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Your Questions About Duplex Homes

July 5, 2013

George asks…

What is the difference between a duplex home and a split level house?

Administrator answers:

Split level is usually a single-family, while a duplex is two units in one building.

The “split” is that you enter half way between the two floors, and the house makes living space out of what would be just basement in a ranch style house.

Duplexes are normally side-by-side apartments.

James asks…

How do treat, for tax purposes, the sale of your duplex home, where one side is rental?

Income tax teatment for tax year 2006

Administrator answers:

Did you sell the whole? If yes. For the rental part, that will constitute an asset sale. For your part you will treat it as capital gain (the excess).

Lizzie asks…

What is the best way to find a rental or duplex home for the right price?

My wife and I are getting ready to move closer to our place of work and I’m looking for any ideas we can get.
We live in San Antonio and need to move closer to San Marcos, Tx

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

Is it a risk to buy a duplex home and rent the levels out? ?

I like to purchase a duplex of 2 levels and rent them out. Is it risky to do somethng of this nature? I can afford the mortgage if i do not hav a rentor right of way. But what r thing i should knw before i jump into such thing?

Administrator answers:

It is very risky being in any mortgage right now if you “can’t afford it”. It would be considered a risk to buy the duplex home with cash as you dont know if you can find renter’s, you dont know the problems of building, or you find renters that dont pay.. If you add a mortgage in there then your risk goes up.. I dont recommend buying additional property unless you are paying cash…

Paul asks…

I am looking for a apt, duplex, manufactered homes, houses in vancouver, washington?

looking for a 3brd that is a reasonable price range in between $500 to $900 if anyone knows of anyone please email me i have looked into buying but my credit isnt good for that. the apts i am living in someone bought them out and getting them into condos we have a chose to buy them or to be out by January 31st. Alot of people in these apts are going to be displaced. i am trying to find something. For me and my 4 kids. and do christmas all at the same time. It will be a very TIght budget for the next few months because of this. Great time of the year to sell and be out insane. Still cant believe they did this at this time of the year. so if ANYBODY knows of anything PLEASE email me asap

thank you

Administrator answers:


You can also contact a real estate agent or relocation specialist. It is their job to help you locate a rental property that will suit your needs. Most often the services they provide are free for you and they get paid by the property owner/management that you end up renting.

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