive home on Tuesday.

Police found Sadler’s cockatiel, Aussie, cowering in a corner with a broken wing. The bird later died at an emergency clinic.

A glass panel from a grandfather clock was shattered. A mirror in the front foyer was cracked, and glass spilled out onto the floor.

Nearby, police found Sadler, 74, dead, her beaten and bloody body by a rear sliding-glass door inside the home.

“It was one hell of a fight,” her grandson-in-law, Paul Woods, said Tuesday as he helped clean debris from the living room. “I think she did a good job for being 74 years old and trying to defend herself.”

According to Metro police, the man who on Monday killed Sadler, and perhaps Sadler’s bird, was Ivan Moreno, 30, a next-door neighbor.

Moreno, who is thought to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico, admitted to police that he struck Sadler after he went to her house to get money, said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron.

Moreno was arrested yesterday on a charge of criminal homicide.

He also faces two charges of assaulting police officers during his arrest and a domestic assault charge after threatening his wife in Spanish that he would kill her if she cooperated with authorities, police said.

Moreno’s possible illegal presence in the country was a sore spot yesterday for Sadler’s family and neighbors. They expressed contempt for landlords who rented a duplex to Moreno and his family.

Police initially said Sadler had been beaten to death, but an autopsy yesterday found that she had also been strangled, Aaron said.

It was not clear exactly what touched off the violence inside the home. Moreno had gone to Sadler’s house to ask for money.

Sometime after the killing, he went to a Mapco on Highway 70 South where he became belligerent after being refused cigarettes because he didn’t have enough money, police said.

Moreno left the Mapco before police arrived and drove back to his neighborhood. Neighbors saw him driving recklessly through yards and called police.

Officers arrived at Cross Timbers Drive to find his car abandoned with a shredded tire, police said.

He was identified moments later and found to have an outstanding warrant for failing to show up in court in June on a charge of driving without a license, police said.

Officers went to his home at 233 Cross Timbers Drive, but Moreno wasn’t there. As they prepared to leave, they spotted him behind Sadler’s home with blood on his clothes, police said.

According to police, Moreno kicked two officers who tried to arrest him.

Moreno appears to have used false documents and a fake name to land a job at a West End Avenue restaurant, police said. Federal authorities are working to determine his immigration status.

The killing prompted a joint statement by Metro police Chief Ronal Serpas, Sheriff Daron Hall and District Attorney General Torry Johnson, announcing plans to reform the way criminal immigrants are handled in Nashville.

“While it is premature at this point to announce any plans or initiatives, suffice it to say that the three of us are working closely with the federal government to develop a system to better protect our citizens from immigrants who commit criminal acts and show a blatant disregard for our laws,” the statement said.

Investigators have said they didn’t know of any animosity between Moreno and Sadler before Monday, though a police spokesman said a hand-held video game and other undisclosed items from Sadler’s home were found in Moreno’s home, police said.

Sadler’s family and neighbors yesterday told The Tennessean there had been disputes between them.

One recent spat involved one of Moreno’s children shooting a BB gun at tomatoes in Sadler’s back yard, a family member said.

Police yesterday declined to comment about that.

“We are still early in the investigation,” Aaron said. “We will be talking to Mrs. Sadler’s family in more detail.”
For all you WHINERS!!! “Hold Em Rox” just explained to you the DIFFERENCE between crimes committed by legal citizens,and those committed by ILLEGAL aliens!!! The crimes by illegals should NEVER have happened in the first place,and would NOT have happened if the illegals were not in this country!!
“michelle g” This incident is NOT a “one time” thing!!! Over a MILLION violent crimes are committed each year by ILLEGALS!!!!!!
“gidget’ NO, i don’t “go looking for these articles”!!!! But, all you have to do is READ the newspaper, and you always find them whether you’re mlooking or NOT!!!!
“gidget’ NO, i don’t “go looking for these articles”!!!! But, all you have to do is READ the newspaper, and you always find them whether you’re looking or NOT!!!!

Administrator answers:

They come here for a better life, but in fact, thousands kill, rape, molest, drive drunk, rob, bilk welfare services, destroy school systems, savage our hospitals and destroy our language. Along with thousands crossing our borders daily to do the work Americans won’t do, thousands of predator and drunk aliens converge on America committed to doing jobs that most Americans wouldn’t dream of doing: killing, raping, drunk driving and child molestation….

David asks…

How to deal with anxiety from neighborhood and apartment and economic issues?

My apologies if this is in the wrong section but you guys have helped me in the past. I’ve been renting a 3 bdrm apt for 3yrs. Lately, I’ve been getting mild anxiety attacks b/c of minor neighbor issues. In all honesty, they are not minor to me but I’m certain would be to most people.

The block we live on has a new family that moved in and they are loud and right across the street directly in my window view. My upstairs neighbor is loud and we had to address it yesterday. (unfortunately).

The worst part is that our 3 bdrm apt is tiny and we have 2 children and it’s too small. My husband lost his job so any hope of moving is delayed until he gets adequate work.

My hope is that someone can offer me a different perspective on what I can focus on. My personality is such that I tend to dwell on this negative…..TINY overcrowded apt, one floor (I miss my old duplex), horrid obnoxious neighbors lack of consideration, ditto to upstairs neighbors…etc… Has anyone experienced a similar predicament?

I told my husband I would “feel” better if I get some boxes and just start packing slowly as a reminder that we will be leaving soon.
I’m sorry if I sound whiny (I’m an overworked full time working mom supporting husband and children…rent,bills,….) but I was hoping someone can offer me a realistic piece of advice on how I should plan on coping with this apartment/neighborhood situation in a positive pro-active way.

Thanks so much for any advice, I feel I’m at the end of my sanity rope here.
thanks Bill, you’re right. Everytime I come home and walk down that block my heart sinks. I need to change my thoughts.
thanks ouragan – good avice

Administrator answers:

Yes start working towards your goals… U want to move out so take whatever u can afford even if its only 10.00 a week, and put it in an account saved for moving.. It helps when u know your working towards your goals of what u want even if its slowly working up to it.. Next u get ur husband off his butt and out getting a job so that u can get ur family out of this environment at a faster rate.. Ur already use to surviving at this point on just your income so when he gets a job, u put all of his income in the “moving account” , life always seems alittle easier when u make a plan and work towards a plan.. Other then that.. In the meantime u just keep calling the cops to deal with noise, and perhaps invest in some ear plugs..

Donna asks…

pay now or when I move out?

I have done some searching to no avail and I don’t think I need an attorney so here goes: I live in Oregon in a duplex managed by a company. We are not planning to move out at this time. The Landlord has a $900 security deposit and a $400 pet deposit on file for me. My son ripped the linoleum in the laundry room a couple of months ago. It is enough that it will cost some to repair it but it isn’t in the way or in danger of getting worse. My Landlord came in to repair our water heater and saw the damage. He told me, in a notice, that he would like to assess the damage and get it repaired. This makes sense so here is my question: Will I have to pay for it now or will he take it out of my security deposit? I am on unemployment benefits from a layoff and currently on HUD so I cannot pay for it now. He is very by the book so I don’t want to get in trouble with him and it is my damage to pay for. Anyone been here before? I am wondering what I can do legally.
Aren’t security deposits for damages just like this? I know the damage will not cost more that about $300 at the most as I already had an estimate for it done when my son damaged the floor.
Thanks for any advice.

Administrator answers:

The proper procedure would be for you to fix it now. If you don’t, and he wants it fixed, it is his right to have it fixed, use your security deposit to pay for it, then claim you are in default of the lease unless you restore the security deposit. Two things are certain. It is going to get fixed, and you are doing to pay for it. It is your choice to live with the damaged linoleum. I’d get it fixed and enjoy the tenancy.

Robert asks…

How to deal with Teenage Neighbors making too much noise?

I am really about to pull my hair out! Me and my mother have recently moved to a duplex house (a two-family home that is side by side instead of floor by floor) and for the first couple months there was no one else on the other side. Then, we got neighbors around March, and since then it’s been really tough. There are tons of teenagers coming around all the time, They all stop talking and stare at me when I come home like I’m not supposed to be there, they constantly slam doors and run up and down the stairs, they have the police over there at LEAST once a week. Just today, they were in our driveway and on our front porch stairs and looked at me like I was crazy when I opened the door.

Our side of the house recently got broken into, and all the extra noise makes us very paranoid. We talked to their landlord and found out that an old woman rents the place out, but lets her teenage grandkids (boy and girl) live there on their own. There’s nothing he can do about it because she pays on time every month. I plan on moving out when the weather gets warmer, but in the meantime they are such a nuisance with the noise!

Is there anything we can do to deal with teenagers? Keep in mind we aren’t the nicest of neighborhoods.

Administrator answers:

For a long time, my philosophy with neighbors like that has been to get even instead of mad. They have to sleep eventually. When they’re quiet, make things loud. Throw your stereo on full-blast and crank up the bass or lay on your back on the carpet and kick the walls for a couple minutes before you go to work in the morning. Do things for short periods so that if the police were to be called, you’re as a quiet as a mouse by the time they arrive. You only need to do it long enough to wake and startle them.

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