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July 22, 2013

Carol asks…

Where is a safe/affordable place to live in Little Rock, AR area?

I will be relocating there and I would like to hear it straight from the previous/current residents of the city! I used to live there back in 2000 only for a year, but i know A LOT has changed since then, even the population has ballooned (according to stats). So I would like to live somewhere that I don’t have to worry about getting my head blown off when I walk out of my front door or worry that my place is being robbed or “cased” while Im at work or school. There were areas of town that were KNOWN for being low-key back then. Any such places now? Just looking for apartment complexes, areas that are good to rent homes/duplexes in, etc. Any and ALL feedback that you all provide to me is worth your weight in GOLD! Thanks a million!

Administrator answers:

Hi Lady Bee

I have found that the best way to get this kind of information is to:

1. Call several realtors – they are really the best source of this kind of information. Be upfront with them – if you are buying a house fine, if not, just tell them your situation and I know most people will be glad to help, especially someone who is honest and upfront.

2. Call the LR Police Department and talk to someone in their community relations department

3. Call the Chamber of Commerce in LR.

Here’s a good website that also gives information:

Good luck.

Charles asks…

I am Disabled and own a home on a Lake in NC, I recently received an inheritage?

and I want to buy some investment propertys (Duplex‘s or small homes and rent them out. My question is because I receive SS Disabilty, would it be illegal for me to buy anything else?? I have heard some folks say, if you receive anything from the Govrnment, you are not allowed to own more than 1 car and house. Is this True?

Administrator answers:

Regular SS disability is not the same thing as SSI- it is not based on income, it is based on physical eligibility and payments to disability insurance over the years. Just like a retiree on SS can inherit money and buy what they want, being on disability is similar, you don’t need to qualify with income to receive that- so enjoy your inheritance and get a good agent in your area to advise you well on your investment purchases.

Thomas asks…

How early to start looking to rent?

My Fiance and I will be moving out of our apartment in November. I am hopeful we can afford to pay double rent for a month and move out Nov 1st as apposed to the 30th when our lease expires. We will be moving into a double, or duplex home. I am curious as to when we should start looking? Aug? Is that too early? Will landlords hold places for us if we find something early on?

Administrator answers:

It’s not too early to put your finger on the pulse of the rental market, but most landlords won’t commit to you — with an empty unit — because they will hope maybe they can still get a Sept or Oct tenant.

Most landlords begin their new tenant search 30-60 days before their apartments become empty. However, some tenants don’t cooperate, so some can’t start looking for a new tenant until the place is empty, which puts the pressure on regarding holding the apartment.

60 days before your expected occupancy you should begin to look, and will have a very good chance of getting a landlord to commit to you with a lease and taken deposit, in time for you to give your 30 days notice.

Rentals are funny, and how to look for them varies by region. Craigslist is huge in the rental market. Local brokers are good resources, but with rentals, not all are entered into multiple listing so you can’t assume that because you called one real estate agent, you know about all rentals. Call all brokers in the area you are looking in, and see if they have any non-MLS rentals they are handling. Check the local papers, pennysaver magazines, message boards, and their websites too, of course.

Steven asks…

help looking for a 2 level home to rent?

I am looking for a 2 level home to rent. wetherit be a ownhouse a duplex 1/2 a duplex or even an apartment thats two levels looking in the boston metrowest area needs to be 3 bedrooms with an extra room for an ofice or a bedroom if utilities are included then 1300 is my highest if not 1100 is my highest anyone know where to look i tried criagslist but no luck, help! :)

Administrator answers:

Search for townhouse, that is what you would call a 2 story duplex.

Lisa asks…

House for rent section 8?

I’m looking for a house (duplex, condo, or town home) to rent in my city. What can I do besides representing myself properly to encourage home owners to rent to me. Also where can I find free listings? Many I have seen required a fee. (Looking in San Gabriel Valley/ Los Angeles County)

Administrator answers:

I have a few section 8 properties and the city where I live, that approved my houses for section give out a list with the names of all the section 8 properties in the area. I don’t know anything about a fee, but my rent is 550 a month with a 600 deposit. The section 8 people pay a portion to all of the rent for the people approved for section 8

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