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Your Questions About Duplex Homes

February 3, 2013

Richard asks…

What are the pros/cons of living in a duplex home?

I just wanted to know what the advantages and disadvantages are of living in a duplex home NEAR the city but not in the city. General things like price range (I’m sure it varies by area) location, sharing with others, landlords… etc. Anything would be helpful too, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Duplex is easier to do yard work. A little more energy efficient because of the shared wall,

Less private, a little noisier because of the shared wall. If you own it you will have to co-operate with the other owner to re roof when needed.

A duplex should rent for more that an apartment but less than a detached house.

You may or may not have a carport or garage.

Charles asks…

How do you find rental homes and duplexes in Des moines Iowa?

I’m trying to find a rental home or duplex in Des moines Iowa. I’ve went to apartmentfinder rental homes plus and it seems like 1000 other sites. . I don’t find that many and i know there’s no possible way that can be all the rentals in the whole city of Des moines!! Please help me I’m getting a headache!!!

Administrator answers:

You should try

Please follow the instructions.

Its been a long time since I used the site, but it worked for the ones I love and care about.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Sandra asks…

Where is the best place to find rental homes not apartment or duplex. in the 615 area code?

looking for 2 to 3 bedroom. perferably in the county

Administrator answers:

The smaller units showing up in maps are often single family homes.

Maria asks…

What is a duplex homes?

Administrator answers:

Two homes within one structure. They are usually side-by-side, sharing a common wall in the middle.

Lizzie asks…

What can I do about different floor temperatures in a duplex home/apartment ?

I live downstairs and I sub lease the 2nd floor which has no thermostat. 74 degrees is too hot for me…but any lower and tenant will complain of cold. Heat rises but upstairs is colder. I’ve tried a few tactics such as closing my vents and lowering the temperature slightly hoping for 5% more of total heat for upstairs. Still cold for her !
Any suggestions for a penny pincher with moderate handyman skills ?

Administrator answers:

Portable heaters/ space heaters are a good choice if you dont mind moving it with you to each room. Theyre also really cheap and easy.

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