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Your Questions About Duplex For Rent

February 22, 2012

Paul asks…

are there any duplex’s for rent in pinellas county?

looking for 2 bed / 2 bath for under $800.00 month. Move in by August 1, 2006. Accepts dog under 40lbs.

Administrator answers:

This question has gone 6 days without an answer. Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Good luck with your search.

Lisa asks…

Insurance deductable on a duplex?

I live in a duplex and rent out the other half. I know if I was renting out, for example, a single family home I could deduct my insurance payments.

Is any portion of my insurance payment deductable on the duplex? It is a single payment paid by escrow.

Administrator answers:

The portion applicable to the rental part is deductible.
If half the square footage is for the duplex, you could deduct half of the insurance, taxes, mortgage interest plus 100% of repairs and other expenses that apply only to the rented part. You cannot deduct 100% of anything that benefits both the rental portion and the other part.

You would deduct the other half of tax and mortgage interest on Schedule A if you itemize deductions. The rental half would be deducted on Schedule E, even if you don’t itemize on schedule A.
You can also depreciate the portion of the “basis” of the house attributable to the rental portion. You should use 27½ years as the depr period and use the ‘mid-month’ convention–see for details of how this works.

Charles asks…

When someone has a rental unit and they refer to it as a duplex, what exactly is a “duplex”?

I was just wondering because when i’m scanning the classifieds and someone has a house, apartmennt, flat/duplex for rent…What’s a duplex?

Administrator answers:

2 seperate living areas under 1 roof- seperate entrances,bathrooms,bedrooms, kitchens, etc.

James asks…

houston single mother looking for a duplex or garage apt 4 rent.?

single 21 mother lookingfor a place to stay for me and my 14-month old son. looking for a garage apt or a duplex does any body no where i should look that up at.. already look in the greensheet. nothing i see. can sombody help me please… thanks alot.

Administrator answers:

Have you checked craigslist? I’m in MD, but I know around here it’s a great resource for finding rentals. Good luck.

Donna asks…

I rent a duplex, it has been sold in foreclosure, should I move out now?

We have lived here for over a year, in a duplex. The other side was vacant UNTIL TODAY when new tenant moved in. We knew our landlord was in default on the mortgage, and have continued to pay rent in hopes he would not let it happen. But he DID. And now that the foreclosure has occurred (last week) we have found in the courthouse filed mortgage documents a rider which states our landlord (and I quote) has “no borrower right to reinstate after acceleration”. Should we just get ready to move out? A notice was posted on the property 2 weeks ago, which advised of the foreclosure proceedings on the duplex, and gave notice to respond within 30 days, which we had an attorney do so on our behalf, that we occupied the premises, as if that might help. AND the new tenant next door just told me she paid 6 mths. rent IN ADVANCE to move in here, signed a lease yesterday, and didn’t get a receipt. Does anyone think she got scammed, and does anybody else think I best find a new place to live ASAP?

Administrator answers:

If it’s been sold at the sheriff sale, then the landlord is no longer the owner of that house. Your lease agreement with him is no longer any good, as he can’t force you to pay rent on a property he doesn’t own and has no right to collect payments on.

Unfortunately, that new tenant did get screwed. She can try to sue for her payments back, especially if she paid with a check or money order or some other trackable form of money. If she paid in cash and didn’t get a receipt, it will not be easy to prove she even paid the money. She might as well try to continue living there for as long as possible to get the most from what she paid. The receipt may be part of the lease, though, if something mentions paying 6 months in advance. Check that paperwork, if possible.

Have your attorney contact the bank’s attorneys and find out what their next steps will be and how long you will have. Then you can begin planning what to do and where to go and how long you will have to move out.

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