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Your Questions About Duplex For Rent

March 10, 2012

Laura asks…

I am looking into buying a duplex on suter street in oakland. How much would rent be for a 2 and 3 bedroomer?

on average

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to go section 8 and they tell you exactly how much you can charge. Give the housing authority a call.

Sandra asks…


I am looking for a apartment/townhouse/duplex to rent in Davis, CA while my husband attends UCD for the next couple years. It will be my husband, 4 month old daughter, grandmother & I. We are looking to spend $900-1100. We are looking for a place that is in a safe neighborhood, not extemely far from UCD. If you have lived or currently live in Davis I would love to hear from you. I want places I could look into or places you hated & I should avoid. Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

There are lots of them for rent. Go to,, or

Mary asks…

Can you use a first home buyers loan to purchase a duplex or more?

I’m looking to buy a home that is subdivided into renting sections such as a duplex or more..then live in part of the duplex and rent the other part to help pay for the loan on the house? If it can be done with the first home buyer loan then my second question is that I’m considering working overseas but still keep my residence as the united states as all my stuff will be in Nebraska and I’ll only be over there for 6 to 8 months at a time so…would it still work considering I still plan on having it as my home? Would the duplex count as a commercial property or residential? Thanks

Administrator answers:

This is actually a very smart plan for your first home purchase and would utilize a normal mortgage. Your insurance may be a bit trickier considering that you won’t be occupying the property the majority of the time, but the duplex would be considered a residential purchase and not an investment property (assuming you are a citizen and have no other residence in the US).

Mark asks…

does anyone know were to find a house or duplex for rent in tacoma or parkland area a1 bedroom as low as 400 a

Administrator answers:

You’d be lucky to rent a shack anywhere in the USA for as low as $400 a month. LMAO!

Nancy asks…

Can you buy one half of a duplex?

I currently rent a 2 bedroom duplex. I’ve been there for almost two years and I like it very much. I’ve heard of rent -to- own homes, but can you do the same with a duplex. Or would you have to buy the whole thing, I’m not to interested in being a landlord.

Administrator answers:

It can be done. Mostly this would depend on the legal description down at the county where the property is located. If it has been split before purchasing 1/2 of the duplex would be easy otherwise you will need to get a survey done and refile the legal description at the county. You would also need to have an agreement with the owners of the other half of the house regarding maintenance of the wall you share. The biggest issue you face is does you landlord want to sell to you.

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