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December 16, 2012

Helen asks…

What are my girlfriends rights in this situation?

Ok, so here is the deal. My girlfriend lives in a duplex around the Pittsburgh, PA area. She’s been there for about 2 years now, and her lease has been up for about 6 months. She lives on the first floor, landlord lives on the second floor. She pays him rent month to month.

She went onto craigslist to try and find a bigger apartment and found out that he was trying to lease the upstairs that he was living in. She wrote him a note informing him that she would like to move upstairs if he was planning on renting it out due to there being more room. He wrote her a letter back stating that he liked the idea, but was planning on staying for another year (at least). Two days later she went back onto craigslist and saw that the whole place was for sale. There is now a Coldwell Banker sign in the front yard.

They have shown the place about 3 times now, and she is unaware if anyone has put a bid on the house. I told her that she needs to be in a lease so the new owner of the house cannot kick her out, or change the amount of her rent. She contacted the landlord and his ex-wife (they co-own it), stating that she would like to sign a 6 month lease that way she was safe. They finally put the lease into her mailbox yesterday stating the the lease was now from June of 2010 – October of 2011. The only thing that was different about the lease was a hand-written statement that said: “If house sells, new owner must give 60 days notice to vacate if he does not want to honor the signed lease.”

What are her rights here? I thought that I saw in the state of PA, if you are under a contract with a landlord, and they sell the place…the new owner HAS to honor the contract until it expires. Am I right with this, or way off base?

Should she sign it? Or start looking for another place? She really does not want to move cause the cost of moving is really expensive, plus it’s hard to find a place in her area that she can afford and also allows her dog and cat.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You right if there is a contract it has to be honered untill its expiration date as there is currently no lease the LL can jst give her 30 days notice just as she can, no law is being broken.
If she does not sign the new lease but she can be asked to leave at anytime with 30 days notice

John asks…

Husband not ready for baby?

I am 26 years old my husband is 22. We have been together 4.5 years and married for 2. I have a really good job at a local hospital as a CT technologist and my husband is in Registered Nursing school.Lately we had a pregnancy scare because our insurance dropped off and I was charting my ovulation until we could get a new blue cross acct. I ended up just really being late on my period, but this has made me want a baby so badly, but my husband is still not ready. Last August/Sept I got pregnant bc we were moving and I forgot to take my pill and doubled up the next day but that didn’t work. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks, but not before I told my mom and a few close friends and received gifts which I put in a box stored away so I don’t have to see them.

Bottom line is my husband doesn’t feel ready to try, and I do. I know our age difference has alot to do with it, but also I think it is bc I have a career and he is still working on his. On our new health insurance I will be covered for maternity starting may 2011, and I have talked to him about starting to try then, but all he says is “we’ll see”. I am afraid I will have trouble getting pregnant and/or carrying and I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to in order to start trying. If May 2011 comes and he still won’t agree to start trying , what should I do/say? Is there anything I can do in the meantime to convince him it will be a great experience? What should I do in the meantime to take my mind off it?

Just fyi, I pay the majority of our bills and we have a very nice 2 bedroom duplex apartment in the suburbs for now which is okay, and don’t plan on moving until my husband gets his BA (2 years) then maybe getting a house (while he works on his CRNA)we don’t need for anything, and I know people have made it on much less and has great families, and I really don’t want to wait and end up not being able to have kids. It is especially hard at work seeing all the babies and pregnant women going to the OB floor. I want a little person to teach and share things with! Any advice will be appreciated (except “trick your husband ” advice….I simply won’t do that)
Thank you for the answers so far, as they are both great answers. I know it’s not a dreadfully long time to wait , I just feel so sad over my loss already , and even though I was only pregnant for around 8 wks, I really wanted the baby. I have to say I am rather proud of the fact we have come so far already, financially and connecting in our marriage and it shows even compared with siblings who started their families very young. I do think the fertility check is a GREAT idea and will help me cope with the waiting time to getting started. I will make an appt with my OBgyn soon.

Administrator answers:

Thats a tough one. I will say first of all, that you are definitely young enough that if you had to wait a few years you shouldnt’ have any more difficulty conceiving at age 28 or 29 than at age 26. Consider getting checked for fertility, and if it comes back with good results, that should appease your fears about being able to conceive in your late 20s if you husband insists on waiting.

But there is also a chance you could try to convince him – but proceed with caution. You have to respect his feelings, but at the same time make it known how much you want a baby. I was in the same situation w/ my husband — for 2-3 years he pulled the “we’ll see…” routin. Finally at the beginning of this year, he saw I was really getting depressed about it. And all of a sudden he just agreed to start trying. Our situation is alittle different however in that I’m over 35 so I had the time-clock argument to go on. But I think what really got him to come around though was seeing how lonely and depressed and bored I was feeling. There were some things he wanted me to change about myself (spending habits, recreational habits, arguing less, etc) and I did change those things and he noticed. Basically the best thing is to try to communicate with him openly and honestly a time you think he will be most receptive to it.

Understand though, that if he’s not ready, you kinda have no choice but to respect that. If you think about it 2-3 years is really not that long a time if you can wait it out. Think about the additional money you can save in those years and the career/educational goals you can accomplish in that time. Maybe plan a fun vacation you always wanted to do — try to enjoy and focus on the benefits/freedom of not having children. And like I said before, get yourself checked for fertility — Im sure the results will be positive and that will then ease your mind about having to wait a few years.

Good luck to you — its good to hear an emotional, financially secure young couple talking about having a baby on here instead of the usual 18 year olds with their alleged “fiances”….lol

David asks…

Mold and landlord liability?


We moved into a duplex in January, It is now April 11th. So we have been living here for a little over 3 months. We went on a vacation from march 25-31st. My brother also lives with us and was home during that time. When we came home, my brother told me that there was a flood in the laundry room. Somehow the connection from our washer was inadequate (we only had the washer for a week before the vacation). It was too late at night to call the landlords, so we took care of the problem, we swept all the water into a drain right outside the door. And then patted dray the floor. We thought that we had taken care of the problem so we never contacted the landlords.
We left the window in that room open for a couple days for the humidity to decrease. When it seemed okay we shut the window. It has been shut for the last 4 days or so. Today around 8pm I went down to do some laundry and noticed a HUGE society of mold ALL over the wall. It had even gone on the other side of the wall to my brother’s shower. Again, it is too late to call the landlord so we plan to call them tomorrow morning.

a couple notes:

1.) the laundry room also has the hot water heater, the gas heater to heat the house and water, and the walls are made of what seems like cement.

2.) My brother said he noticed the mold this morning when he took a shower.

3.) My fiance said he didn’t notice any mold yesterday when he was putting a new drier vent hose on the drier. (he would have seen it if it was there, because that is where the majority of it is located)

4.) The floor was painted and a lot of the paint was taken up by the broom as we swept the water outside*.

QUESTION ———————————————————————–

What I want to know is, are we at fault for this? Do you think the landlords with take care of the problem or tell us to take care of it ourselves.

Administrator answers:

I hate to say it but you are at fault. In my contract, It states that if there is water damage, I have to call the apartment so they can take care of the situation to avoid mold. I’m not sure if you have something similar here, but you should have called them immediately your house flooded. Even if it was late. I am sure this qualified as an emergency and they would have come out. Even if they held you responsible for the water damage, they would have at least had a chance to treat the apartment for mold. My house recently flooded and I called immediately I noticed it. They took care of the situation even before determining who was at fault. Still call and notify them of the problem. I believe they will rectify the situation, but they have the right to charge you for the cost of repairs. Good Luck.

Joseph asks…

what is your opinion on this?

ok so my friend is 19 and her boyfriend is 21 and she is pregnant. they met at my boyfriends party where they had sex on the floor in front of everyone right after she had sex with her boyfriend brother. this was only 9 months ago. he didnt have a job and neither did she. about 7 months ago she got off of birth controll. and now they are getting married next month and im the maid of honnor and my boyfriend is best man. now he has a job making $10 an hour and she still has no job. they rent a duplex. she is always wanting him to buy her something and is always using the “Im pregnant” card. hes always wanting sex and they do it at least 2 times a day. sometimes she doesnt even want to but does it. he works all week on night shift and only gets one night to be with friends and drink and have fun. she is mean to all his friends yelling at them and telling them to shut up and calling them retarded from the time they are over to their house to the time they leave. he only has about $1000 in the bank and he just bought her a laptop and is paying for her to go to college online. they plan to go to hawaii for their honeymoon and they are gonna use $400 worth of food stamps to pay for the reception. they just plan on spending so much money on this wedding but he barely has any. me and my boyfriend are afraid that they are getting in over their head and dont realize what they are getting into just yet. and now ever since they have asked us to be the best man and maid of honnor they have been complete as*holes. like i said earlier she is constantly yelling and being mean to everyone. especially my boyfriend. he is always making jokes about my boyfriend and stuff. and whats worse is that the jokes are stupid because none of them are true. they are those stupid no meaning kind of jokes that a 10 year old would come up with. at first my boyfriend would laugh and joke back but he has been doing this for about 4 weeks and now their stuff is making him really mad. and when they get drunk they have a drinking game they play and when my friend boyfriend is losing he likes to cheat and get mad and take a metal rod and hit things and tear them up and pretend to hit other people. last night we was at their house and they kept doing what i said they do and he got to the point where he just got up asked me im leaving are you comming? then on the way home last night he told me he wants out of the wedding and hes done with them. hes been complaining about her for a few weeks but said he will just ignore it. i guess last night was the last straw cuz he hasnt talked about it since. and to tell you the truth their sh*t has been making mad as well. she thinks she knows it all and told me that i should get pregnant but i told her im going to college and i dont wanna ruin my life. i want kids but i want to go to college and get a house and settle down and make sure we will be able to support ourselves before that. i thik that offended them but i dont care. in my eyes they are stupid for getting married and having kids this young. what is your opinion on all this and what do you think we should do to handle the situation or if we handled it fine?

Administrator answers:

This sounds like a bunch of 10 year olds playing grown up.

Mandy asks…

My dad got a job offer from UK, the company name is CHEVRON. I wanted to know if its a fake offer or real.?

He recieved an email from Chevron Energy Ltd (, that they are offering a maintenance supervisory job on rig platform. They took an online interview, he had to fill up some online questionnaire, later they messaged him that they have reviewed his CV and they sent a contract agreement, he read it and signed it. And sent it back, upon receiving that they mailed us the following

We acknowledge the signed contract agreement via email attachment.Our immigration Consultants
[Esq.Fernandez Mullins]will contact you soon, the lawyer will assist and guide you on the procedures
required for the application & approvals of your work permit papers and entry clearance visa .

We’ll furnished the lawyer with the necessary documents needed from our side,and we hope that
the immigration process will be concluded as soon as you furnish the lawyer with the necessary

All employment procedures must be in line to the signed contract agreement and on confirmation that
your immigration papers are certified by the British Home Office,we on our part will provide traveling
tickets/allowances, mobilization benefits before you embark on your trip to UK.

This is a family status contract,your family will benefits from our company entitlement programs.All
flight tickets traveling allowances,educational assist benefits,well furnished housing, will be provided for
you & every members of your family.

You can only change from our company supplied housing to monthly living allowance after the probation
period.Our housing facilities are superb, they range from 2 bedroom flats,3 bedroom,Bungalow and duplex.
Our expatriate housing quarters is located in one of the most beautiful areas in UK.These houses are well
furnished with exquisite furniture,wall frames,equipped kitchen,flower garden and a car park.

Prior to the release of your relocation papers,all flight arrangement will be made via logistic department.The
flight plan will determine the time of your departure and arrival (UK). The flight plan schedule will be
communicated to you in due time.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Sincerely Yours
Mr. Francisco Edwards
Recruitment Assist. Manager
Tel: 00944 7700077 254
Fax: 00944 7092882 978
Alternative Email:

After this he was mailed by Fernandez Mullins, this guy sent us the GATSA and Entry clearance form. We filled them and sent it back to him. Later we received the following message


Dear Thomas Abraham ,

I have gone through the entire documents and i am satisfied with the information you’ve provided .Also i must commend
your effort ensuring that these requirements were provided because i have a little time to apply and obtain your work
permit,entry security clearances at the Home Office and UK Police Department respectively.

Before i can file or submit these documents at the Home Office for approvals of your work permit papers,the entry security clearance
certificates must be obtained via the UK metropolitan police department.

I have forwarded the UK entry application forms,Chart Form and identification documents to the UK police department for further
process.According to the police superintendent,further instructions will only be provided once your identification papers are verified
via the appropriate authorities here in UK.

You will be informed as soon as the UK police department provides further payment instructions.

Best Regards
Fernandez Mullins (Esq.)
Tel:+44 70 24 029 877
Fax:+44 70 31 831 851
Alternative Email:
6th Floor, 153-155.Regent Street Mayfair London W1B 4JE
*Immigration expert & Entry Clearance Assistant*

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by return
e-mail and delete this e-mail and any attachments from your computer system.

My dad is from India, and is’nt it necessary for him to go to the British Embassy in india and fill up the entry clearance form there rather than sending it to some representative in UK, PLEASE let me know if the job offer is a scam or a real deal. They are offering my dad a basic salary of 5900 GBP, and allowance of 1800 GBP. I guess there next email would be to send them some money to get the entry clearance form process done.

Administrator answers:


Chevron is very real, but unless your Dad actually spoke to someone on the phone and conducted actual interviews, they would not be reaching out recruiting via e-mail. Let alone have you send them money.

I really hope you didn’t actually give them any personal information.

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