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Your Questions About Duplex Home Building Plans

April 16, 2013

Donald asks…

how do you know that your house is your dream house?

as i have asked, how do you know that your house is your dream house? i’m having a bit of a trouble with it, you see, my husband and i are looking for a house, we are very stable and we’ve saved enough money to have our dream home, at the moment though our dream home is only a 2 bedroom bungalow and the problem is that we’re planning to have 4 years, do you think that i should wait until i already have kids or when my kids move out of our home? i feel like if we build our dream home now, it’ll go to waste because i know that we’ll move out in a few years because of space issues.. when should we build our dream home then? and would you pay for a $200,000 lot considering the location of a lot? and can you demolish a semi-duplex home?

Administrator answers:

I can’t answer the specifics of your question, but I do know that moving can be a very stressful experience and I, personally, would not buy or build a house that had a very limited term of suitability, size wise…

How do you know that your home is your dream home? Well, I’m “only” mid-30s and I’m now living in a home that I can happily see myself never moving out of…so I guess that defines it.

My husband and I owned 2 homes before this one, and neither felt like we could stay there forever.

George asks…

If there are five owners of a home and each own 20 % can the house be sold if one person refuses to sell?

My grandmother passed away last year and left her house to my mother and her three sisters and one brother. The house is a duplex my mom my brothers and sisters and I live on one side and my aunt lives on the other side. one of my aunts has had money problems all her life she has three kids who are all over the age of 30 who still depend on her. She would get the money to support them from my grandmother because she had access to her bank account and was able to take money as she pleases. My grandmother is now gone and she does not have that source of money and she can no longer help her three kids out anymore, so now she calls my aunt and uncle crying to them that its not fair that we get to live in her mothers house and that she wants to sell it. But hte messed up thing is that she already owns a house that is built on a lot that my grandmother gave her as a wedding gift and all her and her husband had to do was build a house on it. They all own homes of their own plus 20 % of my moms home so they have no problem selling the house because it is us who will be homeless and not her! She had the nerve to tell my mom that I am 22 years old and I should already be out on my own, when her son is like 35 and she barley kicked him out. Is not like I am planning on staying in this house forever I am going to college and hope to own my own home one day. But what I want to know is, that if they all want to sell the house but my mom and aunt refuses to sell it, will they be able to force them to sell or will all five of them have to agree to sell it???

Administrator answers:

Your mother and aunt have no right to deny someone their inheritance, especially when they are wanting to use the other persons property for their own personal gain.

The courts will not force a sale, but WILL enforce that no one steals the inheritance of another. If this one wants her share the other 4 have to pay her 20% of the appraised value in cash. If they refuse to do that THEN the courts will in fact force the property to be sold.

The greedy people trying to keep more then their 20% and deny their siblings their share will likely ruin this for everyone. The solitors involved with one trying to steal from the other, the other fighting for the 20% that is rightfully hers, will end up with most of the money, the siblings with nothing.

If your mother feels entitled to keep more then 20%, and it sounds like she thinks she deserves 50%, she should pay the sister that she wants to have nothing 20% of the value of the property. It is the only fair and decent thing to do, that or sell it and split the money 5 ways.

Nancy asks…

My new apartment is haunted. Please help.?

Here is what has been going on:

The first thing both my boyfriend and I experienced was a general uneasy feeling about the place-at night.

I awake every night having nightmares about a couple and/or a group of people fighting.

There are loud noises in the apartment at night. I have heard:
A loud bang on the back door
A sound as if someone struck the washer or dryer
creaks on the floor

Sometimes I hear faint “conversations”


the bathroom faucet came on then shut off twice this week now.

I am not sure what to do. I can’t get a good night’s sleep bc of what is happening. Here is some personal background to give you some insight and help you to answer:

I have been saved by a Christian missionary group, but I am beginning RCIA classes next month. My boyfriend is fortunate to be a cradle Catholic. I was never baptized in any faith, but I plan to be baptized around the time of my confirmation.

The owners of the apartment home/duplex are Baptists and are very active in their church. I am not sure why events like this are happening in the home of devoted Christians. I have heard that the apartment we rent has had some rather unsavory tenants.

The building was constructed in the late 40′s or early 50′s. It was recently renovated after some problem tenants were evicted.

I am not sure what we should do about this. Please offer me some guidance on how to bring peace to our home.

Administrator answers:

I’m so happy you are beginning RCIA! Congratulations! We Welcome You with open arms.

The first thing I would do is have a Priest come and Bless the apartment. You may want to invite him for a meal at the same time if that works for you. He will pray special house blessing prayers and sprinkle Holy Water.

Do not doubt the power of Holy Water. You should have some in your house always and can sprinkle it making the Sign of the Cross in every room and verbally casting any unknown evil spirits to the Feet of Jesus. Proclaim that you belong to Jesus and they have no power over you and are not welcome here. The enemy hates Holy Water and must flee at the Name of Jesus.

Each day, of course, you should pray at home, morning, meals, quiet Scripture, etc. All these things help. Do not be afraid!

Blessings and Peace,

Chris asks…

Why does this guy keep coming here to take pictures of my apartment?

I live in a duplex apartment building, I live in the front and our landlord lives in the back. This guy in a truck, no company name, pulls over by the trash cans and pulls out his camera, this was yesterday, this is the third time I have seen This particular guy here. I’m outsidte gardening, I look at him and he pulls into to driveway. He gets out of the truck and tries to say hello to me, I ask him why he keeps coming here taking pictures, I’m just doing my job, and what is that, he hands me this envelope and tells me I need to read what’s inside, and I do. It’s a little piece of paper that says J.P Morgan, call us wit your account number. Ok Look this house is NOT in foreclosure, I hand the rent check over to the landlord myself on the 4th of ever month. I’m just doing my job. he says again. Ok and again, he comes here Right After My husband leaves to get milk. and I asked this guy to leave, I got a camera too, ok fine go ahead I’m right here, and He poses!
How can this place be in foreclosure? I write the check and hand it to our landlord myself, the money clears. Although I do hear her home phone ring a lot. Now she is getting married and they plan to get a house and leave here soon. I had the thought that she might be taking our money to get the house, and just take off and leave us to the ‘bank’ and then we have to leave. And it is in foreclosure. They both work. So that’s they only thing I can think of. Horrible thought isn’t it? Why would someone keep taking pictures of the house? This has been going on since June, and I’ve seen this guy 3 times now, 2 other cars have been here. I don’t want some random dude taking pictures of my bedroom window, especially while I am home alone, coincidently they always show up when my husband is gone. Is he just some creep taking pics so he can come back and rob us when we’re gone? Is the foreclosure thing a cover? CREEPY. Why don’t you take a picture of the No Trespassing signs we have on the gates on both side of the building.
Ok this is the 3rd time with the guy, he pulled into the driveway again. I have seen 2 other cars here before, also pulled off the road half in the driveway and half on the road. I have spoken to my landlord twice now and she shrugs it off and says I don’t know why they’re doin that it’s not in foreclosure. which she said to the first car that was here in June, when we crossed paths at the mailbox. We don’t have front liscence plates here in Florida, and he never has his tailgate towards me, so I can’t catch that, I do have his picture at leat twice now, he posed for me yesterday. I had my camera in my hand as I was taking pictures of my son. Now the lanlord, SHE works at the aM VETs as a bartender and her fiance is in construction, and with our rent she shouldn’t have any money troubles, plus she’s alwyas goes to Sams club for groceries, and just bought a new van, we’ve lived here for 6 years and have been friends, she is even our sons Godmother. I have
I did NOT say anything about this being legal or not. He comes into the driveway, he got out of the truck yesterday. We pay rent, I never said we would stop. My landlord is a woman. Why would I refuse to talk to someone in my driveway, am I supposed run into the house and hide, no way, if he can’t have people in the pictures then he can leave, What is this Savior Reality comment,” I would also refuse to speak to the cameraman anymore, although he may be your savior- as he has given you a ‘heads up’ on reality.” what does that mean? I’m asking a serious question and you are giving me answers that sound like it’s my fault or I’m wrong. Did you even Read the whole thing or did you just start talking at me? OH Did I mention that we are fenced in and there’s a sign on both gates that says NO trespassing Private Property. And he didn’t give me any form of ID, he wanted me to read this little piece of paper that had JPMorganChase on it. and wouldn&#39

Administrator answers:

If I were you I would call the police the next time he shows up. You should try to talk to your landlord face to face and ask her if she is aware of this problem and if the house is in foreclosure. Just because you are paying your rent, does not mean that the bank is getting there house payment. I wouldn’t know why they are picture taking though, but I would be creeped out too. It sounds to me like you are being stalked. I would advise also, to get the license plate number of this person in case the police do not get there while he is still there. That way, the police can track this person down and question him and check into his story to see if it is true. If you don’t get a plate and this guy leaves before the police get there, then they will not be able to do anything because they won’t know who to find. I would also go inside and not talk to this weirdo. It’s hard telling what he is up to, so I wouldn’t take any chances.

James asks…

I have one for all Police officers, and Lawyers, and people who know the law.?

Last weekend I had some drinks with some friends, and came home a little tipsy, but not trashed. I locked my keys in the house, and had to climb through the window. I knocked over the Christmas tree, and soon after, the landlord who lives next door in the same building, (It’s a duplex) calls, and says I’m getting a restraining order on you Tuesday. So I go to her door, and knock on the door to ask her why, and she’s on the phone with the cops saying “he’s coming in”, and slams the door. Needless to say the cops come, and talk to me, and tell me that she’s got a tape recorder, and if she calls again, I’m getting charged with harassment. I tell them my story, and they say I know she’s a bit crazy, but you heard what I said. So, I slammed the door shut. Seconds later the landlord calls and says “Your girlfriend left you didn’t she”, “She’s not coming home”, the cops were still out front talking, so I brought the phone out with her still talking and handed it to the cop, and said listen she’s harassing me. The cop took the phone hung up, and arrested me for Public Intoxication. I plan on taking this to trial. Did I do anything wrong to deserve that? And what do I need to bring to court to win this case.
I plan on representing myself.
I am not lying about anything, and not leaving anything out. This lady has keyed my car, threatened me, etc, and I’ve done nothing out of spite or revenge. I am an honest person. I learned at a young age that he who does not lie does not worry about being caught in one.
I really didn’t ask for a judgement of character, I gave a my account of what happened, and asked for help in resolving this issue.

Administrator answers:

Experience has shown me that there’s always two sides to every story, and somewhere in between the two sides lies the truth.

I have a feeling that you did a lot more than you’re telling here to cause the cops to arrest you.

As for representing yourself, you’ve heard the quote from Clarence Darrow, right? The one that goes, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client?”

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